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The 10 Best Family Summer Vacations in Canada

The 10 Best Family Summer Vacations in Canada

Are you ready to uncover the illustrious landscapes of some of Canada’s magical summertime destinations? We can already picture your eyes sparkling in anticipation!

Now, here’s our curated list of the best family summer vacations in Canada. It’s like a love letter to adventure, which was composed by Mother Nature herself and some creative human architects. 

Each resonates with whispered tales of bygone times, resonates with heartwarming traditions, and tells a vibrant story just waiting to be discovered by you. Read on!

Banff, Alberta


Banff offers a magnificent playground with an abundance of outdoor pursuits suitable for all ages. Take your family on a thrilling whitewater rafting excursion, or perhaps embark on an unforgettable horseback ride through the lush, verdant wilderness.

The majestic beauty of nature surrounds and envelops you in a nurturing embrace as you create memories to last a lifetime. And worry not, for Banff also boasts a rich cultural scene to relish.

The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity offers a variety of programs and high-quality performances to augment your family’s exploration. Allow your spirits to soar as you introduce your offspring to the timeless wonder of the arts.

What better way to unwind than to retire at the opulent Fairmont Banff Springs, a castle-like hotel that simply exudes luxury and elegance? This iconic grand dame provides a sanctuary for your loved ones, nestled amid expansive vistas and pristine nature.

Local Tip: Don’t miss grabbing a scrumptious pastry from WildFlour Bakery, favoured by locals and travellers alike!

Vancouver, British Columbia


Let your family be enraptured by the enchanting mix of stunning landscapes and world-class amenities that Vancouver so elegantly offers. From the bustling, vibrant city streets to the lush rainforests, this urban oasis will leave you breathless.

Ah, the scenic wonders of Stanley Park, an emerald jewel nestled in the heart of the city! Here, your family can frolic amid nature’s finest offerings or fiercely pedal bicycles along the winding seawall that hugs the coastline.

The rich tapestry of cultural influences here in Vancouver weaves a delectable menu of options for even the most discerning diners. Opt for sumptuous farm-to-table fare or indulge in the myriad Asian-inspired offerings that abound.

And in Vancouver, one cannot overlook the majestic wonder of the surrounding nature. 

Be sure to carve out time to explore the whimsical beauty of the surrounding mountains, whether it be scaling the jaw-dropping heights of Grouse Mountain or traversing the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Local Tip: Visit the charming Granville Island Public Market to sample local artisanal wares and satisfy your inner foodie.

Niagara Falls, Ontario


A stroll along the picturesque walkways of the Niagara Parkway strip adjacent to the falls will provide ample opportunity for your family to take in the breathtaking beauty of this natural phenomenon. Why not experience the thrill of the falls firsthand? 

Invite your fiercely adventurous kin to board the legendary Hornblower Niagara Cruises, donning coveted red ponchos, and embark upon a journey that will take you as close to the falls as is possible. But, the excitement does not end at the water’s edge, my friend! 

Oh no, explore the lively and whimsical Clifton Hill, an entertainment mecca that will have your children’s eyes alight with wonder.

Encounter the thrilling SkyWheel, feast upon vibrant carnival games, and experience the delightful wax museum and haunted houses that line the charming streets.

After a day filled with euphoria and resounding delight, retire with your loved ones to a cosy bed and breakfast or a luxurious hotel within the Niagara region, many of which boast spectacular views of the falls.

Local Tip: For unparalleled views of the falls, dine at Elements on the Falls restaurant, where floor-to-ceiling windows frame nature’s masterpiece.

Quebec City, Quebec


Old Quebec, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a living museum that invites you to explore its rich past. What better way to enthral your family than by opening the gates to this timeless sanctuary?

The venerable Château Frontenac stands majestically on the hilltop, casting a watchful eye over the St. Lawrence River. This iconic symbol of Quebec City beguiles visitors with its opulence and classic architectural splendour.

The diverse array of shops and mouth watering eateries invites you to savour the moment and indulge in the unique flavours Quebec City has to offer. Introduce your children to the exquisitely French-inspired cuisine.

And who could forget about the splendour of ĂŽle d’OrlĂ©ans, a lush, pastoral island situated just a stone’s throw from Quebec City? Be mesmerised by this quaint escape as you visit delightful art galleries and sample succulent, locally produced fruits and beverages.

Local Tip: Make sure your family savours the delicious maple syrup treats at La Petite Cabane à Sucre de Québec.

Toronto, Ontario


Toronto, Ontario, Canada’s largest city, pulsates with a hearty vibrancy that will resonate with families looking to explore its bustling urban landscape. Behold the iconic CN Tower, standing tall and proud, as if reaching out to caress the heavens.

Embark on a thrilling ascent to the famed LookOut level and marvel at the stunning, unobstructed 360-degree views that stretch beyond the horizon. 

Continue your urban exploration by venturing into the diverse and eclectic neighbourhoods that effervesce with energy and zest.

From the delightful shops and cafĂ©s of Kensington Market to the whimsical charm of the Distillery District, a veritable mosaic of experiences awaits your family’s eager discovery. And how could one discuss Toronto without mentioning its unmistakable love of sports?

Cheer on the city’s beloved baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays, or watch the gridiron ferocity of the Canadian Football League’s Toronto Argonauts, as you bond with your family over the thrilling spectacle of live athletic competition.

Local Tip: Visit Casa Loma, an enchanting, mediaeval-inspired castle hiding within the city limits, to unleash your inner history buff.

Whistler, British Columbia


Whistler, my friends, is an adventurer’s dream, a sprawling playground where the spirit of exploration lights the eyes of both young and old. Unleash the explorer within you on the many hiking trails weaving through the Whistler and Blackcomb mountains.

Engage your family in a picturesque bike ride along the renowned Valley Trail or test the boundaries of excitement by ziplining across the stunning Cougar Mountain. The culinary scene here poses tantalising challenges for taste buds.

From al fresco dining with mountain views to internationally acclaimed cuisine, it’s certain that your food adventures in Whistler will be as memorable as the summer sunsets.

One can’t speak of Whistler without highlighting its renowned barbeque, the aroma of which would make anyone’s mouth water. The family-friendly bistros and restaurants cater to every palette, ensuring that sumptuous food is a delightful constant on your Whistler vacation.

Local Tip: Festivals abound in Whistler, so check the local calendar. There’s always a surprise waiting!

Prince Edward Island


Ah, the heavenly embrace of Prince Edward Island, where the windswept shores and verdant landscapes weave an irresistible spell! Cavendish Beach is a crowd’s favourite, but for a more off-beaten path, try the tranquil Basin Head Provincial Park.

The children will adore the singing sand beneath their toes! Beyond the beaches, a world of culinary delight unravels. A trip to the island is incomplete without a tantalising foray into Prince Edward Island’s famous seafood.

The sea, generous in her offerings, beckons you to partake in the succulent taste of fresh-caught lobster as the island’s waters impart a sumptuous, unparalleled flavour to this cherished maritime delicacy.

Immerse yourselves in history at the Green Gables Heritage Place and Avonlea Village, where the delightful story of Anne and her adventures come alive. Your little ones will love the costumes and interactive displays!

Lastly, top off the trip with a beautiful hike through the Confederation Trail. Revel in family bonding amidst stunning vistas, colourful wildflowers, and the euphony of native songbirds.

Local Tip: Don’t forget to indulge in the mouthwatering ice cream at COWS Creamery, an iconic Prince Edward Island institution.

Churchill, Manitoba


Behold the untamed wilds of Churchill, Manitoba, where the Arctic tundra stretches forth, and provides adventure within its icy grasp. Board the mighty Tundra Buggies, which offer a thrilling and safe opportunity to observe polar bears in their natural habitat.

Children remain wide-eyed at the sight, as adults marvel in awe at these lords of the Arctic. Next, follow the sounds of chirping and flapping to the Bird Cove, where over 250 species of birds claim sanctuary.

It’s a paradise for bird watchers and photographers! Not to be outdone in aquatic charm, Churchill is home to delightful beluga whales.

By hopping onto a kayak or a boat tour, families can get close to thousands of these playful creatures. As night descends and the sky unveils her star-studded veil, take in the breathtaking beauty of the northern lights’ celestial dance.

Local Tip: Don’t miss visiting the compelling Itsanitaq Museum, home to intricately carved Inuit sculptures and artefacts.

Victoria, British Columbia


Located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Victoria boasts thriving arts, vibrant culinary scenes, and nature’s bounty.

Begin with a picturesque waterfront walk in the Inner Harbor, where the majestic Parliament Buildings and the grand Fairmont Empress hotel stand in all their resplendent architectural glory. 

Stop by the Royal BC Museum, as the kids will love exploring the natural and human history of British Columbia. Victoria carries the title “the Garden City” with grace and colour. 

A visit to Butchart Gardens would have your senses dancing in glee as blooms of various hues stretch as far as the eye can see. Meanwhile, Beacon Hill Park offers playgrounds and petting zoos that the youngest ones will love.

Local Tip: Take a leisurely stroll around Fisherman’s Wharf and indulge in some fresh seafood from the floating food stalls.

Halifax, Nova Scotia


Halifax, the cultural hub of the Maritimes, is a collage of time-honoured sites and effervescent festivals that know no age. Commence your journey by visiting the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, where you can experience life as a 19th-century soldier. 

The blast of the noon gun is a must-see spectacle! Next, set sail on a lifelong memory with a Harbour Hopper tour. 

An amphibious adventure that both cruises downtown streets and glides through the great harbour, this unusual excursion draws excited giggles from youngsters.

A zestful culinary scene pulsates in Halifax, with a particular penchant for seafood. Savour the famous lobster rolls or dig into a plate of savoury mussels, satisfying every foodie’s cravings.

The Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market is perfect for sampling local artisanal fare.

Local Tip: When in Halifax, always pack a windbreaker. The breezes off the harbour keep the city refreshing and uniquely Halifax!
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