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Top 10 Fishing Spots in Manitoba

Top 10 Fishing Spots in Manitoba

We’ve got to admit – another aspect that makes fishing enjoyable is discovering a new spot to go on a fishing trip. In this article, we’re featuring one of our places when it comes to getting that awesome catch: Manitoba.  

With its over 100,000 lakes, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that Manitoba is home to top-notch fishing spots. But which spots should you pick first? Well, that’s where we come in!

But before everything else, note that you must have a Manitoba angling licence so can enjoy recreational fishing in the province. Be sure to take care of this important detail, plus learn of the catch limits, before dropping by one of our recommendations below! 

Falcon Lake

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Address: Manitoba R0E 2H0, Canada


Contact Details: +18002146497

Opening Hours: 24/7

Falcon Lake beckons anglers with its serene beauty and abundant fish life. Best of all, it’s easily accessible and surrounded by breathtaking nature. 

Here, Smallmouth Bass, Yellow Perch, and Northern Pike thrive, offering a diverse fishing experience. June’s Walleye Masters Cup is a highlight, drawing competitors from near and far. 

For the best fishing experience , early mornings and late evenings during spring and summer are prime times. Bring your best spinning or fly fishing gear to match the lake’s challenges. 

Comfortable accommodations at the park’s lodges provide a perfect retreat after a day on the water. 

Pro Tip: 

While the fish are the main attraction, don’t miss exploring the park’s trails or kayaking its calm waters for a complete outdoor adventure.

Lake Winnipeg 

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Address: Rd 100 N, Beaconia, MB R0E 0B0, Canada


Contact Details: +12044065586

Opening Hours: Daily 7:30 AM–7:30 PM

The vast expanse of Lake Winnipeg is a fisherman’s dream, where trophy-sized Walleye and a plethora of other species like Common Carp and Lake Sturgeon abound. 

The lake’s location unlocks endless fishing opportunities along its shores and beyond. Seasonal derbies and the influx of the Saskatchewan River’s waters create dynamic fishing conditions year-round. 

Optimal fishing times can vary here, though. But you’ll find that early morning and late evening often yield the best results, particularly in spring and fall. 

From heavy-duty tackle for Sturgeon to lighter gear for Bass, the lake caters to all fishing styles. Compliance with Manitoba’s fishing laws is essential here, ensuring sustainable practices. 

Accommodations range from lakeside cottages to full-service resorts, providing comfort after a day of adventure. 

Pro Tip: 

Around mid June to early August, there’s a rave party that occurs here which is an opportunity to meet fellow anglers and enthusiasts, so we recommend joining as soon as you can! 

Lac du Bonnet

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Address: Lac du Bonnet, MB R0E 1A0, Canada

Website: N/A

Contact Details: N/A

Opening Hours: 24/7

Lac du Bonnet, a renowned fishing destination, prides itself on its diverse aquatic life. This community is a hub for anglers seeking Walleye, Northern Pike, and more, with coordinates that place you right in the action. 

Winter transforms the lake into an ice fishing wonderland, hosting prestigious derbies like the $25,000 Ice Fishing Derby. To catch the big one, timing is crucial; early mornings and late afternoons are ideal, especially during the colder months. 

It really doesn’t matter if you prefer jigging for Walleye or casting for Sturgeon, the right gear is key. 

Local charters can elevate your fishing journey, providing access to the lake’s hidden gems. Beyond fishing, the area is rich in history and natural beauty, inviting exploration—perfect if you’re with either your dad, son, or a friend who loves fishing just like you!

Pro Tip: 

For Lac du Bonnet, especially during the ice fishing season, connect with local fishing guides or shops to get insights on the best spots and times. These local experts are invaluable for finding where fish are biting during the winter months. 

Clear Lake 

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Address: Main Pier, Wasagaming, MB R0J 1N0, Canada


Contact Details: +12048481770

Opening Hours: 24/7

Clear Lake is a sanctuary for anglers and nature lovers alike. Its coordinates lead to crystal-clear waters, home to Northern Pike, Brook Trout, and Walleye. 

The lake’s diverse habitats make it a fishing paradise year-round, with fly fishing and backcountry angling as popular pursuits. The best catches often come at dawn or dusk, especially in the tranquil early summer and fall. 

Our best advice when visiting this fishing spot is tailor your gear to the adventure, regardless if you’re fly fishing for trout or trolling for Walleye. 

And with numerous lodging options within the park, you can get a restful night’s sleep, which is always a plus!

Pro Tip: 

Clear Lake’s crystal-clear waters require a more stealthy approach to fishing. Use lighter lines, smaller hooks, and more natural bait presentations to avoid spooking fish. 

Whitemud River 

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Address: Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0, Canada

Website: N/A

Contact Details: N/A

Opening Hours: 24/7

Flowing gently into Lake Manitoba, the Whitemud River is a hidden gem for anglers chasing Freshwater Drum, Brown Bullhead, and Common Carp. Accessible locations near key landmarks make it a convenient choice for a day trip or an extended stay. 

The river’s vibrant ecosystem is best explored in the warmer months, with morning and evening offering peak fishing times. 

Good news: Traditional bait fishing techniques work well here, though adapting to the river’s flow can enhance your catch rate—which means, you can enjoy the ole’ fishing techniques that our dads always rave about. 

While amenities are more rustic, the connection with nature is unparalleled. However, this could be a detriment if you lack some camping or fishing amenities.

Pro Tip: 

Use local baitfish species to increase your success with Freshwater Drum and other local species. Since amenities are rustic, packing a portable water filter can enhance your stay, ensuring you have access to clean drinking water while enjoying the river’s natural beauty.

Kississing Lake

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Address: 706 S Gate Rd, Saint Andrews, MB R1A 3P8, Canada


Contact Details: +18002305519

Opening Hours: 24/7

If paradise had a name in the angling world, it would be Kississing Lake. Its waters, teeming with Northern Pike, Walleye, and Lake Trout of master angler sizes, offer fishing experiences that are both challenging and rewarding. 

The lake is a testament to the effectiveness of sustainable fishing practices, with regulations ensuring the longevity of its aquatic life. It’s a place where stories of “the one that got away” are few and far between.

Just like most fishing spots, this is a public place, which means you can expect fewer amenities. In fact, there are at least two public restrooms and one fishing hub that’s quite far from the lake itself. 

However, if you’re into the more rustic vibe and are an old school angler by heart, by all means, Kississing is the holy grail of all fishing sites if that’s the case! 

Pro Tip: 

Take advantage of barbless hooks and practice catch and release, especially for larger, breeding-size fish. This approach not only helps maintain the lake’s fish population but also increases your chances of catching trophy fish in the future. 

Sasaginnigak Lake

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Address: Manitoba R1A 3P3, Canada


Contact Details: +18885365353

Just within the same wilderness park, we venture to Sasaginnigak Lake, a classically named Manitoban lake that’s quite difficult to pronounce (if we’re completely being honest). 

However, don’t let the name detract you from the potential fishing experience you’ll have here—cause it’s a favorite of ours!  

Why do you ask? Well, the lake’s waters are rich with Walleye, Northern Pike, and Lake Trout, promising a rewarding catch. 

The conservation limits in place here ensure that the fish populations remain healthy, making it a prime spot for catch and release. Another great thing about Sasaginnigak is the road to this lake is not too difficult to travel to—making it family-friendly through and through. 

Also, the thrill of fishing in such pristine, untouched waters is unmatched—it’s a place where you can truly connect with nature and enjoy the serenity it offers.

Pro Tip: 

Pack out what you pack in, and consider using eco-friendly gear and baits to minimize your environmental impact. Engage with the local conservation efforts to learn more about the lake’s ecosystem and how you can contribute to its preservation. 

Quesnel Lake

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Address: Cariboo, BC V0L 1N0, Canada


Contact Details: N/A

Opening Hours: N/A

If you’re on a quest to become a Master Angler, Quesnel Lake is definitely the place. Its waters are deep and diverse, housing trophy-size Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, and Northern Pike. 

It’s a lake where your fishing tales could become legendary, with many anglers adding their names to the Manitoba Master Angler register after a visit here.

Likewise to most lakes in Manitoba, the road traveling here isn’t too much of a hassle because it’s close proximity to the city which gives you ample time to ready some fishing gear. 

Sadly, there are just as few amenities at Quesnel Lake because it’s as nature reserve as you’re gonna get like the other classic and pristine lakes in Manitoba. However, it’s more than forgiven because it grants you access to nearby city locals anyway—so it’s a win regardless! 

Pro Tip: 

Mastering the art of deep-water fishing can lead to trophy catches. Invest in a quality sonar unit to locate deep underwater structures where trophy-size fish are likely to be found. 

Aikens Lake

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Address: Manitoba, Canada

Website: N/A

Contact Details: N/A

Opening Hours: 24/7

Diving deep into the heart of Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park, you’ll find Aikens Lake, a place where the depth plummets to an astonishing 295 ft, creating an ideal habitat for a vibrant aquatic life. 

It’s home to Trophy Pike and Lunker Lake Trout among seven types of fish thriving in its depths. I’ve always found Aikens Lake to be a world-class fishing destination, not just for the variety of fish but for the sheer beauty it encapsulates. 

Staying at Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge, you’re in for an unforgettable fishing vacation. They’ve got everything to make your stay comfortable and your fishing expeditions fruitful.

Pro Tip: 

At Aikens Lake, advanced fishing techniques such as jigging and trolling at various depths can be particularly effective due to the lake’s significant depth. Experiment with different lures and baits that mimic the natural prey of Trophy Pike and Lake Trout. 

Wekusko Lake

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Address: Snow Lake, MB R0B 1M0, Canada


Contact Details: +18773582341

Opening Hours: 24/7 

The heart of Wekusko Lake’s allure lies beneath its surface. Home to an impressive array of species including the Master Angler Sauger, Pike, Walleye, Perch, and Whitefish, the lake offers a rich bounty for those willing to cast their lines. 

Fishing at Wekusko Lake is just the beginning. The surrounding Wekusko Falls Provincial Park offers a multitude of trails leading to awe-inspiring waterfalls and vistas. 

The area around Wekusko Lake also caters to a wide range of preferences, from the rustic appeal of camping under the stars to the comfort of cozy lodges and cabins. 

Planning and booking your accommodation in advance is advisable, especially during peak seasons, to ensure your spot in this sought-after destination.

Pro Tip: 

Integrating your fishing trip with exploration of the surrounding Wekusko Falls Provincial Park can provide a unique and enriching experience. Plan your fishing excursions around different parts of the lake to enjoy not just the fishing but also the breathtaking natural beauty of the park. 

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