Step one:

Preliminary research

First, we need to narrow down our choices by looking through different resources, platforms, checking referrals, and conducting polls or interviews. We usually pick our top ones based on popularity, number of referrals, and which ones impress us the most at first glance.


Step two:

Credibility check

Once we have our preliminary choices, we look deeper by checking how reliable and credible they are. If they’re a service, we look at certifications, credentials, accreditations, and other documents to prove their excellence.
If it’s a product, we look at the years of research put into it, what features it may have, etc.

Step three:

Reviews scanning

Of course, we don’t take consumer insight lightly. We also look at how effective they are in retaining customers.
Based on client feedback, we see any common and persisting pros and cons, so we can evaluate fully.


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Step four:

Compare and contrast

We then go even deeper into our research and compare and contrast. This is to see what the products and services are capable of compared to competitors.

Step five:

Trial stage

Of course, as a rule, we try the products and services first before adding them to our lists. We’re a very thorough bunch and we want to give you guys the best of what Canada has to offer.