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5 Best Clinics for Hair Transplants in Calgary

5 Best Clinics for Hair Transplants in Calgary

Criteria and Considerations

Licenses and Credentials – Hair transplant clinics need a medical and business license to operate in Calgary. The institutions we included possess both – to ensure safe and legal work for patients. 
Success Rate – The best hair transplant clinics have high success rates compared to other institutions. We looked for clinics with the best ratings in the industry to satisfy patient needs. 
Experience – Experience is important for hair transplant surgeons. We only included clinics that have staff with more than 10 years of combined experience. 
Equipment – The medical industry changes regularly. Hair transplant clinics need to keep up with the times by updating equipment and treatments often. The establishments we reviewed all have up-to-date gadgets and instruments. 
Facilities – We want clients to feel comfortable and safe with the healthcare partner they choose. Thus, we made sure the clinics we reviewed had clean and pleasant facilities e.g., waiting rooms, examination rooms, and restrooms. 

1.  Prime Hair Clinic

Prime Hair Clinic's Homepage

Location: 1011 Glenmore Trail SW #220, Calgary, AB T2V 4R6


Contact Details: (403) 259-6798 | Free Consultation

Operating Hours: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (Monday to Thursday); Closed (Friday to Sunday)

Services: FUT Transplant, FUE Transplant, Eyebrow & Beard Transplant, Non-Surgical Hair Restoration, Vampire Hair Restoration, SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation)

Google reviews score4.9/5
DoctorConnet reviews score4.9/5
Total reviews2/5
Score consistency4/5
Licenses and Credentials5/5
Success Rate5/5


  • Expert and informative staff
  • Unbiased doctors
  • Clean environment


  • Only open four days a week
  • Not open on weekends

A clinic with great staff makes for a pleasant visit. That’s exactly what we found during our appointment with Prime Hair Clinic. 

Although we were a few minutes earlier than expected, they welcomed us nicely and started preparing the examination room for our session immediately. 

Their waiting room was comfortable and warm, which we greatly appreciated. They also had a couple of magazines out for patients to read while waiting. 

The doctor who handled our consultation was patient and thorough. They didn’t hesitate to walk us through different treatments and procedures. 

They also didn’t show bias toward any type of procedure on the menu. 

A few clinics that we’d visited in the past were partial to a single type of treatment. Usually, this was the most expensive option on their list of procedures. 

This meant patients couldn’t get the services they needed without jumping a few hoops.

At Prime Hair Clinic, treatments are tailored to fit your needs and preferences. So, you can rest assured you won’t be gouged for your money or scammed with ineffective treatments. 

Based on our survey of previous Prime Hair Clinic clients, they have an excellent success rate and a long history of satisfied patients. 

Furthermore, they have certifications from both the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. 

Prime Hair Clinic is only open four days a week, from Monday to Thursday. So, if you want to book an appointment with them, you’ll have to miss a few hours of work. 

2. du Brule Hair Clinic

du Brule Hair Clinic's Homepage

Location: 830 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary, AB T2E 3J6


Contact Details: (403) 228-3945

Operating Hours: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm (Tuesday to Friday); 9:00 am to 3:00 pm (Saturday); Closed (Sunday to Monday)

Services: ElectroTrichoGenesis (ETG), Hair Analysis, Laser Light Therapy, Ultragraft

Google reviews score4.6/5
Yellowpages reviews score3/5
Yelp reviews score3/5
Total reviews2/5
Score consistency3/5
Licenses and Credentials5/5
Success Rate4/5


  • 45 years of experience
  • Open on Saturdays
  • Informative and attentive doctors


  • No parking 
  • Expensive
  • Rundown exterior

The du Brule Hair Clinic has been around for more than 45 years. You could say they are one of the most experienced providers in the industry. 

But does that make them one of the best? 

To find that out, we went ahead and evaluated their institution. Here’s what we found:

Their clinic location is accessible to those who wish to take the bus. However, if you’re driving, it might be difficult for you to find parking. 

You can try the parking lot across the street, but there won’t always be a slot open. If you don’t want to park a block away from the clinic, we highly suggest coming early. 

From the outside, du Brule Hair Clinic looks a little rundown. Their signage paint has faded away and the street it stands on looks a little deserted. 

Yet, once we got inside, it was a completely different experience. It was clean and cozy, and the staff that greeted us was incredibly nice. 

The waiting area was equipped with comfortable leather sofas. There were also several reading materials on a table for patients to read. 

We were later led by the doctor to the examination room. They were friendly and attentive, asking us questions about our condition and what services we wanted to learn more about. 

They also gave us tips on how to take better care of our hair and scalp. 

In terms of equipment, we’re happy to say that this clinic has all the recent instruments necessary for effective treatments. 

Their prices were a little steep, in our opinion. Hair replacement cost $1400 and FUR cost around $3500. 

3. Sante Hair Restoration Institute

Sante Hair Restoration Institute's Homepage

Location: 1451 14 St. SW Calgary, AB T3C 1C8


Contact Details: (403) 245-8008 | [email protected] 

Operating Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Monday to Friday); 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (Saturday); Closed (Sunday)

Services: Hair Restoration Surgery, Regenerative Plasma Therapy, Scalp Micro Pigmentation, LaserCap & Fotona Laser Therapy, Hormone Balancing Therapy, HairMax Nutritional Supplements

Google reviews score3.7/5
Realself reviews score5/5
Total reviews1/5
Score consistency2/5
Licenses and Credentials5/5
Success Rate4/5


  • Highest success rate for ARTAS treatment
  • Experienced and informed staff
  • Free consultation
  • Open on Saturdays


  • Expensive
  • Evasive when it comes to pricing

Sante Hair Restoration Institute specializes in ARTAS treatments. This procedure is the only robotics-based treatment approved by the FDA for hair loss in both men and women. 

And this clinic has one of the highest success rates for this specific treatment in all of Calgary. 

Based on these statistics, we thought it appropriate to give Sante Hair Restoration a seat on this list of best providers in the city. 

One of the things that we appreciate about this clinic is that they offer a free initial consultation for all new clients. Here, the patient and their doctor work together to find a treatment suited to the patient’s condition. 

The consultation is done via phone, so you don’t even have to drive down to their clinic to get it. 

Nobody wants to be tied to a provider that can’t seem to give you what you need. With Sante Hair Restoration Institute, there are no strings attached to your free consultation. 

So, once the initial evaluation is done, you can choose to move on with your treatment or look for another provider. 

Another thing that we like about this clinic is its location. It’s convenient and it’s clean; plus, it has accessible parking areas for those who want to drive their cars to their appointments. 

The doctor that we consulted with was helpful enough. However, he became a little evasive once we started talking about prices. 

That made sense since their prices did fall on the expensive side of things. Still, we would have appreciated a little more transparency from them. 

Especially with a procedure as costly as hair replacement. 

4.  HairClub

HairClub's Homepage

Location: 10201 Southport Rd SW Suite 1130, Calgary, AB T2W 4X9


Contact Details: (587) 838-2166

Operating Hours: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm (Wednesday); 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (Thursday); 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Friday); 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Saturday); Closed (Sunday to Monday)

Services: Hair Replacement, Hair Restoration, Hair Regrowth

Google reviews score3.7/5
Yably reviews score4.07/5
TrustPilot reviews score3.1/5
Total reviews3/5
Score consistency3/5
Licenses and Credentials5/5
Success Rate4/5


  • Treatments designed for kids
  • 40 years of experience
  • Regular staff retraining
  • Flexible payment plans


  • Can be expensive
  • Booking an appointment can be tricky

Hair loss doesn’t just happen to adults – kids can also suffer from the same condition. 

Although the HairClub mainly provides services for older audiences, they also have treatments designed specifically for children. 

It’s one of the many things that attracted us to this company when we first started our search for the best hair transplant clinics in the city. 

On top of being in service for almost 40 years, the HairClub has some of the best stylists and technicians we’ve seen in any clinic. All of them have been trained by the best institutions – and based on our evaluation – they also undergo regular retraining to keep up with the times. 

Their facilities are clean and well-kept. We found both their waiting rooms and examination rooms comfortable and private. 

The staff at the clinic were also very charming and helped us feel at ease during our consultation. 

We were examined by a doctor who was both professional and very friendly. They didn’t have any reservations about sharing information related to their treatments. 

Furthermore, they were thorough with their testing and evaluation. This confirmed to us that they were serious about the quality of their work. 

We find that the prices this clinic offers are reasonable for the quality of the services they provide. Additionally, they have a variety of payment plans available for clients, making payments much more manageable. 

5. NuHair Medical Hair Transplant Centre

NuHair Medical Hair Transplant Centre's Homepage

Location: 5315 17 AVE Southeast, Unit A, Calgary, AB T2A 0W2


Contact Details: (587) 328-5522 

Operating Hours: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday); 9:00 am to 9:00 pm (Thursday); 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Saturday); Closed (Sunday)

Services: Hair Transplants, Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solutions, ARTAS FUE, Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Google reviews score5/5
Total reviews1/5
Score consistency1/5
Licenses and Credentials5/5
Success Rate4/5


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Dedicated parking space for patients
  • Budget-friendly


  • Just above average success rates, based on surveys

This next clinic specializes in non-surgical treatments for hair loss. However, they also offer surgical procedures like hair transplants to eligible patients. 

They have some of the most affordable services we’ve seen so far. Plus, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee – which we haven’t seen offered by any other provider. 

Booking an appointment with them was simple and quick. We called their landline and their receptionist assisted us with setting a schedule with their doctors. 

We were happy to find that their location had several parking spaces ready for patients. So, it wasn’t so challenging to park our car. 

Everything was clean and organized inside the clinic. The waiting room was wide and had several cozy seats for patients to occupy. 

The staff that greeted us at the door was attentive and sweet. They offered us something to drink while we sat in the waiting room. 

They led us into the examination room a while later after they prepped it. We were impressed by all the hi-tech gear they had in place. 

It set the expectation that this clinic could only provide high-quality services to its clients. 

Our doctor was reassuring and professional. They helped us understand the pros and cons of several surgical treatments. 

Furthermore, they were careful to recommend non-surgical alternatives. This is great as some patients might not feel ready to commit to surgery. 

All that said, this company is far from perfect. They have their own share of unsuccessful cases, which we determined through a series of surveys of previous NuHair clients. 

These patients complained about certain treatments wearing off after a short period. Others complained about treatments worsening their conditions. 

As a rule of thumb, always get a consultation before settling on a treatment. Otherwise, you might regret the results. 

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