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6 Unique Wedding Venues in Alberta

6 Unique Wedding Venues in Alberta

Alberta is a big province with plenty of stunning landscapes that offer the perfect backdrop for some of the unique wedding venues in Canada.

For example, Greenland Garden Centre is perfect for fantasy-like weddings, while Quarry Lake Park is perfect for elegant soirees. 

But there are several other unique venues in the Sunshine Province, which we will explore in this article! So sit back, relax, and get ready to start planning for one of the most special events in your life!

Weddings in Alberta: Our Favorite Unique Venues

If you’re planning to get married in Alberta, think about what type of atmosphere you’d like to set up and what will be affordable for you. So, here are some venue ideas to add in your options and explore.

1. University of Alberta Botanic Garden

University of Alberta Botanic Garden

Located 3.1 kilometers west of Edmonton’s downtown is Parkland County, where the University of Alberta Botanic Garden can be found. 

 It was founded in 1959 and has 240 acres of land. It has an interior that  showcases, sizable natural areas, and plant archives. 

It is a research facility, an award-winning tourist attraction, and it offers year-round educational opportunities.

University of Alberta Botanic Garden Details
Address51227 AB-60, Spruce Grove, Edmonton, Alberta
Contact Details+1 7804923050
Insider Tips/What We Love About ItThey offer three settings: Covered and Uncovered outdoor and indoor settings.
Price Range:$1000-$2000 site fee
Services offeredBuffet, Cocktail Reception, Dessert, Family Style, French Service, Hors d’oeuvres, Plated, Server(s)

The University of Alberta Botanic Garden provides a variety of reasonably priced wedding package options and can refer competent outside vendors.

2. Quarry Lake Park

Quarry Lake Park

Canmore is a tranquil rural community in Alberta, Canada, tucked between the Rocky Mountains. It is as picture-perfect as a small, idyllic town could be.

Due to the lovely weather, Canmore is a well-liked vacation spot. The Quarry Lake Park, in particular, is a beautiful and serene part of the countryside.

This location has endured over time with exotic trees and vibrant flowering plants in bloom while providing an alluring vista of the mountain valleys that starkly contrasts with the bright blue sky.

Quarry Lake Park Details
Address902- 7th Avenue Canmore, Alberta
Contact Details+1 7804291016
Insider Tips/What We Love About ItThe Rocky Mountains’ view and a clutter of natural flowers serves as a backdrop.
Price Range:$200-$250 per head
Services offered3rd party provider, AV system, Parking, Wedding Planner / Coordinator, Audio Equipment, Centrepieces, Chairs, Lighting, Sound, Tables, Decoration, 

The Quarry Lake Park welcomes tourists from all over the world and serves as the perfect location for outdoor celebrations like garden weddings.

3.  Greenland Garden Centre

Greenland Garden Centre

Greenland Garden Centre is a two-acre, lushly green garden located on Highway 16 in Edmonton, Alberta. It is a tranquil and gorgeous garden thanks to the lovely native and exotic plants, as well as the great water features.

The lovely trees and ornate trellis that line the winding roads that lead to the ceremony location add beauty to the space. Due to the vibrant, beautiful plants, your wedding may nearly appear like it belongs in a fantasy.

For couples who value nature and prefer a large, picturesque garden as their wedding destination, Greenland Garden Centre is ideal for photo sessions.

Greenland Garden Centre Details
Address23108 Highway 16 Sherwood Park Edmonton, Alberta
Contact Details+1 7804677557
Insider Tips/What We Love About ItUpon booking, they will reserve flowers and evergreen potted trees to be given to guests at the wedding.
Price Range:$750-$1000 site fee
Services offeredAccommodations, AV system, Bar services, Wedding Planner / Coordinator, WIFI, Cake Cutting, Centrepieces, Clean up, Sound, Tables, Decoration

4. Canyon Ski Resort

Canyon Ski Resort

This might be a top option if you’re looking for a spectacular mountain near Red Deer, Alberta, that offers the most exotic views for your “I do” ceremony.

They are experts in planning the most idyllic wedding festivities that are sure to set new standards for weddings. If you share the same wedding fantasies, selecting this location for your wedding celebration, reception, engagements, etc. will leave you speechless.

This charming spot is surrounded by nature and offers the most breathtaking views, making it the ideal setting for romantic wedding photo shoots.

Canyon Ski Resort Details
Address8433, Range Rd 264A, Red Deer County
Contact Details+1 4033465588
Insider Tips/What We Love About ItGives a natural setting with fresh air coming inside and not to mention the dreamy view from the mountain.
Price Range:$250 per head
Services offered3rd party provider, Bar services, Parking, Altar/Arch, Wheelchair Access, Chairs, Clean up, Tables, Transportation, Decoration,

5. Sky 360

Sky 360

The Sky 360 in Calgary, Alberta is another ideal location for a wedding. Every occasion at this location is made memorable by the breath-taking scenery.

The wedding is an important occasion for any bride and groom, but the sky 360 adds a special touch that makes the ceremony even more lovely and profitable.

Whether it’s a small-scale nuptial or a lavish celebration, The Sky 360 offers professional coordinators for the wedding event. The event may be managed by the planners without any issues.

Sky 360 Details
Address101 9th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta
Contact Details+1 4035327966
Insider Tips/What We Love About ItYou can enjoy the beauty of Calgary because of its 360 view.
Price Range:$250 per head
Services offeredBar services, Bridal suite, Parking, Wedding Planner / Coordinator, Audio Equipment, Chairs, Clean up, Photo Booth, Sound, Tables, Decoration

6. Teatro Ristorante

Teatro Ristorante

Calgary, Alberta’s Dominion Bank Building is home to Calgary’s Teatro Ristorante. If you weren’t aware, it was constructed in 1911.

If you’re curious what the name “Teatro Ristorante” means, you should know that “Teatro” is an Italian word that means “theatre,” and “Ristorante” indicates an Italian restaurant.

The arena is situated on Olympic Plaza, which is found in Calgary’s Theater area. You may experience the true flavor of Italian and Bordeaux wines at the Teatro Ristorante’s award-winning wine cellar.

Teatro Ristorante Details
Address200 – 8th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta
Contact Details+1 4032901012
Insider Tips/What We Love About ItIt has 22-feet high ceilings and has classy and elegant interior work.
Price Range:$250 per head
Services offeredAV system, Bar services, Parking, Wedding Planner / Coordinator, Audio Equipment, Cake Cutting, Chairs, Clean up, Sound, Tables

Things to Consider When Getting Married in Alberta

Things to Consider When Getting Married in Alberta

You have a wedding date set; congratulations! But, d o you know what you must do to accomplish this though, other than from the wedding ceremony? Here is the scoop on what is necessary to get married legally.

1. Marriage Requirements

Let’s first discuss the conditions you and your future spouse must fulfill in order to be granted permission by the state to marry before we discuss legal documents. These can differ by state, but generally speaking, you both must be:

  • At least the legal age of consent in your state, which is often 18 years old.
  • Having a decent mental ability means that you are aware of the implications of your actions as well as what you are doing.
  • Both of you aren’t married to another person.

2. Obtaining a license for marriage.

This is the most crucial certification that gives you permission to marry.Inquire with your registrar office or the marriage license bureau in your city, or the person who is in charge of issuing licenses there, as the requirements on how, where, and when to request for a marriage license.

3. The documents you need to apply for a marriage license.

Depending on your state, different criteria may apply to obtaining a marriage license. However, you’ll both typically need to bring the following when applying:

  • Driver’s licenses or passports (government-issued photo ID)
  • Birth certificates
  • Social Security number
  • Divorced paper (if you were previously married and are divorced)
  • Death certificate (f you were previously married and are widowed)
  • Parents consent (if one of you is a minor)

Tips for Choosing the Right Unique Wedding Venue in Alberta

Tips for Choosing the Right Unique Wedding Venue in Alberta

1. Budget Considerations

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding venue, Alberta offers plenty of choices to suit any budget. If you’re on a tight budget, there are a number of great options available, including golf clubs, community centers and restaurants. 

You can even get married in a park! Just make sure to check the permit requirements and booking timelines well in advance.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some venues charge a fee for catering, so make sure you include that in your budget. And don’t forget about taxes and gratuities—those will add up fast!

The Typical Costs of Weddings in Canada

No matter who you’re talking to, money can be a sensitive subject. This is especially true when there are additional wedding contributors. 

The bride and groom’s dress, the ceremony, the venue, and other costs will all need to be inside your budget. Following is a summary of typical wedding expenses in Canada:

Average Cost of a Wedding in Canada 2022
Wedding VenueC$2,500 – $10,000
Wedding CakeC$1000
Wedding DressC$2000
Men’s SuitC$8000
Wedding Cosmetics and HairdoC$500
Wedding RingsC$3500
Wedding StationeryC$2000
Wedding OfficiantC$500
Marriage LicenseC$100

Additionally, you might choose to hire a wedding coordinator, which unquestionably raises the cost. Have an open discussion with the partner you intend to walk down the aisle with to determine how much you’re willing to spend.

2. Location

Beyond a wedding location, when travel is a part of the celebration, you should be well-informed of how accessible your venue is.

  • Is it close by or is it quite a distance away?
  • Will the routes be easy enough for visitors from out of town (who are new in town!) to understand?

Knowing how long it takes to get from one venue to the next can also help you plan your event’s starting time and create a precise timetable for the day that your guests can follow. If you do, these considerations take on a special significance. 

Lastly, you must make sure  that the transition from venue A to venue B is as smooth as possible. After all, lost guests lead to an empty cocktail glass.

3. Climate Considerations

When it comes to picking a wedding venue, climate is definitely something you need to take into account. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you’ll want to make sure that the venue is situated in a location that has a temperate climate. 

That means no snow on the ground in the middle of your wedding ceremony! Therefore, if the weather is uncertain, think about how this can affect your timings and prepare a bad weather backup plan that maintains the day on schedule.

Luckily, Alberta has a temperate climate, which makes it the perfect location for an outdoor wedding. The province also boasts some stunning venues located in picturesque locations, making it the perfect backdrop for your special day.

FAQs about Unique Wedding Venues in Alberta

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