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17 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Canada

17 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Canada

The origins of Mother’s Day date back thousands of years ago, but it was only in 1915 that Canadians began commemorating a dedicated day for mothers. While not an official public holiday, it consistently falls on the second Sunday of May.

No matter what we call our mothers—mom, mum, mama, or mummy—we share a common desire to ensure their day is memorable as a token of appreciation for their love, care, and continuous support.

Want to make your mom’s day special? Check our article for some ideas on how and where to celebrate Mother’s Day!

Serve her breakfast in bed

breakfast in bed
Photo by Toa Heftiba

One of the best ways to start the day is by surprising your mom with breakfast in bed. It’s a small gesture but it will surely set a positive tone throughout the day.

A Mother’s Day breakfast isn’t complete without homemade pancakes drizzled with maple syrup. Add in eggs benedict if you’re feeling fancy! Yum!

Pro Tip:
Add some fruits and flowers to add an extra touch. A Mother’s Day greeting card never gets old, so throw that in, too—not literally, though!

Make or buy some handmade gifts

handmade gifts
Photo by Kelly Sikkema

One of the most common but thoughtful gift idea is handmade gifts, whether made by you or purchased from a local seller. Most of us probably started with handmade cards when we were young, but we can upgrade it now with the abundance of local sellers.

Some popular handcrafted gifts are cards, crochet items like scarves and beanies, scented candles, photo wall art, and customized mugs. These items can easily be purchased online (like Etsy) or in your local community.

Pro Tip:
Create or buy something that will make your mom appreciate the sentiment, like printing a memorable photo or an item she has been wanting for weeks.

Treat her to afternoon tea

tea and desserts
Photo by Sebastian Coman Photography

Dining out is a great way to spend Mother’s Day, especially if it’s a fancy afternoon tea. Finger sandwiches, petits fours, macarons, and scones with homemade preserves that are to-die-for are served on a beautiful three-tiered tray—don’t forget the premium tea!

Some highly recommended afternoon tea spots are the White Heather Tea Room in Victoria (try the signature Big Muckle), Shangri-La Toronto’s Lobby Lounge, and The Gryphon D’Or Tea Room in Montreal (they have yummy salmon phyllo with dill cream cheese!).

Pro Tip:
Afternoon teas usually last 2 hours, and some restaurants only offer this on weekends. So, don’t forget to book an appointment to secure a spot, especially during special occasions as restaurants tend to get fully booked. 

Gift a relaxing spa experience

massage spa
Photo by alan caishan

A gift of a relaxing spa experience is a must for a quiet Mother’s Day. You can opt for a day trip at the spa, but a weekend stay will elevate the celebration!

Most spas offer solo and couples massages—ideal if your mom prefers to get a massage with you. Ask her if she wants to get a body scrub for a complete rejuvenating experience!

In Grafton, just a 90-minute drive from east Toronto, Ste. Anne’s Spa offers an all-inclusive overnight package. Also, Calgary’s Leela Eco Spa offers therapeutic customized massages to target those problem areas.

Pro Tip:
If the spa is far away, you can arrange a transportation service for convenience, especially if you’re not allowed to legally drive yet. Give your mom the complete relaxation package by getting a limousine service, eh?

Visit the Canadian Tulip Festival


Address: Preston Street and Queen Elizabeth Driveway, Ottawa, ON K1S 4N7, Canada

Contact details

Operating hours: Monday – Sunday: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Every May, Ottawa holds the Canadian Tulip Festival for over 11 days, making it a beautiful way to celebrate Mother’s Day as it usually lands around the second Sunday of May.

It’s a picturesque place with over 300,000 tulips blooming alongside Rideau Canal. You can’t leave the tulip festival without buying a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers for your mom!

Pro Tip:
Go to the bathroom before coming here. There tend to be a lot of people, and the line for the bathrooms is usually long.

Spoil her with jewellry

Photo by Sabrianna

For moms who love jewellery, marking their special day with exquisite pieces is a wonderful way to celebrate the occasion. There are many jewellery shops that deliver across Canada, making it accessible even if you live away from home.

They say, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” but it doesn’t exactly fit everyone’s budget range. You can opt for more affordable lab-grown diamonds or demi-fine jewellery, which is made using precious metals dipped in vermeil plating.

If you have extra time and budget, look for jewellers that offer customized or engraving services to add a personal touch. Some jewellers offering custom designs are Melanie Auld, FTJCo (uses responsibly-sourced materials), and Vandenbergs Jewellers.

Pro Tip:
Made-to-order pieces have a longer production time, sometimes up to 8 weeks, depending on the jeweller and availability of materials. Remember to order way ahead of Mother’s Day to make sure it gets delivered early!

Take mom to brunch

food on a table
Photo by Colin Michel

Spend Mother’s Day by taking your mom on a fun brunch, possibly the most enjoyable meal of the day! Is it the lazy mornings or the combination of breakfast and lunch that adds the thrill? We don’t know!

Canada has plenty of brunch spots where moms can indulge in pancakes paired with a nice cocktail like Botanist Dining in Vancouver, which serves a great weekend brunch menu and cocktails—the Main Event course includes a yummy lamb belly poutine!

Montreal, known for delectable dishes, has Régine Café—a specifically brunch restaurant. We recommend the palate-pleasing grilled cheese with beef cheek!

Pro Tip:
Don’t forget to book a reservation, especially for popular brunch spots. You want to avoid a long waiting time, which can potentially spoil the day!

Send a beautiful bouquet of flowers

bouquet of flowers
Photo by Wan Chen

Flowers are timeless for any occasion, especially on Mother’s Day! Many flower delivery services deliver across Canada, with some offering same-day delivery in selected cities.

Sending flowers as a gift is a beautiful way to celebrate, especially when distance separates you! Consider picking bouquets in your mom’s preferred colours or selecting specific flowers with special meanings.

Carnations are the official flowers for Mother’s Day. Try adding pink carnations that symbolize a mother’s love, pink tulips for affection, or hydrangeas for gratitude.

Pro Tip:
Try to place your orders early for Mother’s Day, considering the likelihood of high demand for deliveries. It’s best to have the bouquet dispatched a day early to avoid late deliveries.

Give her a cake

Photo by amirali mirhashemian

Celebrations always come with cake. Why not surprise your mom with a delectable dessert to satiate her taste buds?

Many bakeries offer deliveries for standard or custom cakes. But a sweet gesture that will show a lot of sentiment is to bake a cake on your own, which you can learn by attending a baking workshop—or by following an online video tutorial!

Pro Tip:
Print some free cake writing templates for precise decoration. It may look easy on YouTube but it’s really not, especially if you’re a beginner!

Host a movie night

Happy woman watching TV and eats popcorn at night

Curling up with Mom during movie night-ins is always an enjoyable day to unwind. Instead of just turning on the TV and lying on the couch, why don’t you try upgrading the experience?

Create some homemade movie tickets and posters for decoration, and set up snack trays filled with popcorn and your mom’s favourite sweets and beverage—no one needs to worry about driving, so she can enjoy her favourite wine!

Pro Tip:
You can set up a tent, tape some fairy lights on the walls, and add fluffy blankets on the sofa for added comfort. Unleash your creativity to make the night special!

Set sail for a Mother’s Day cruise

Photo by Alonso Reyes

The stunning ocean views, relaxing scenery, and delicious food will undoubtedly make Mother’s Day a memorable experience. Many cruise companies offer day cruises along Canada’s coast, while some offer weekend trips.

The exciting part of a cruise is the numerous activities, from live performances to indoor sports. Multiple-day packages will even bring you to other cities or countries for the perfect getaway—instead of Mother’s Day, why not make it Mother’s Week?

Pro Tip:
To secure a spot, it’s best to begin your cruise search way ahead of Mother’s Day, as bookings can fill up quickly. Another tip, just search “Mother’s Day cruise” and a tonne will pop up!

Take her on a shopping trip

woman shopping
Photo by Cam Morin

Why not spend the second Sunday of May spoiling your mom on a shopping trip? She deserves it! Aside from a bonding experience, she can indulge and finally buy that expensive item she’s had her sights on!

This type of celebration can also be a great way to give back to the community by shopping locally! Most shops will even have Mother’s Day discounts—who doesn’t love that?

Pro Tip:
Pick the stores your mom likes—take note of the items she mentions, or check out her Pinterest boards and Instagram likes. Bring her to the store and tell her to pick whatever she wants!

Take her to a game

hockey players feet
Photo by Markus Spiske

If your mom loves sports, take her to a game! If you’re lucky, her favourite team might have a match on Mother’s Day.

But if the game is scheduled on a different day, you can still arrange an early celebration. Then, do something else on Mother’s Day—it’s a double celebration, which feels special, eh?

Pro Tip:
If there’s no scheduled game she wants to watch, you could purchase merchandise from her favourite team—buy her a jersey!
donation box
Photo by Jo Szczepanska

Not all moms want to be showered with gifts. A thoughtful way to celebrate Mother’s Day is by donating to her chosen charity on her behalf.

It’s a heartfelt approach and a meaningful gesture that echoes the selfless nature of mothers. It may not be the traditional Mother’s Day celebration, but truly a fulfilling one!

Pro Tip:
You can pool money from the whole family and donate to one charity organization or two. The more you help, the better!

Pamper her with a relaxing nail spa experience

Photo by Giorgio Trovato

Indulge her with a relaxing and rejuvenating nail spa experience—upgrade the celebration by booking a luxurious nail salon. Try to find one that offers gift cards so your mom can still celebrate the day with her best friend (or husband) if you live far away.

Pro Tip:
Seek out nail salons that go the extra mile for clients by providing small indulgences for an extra touch, like offering a complimentary glass of spritz.

Embark on a hiking adventure together

woman walking in forest with child
Photo by James Wheeler on Unsplash

With Canada’s captivating scenery, going on a family hike can be a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration—that is, if your mom loves the great outdoors! Jasper and Banff National Parks are popular choices!

Canada is brimming with mountains and lakes, making it an ideal backdrop for trekking adventures! There are diverse hiking trails that cater to families with adult children or young ones, ensuring there’s something for your mom and the whole family to enjoy.

A fun and magical celebration is catching the northern lights in Canada. We have it here, so there’s no need to fly to Iceland!

Pro Tip:
Pack your family’s bags, especially for the little ones. Don’t let Mom worry about the whole family on her special day.
Wear comfortable shoes and clothes, and bring all hiking essentials, such as sunscreen, bug spray, bear spray, water, food, rain gear, first aid kit, and GPS.

Do the chores

person washing fork
Photo by Catt Liu on Unsplash

Doing chores may seem like a small act for some, but it certainly is not! It takes a load of stress away from your mom, which is a thoughtful way of celebrating Mother’s Day.

Do the laundry, wash the dishes, vacuum the floors, mow the lawn. These simple actions show a tonne of care, love, and appreciation, which encapsulates what Mother’s Day is about.

Pro Tip:
It helps to continue doing chores even after Mother’s Day, like picking up after yourself. We should show appreciation to our moms every day, after all.
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