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Top 11 Breakfast Places in Banff

Top 11 Breakfast Places in Banff

Waking up in Banff isn’t just about the stunning mountain views and crisp, fresh air. It’s also about the promise of an incredible breakfast waiting to kickstart your day. 

Whether you’re gearing up for a hike or planning a leisurely day exploring the town, the right breakfast spot can make all the difference. In this little sneak peek, we’re taking you on a tour of Banff’s top breakfast haunts. 

From cozy cafes to bustling bistros, each place has its own unique flavor and charm. So, grab your coffee, and let’s embark on a culinary adventure that will leave your taste buds dancing with delight.


Address: 204 Caribou St, Banff, AB T1L 1A6, Canada


Contact Details: +14037622633

Opening Hours: Daily 8 AM to 9 PM

You might not expect to find Cajun flavors in Banff, but Tooloulous is a delightful surprise. This spot is all about the food, serving up some of the heartiest breakfasts in town. 

Their menu is a breakfast lover’s dream, offering everything from waffle stacks and French toast to unique dishes like jambalaya omelets.

Portion sizes here don’t disappoint, perfect for fueling up before a day of mountain adventures. Their fusion of classic breakfast items with Cajun twists, like sweet and spicy breakfast potatoes, is a culinary delight you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Pro Tip:

Banff dining can lean towards the pricey side, but Tooloulous offers great value for money. If you’re staying somewhere without breakfast included, this is your go-to spot. 

Also, their lunch menu is just as tempting, especially their renowned Caesars. Remember, getting there early beats the crowd and secures you a spot in this popular breakfast haven!

Whitebark Cafe

Address: 401 Banff Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1A9, Canada


Contact Details: +14037607298

Opening Hours: Daily 6:30 AM to 6 PM

Tucked away in Banff, Whitebark Cafe isn’t just a coffee shop; it’s a local legend for caffeine lovers. Their espresso-based drinks, like cappuccinos and flat whites, are arguably the best in town.

Known for serving the best coffee in town, their beans are sourced from Moja Coffee in North Vancouver, ensuring every cup is a rich, fair-trade delight. And if you’re a tea enthusiast, their loose-leaf selections from Banff Tea Co. are a must-try.

This cozy spot is perfect for a light breakfast, offering an array of pastries, including vegan (vegan restaurants toronto) and gluten-free options. It’s the ideal place to grab a quick bite before you go exploring Banff’s breathtaking trails!

Pro Tip:

Whitebark is more of a grab-and-go spot, with limited seating at a small counter and a few outdoor tables. 

For a leisurely experience, grab your coffee and pastry and find a scenic spot nearby to enjoy them. This way, you get to savor their delicious offerings while soaking in the beauty of Banff.

Melissa’s Missteak

Address: 201 Banff Ave #2, Banff, AB T1L 1A9, Canada


Contact Details: +14037625511

Opening Hours: 8 AM to 2 AM

Melissa’s Missteak, a beloved Banff institution, has been welcoming hungry visitors for decades. Now situated in a new spot just off Banff Ave, it offers delightful mountain views from its second-floor vantage point. It’s a classic choice for a hearty mountain breakfast.

Here, you’re in for a treat with all the breakfast favorites. Think fluffy pancakes, waffles, omelets, and an impressive array of eggs benedict, including their standout Prime Rib Benny. 

Pro Tip:

While Melissa’s Missteak is popular for its breakfast, it’s also a great spot for those who love a good view with their meal. Grab a seat on the second floor for some of the best mountain vistas in town. 

The Bison

Address: 211 Bear St # 213, Banff, AB T1L 1E4, Canada


Contact Details: +14037625550

Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday 5 to 9 PM; Friday to Saturday 4:30 to 9 PM

The Bison stands out in Banff for its commitment to seasonal Canadian cuisine, using locally sourced ingredients. 

It’s a favorite for its diverse Sunday brunch menu, catering to all preferences, including vegan and vegetarian options. From tofu scrambles to their signature Bison Benny, there’s something to satisfy your cravings!

Their chicken and waffles are a must-try, featuring perfectly cooked chicken atop dill waffles, served with syrup—a true culinary masterpiece. But The Bison isn’t just about brunch; it’s also a romantic dinner spot, complete with excellent service and a charming outdoor patio.

Pro Tip:

For a truly memorable experience at The Bison, try to grab a table on their outdoor patio during a summer evening. 

It’s the perfect setting for a romantic dinner, combining exquisite food with the enchanting ambiance of Banff. Plus, the patio offers a great vantage point to enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Juniper Bistro

Address: 1 Juniper Way Unit 2, Banff, AB T1L 1E1, Canada


Contact Details: +14037636219

Opening Hours: Daily 8 AM to 1 PM

For a brunch experience that combines great food with Banff’s stunning views, Juniper Bistro is a top option!

Nestled away from the town center, near Mt Norquay, Juniper Bistro offers a serene escape with breathtaking views of Tunnel Mountain and Mount Rundle from its dining room. It’s a feast for both your palate and your eyes.

While their menu might be more concise than others, it’s packed with quality choices like stuffed French toast and salmon eggs benedict, perfect for a special occasion brunch.

Pro Tip:

Request a table by the window for an unobstructed view of the mountains. It’s an ideal spot for a leisurely brunch, allowing you to savor both the food and the picturesque landscape.

The Vermillion Room

Address: 405 Spray Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1J4, Canada


Contact Details: +14037626860

Opening Hours: Daily 7 to 11 AM

Nestled in the iconic Banff Springs Hotel, the Vermilion Room is the perfect spot for those special mornings when you’re feeling a bit fancy.

Known for its lavish Sunday brunch buffet, it offers a wide array of fresh, gourmet breakfast items, from savory delights to sweet pastries, though it’s currently on pause for health reasons.

While the buffet might be taking a break, the Vermilion Room’s à la carte menu is still available, offering a taste of luxury in the heart of Banff. 

Pro Tip:

Even if the buffet isn’t available, visiting the Vermilion Room for breakfast is a great opportunity to explore the historic Banff Springs Hotel. 

After your meal, take a stroll around the hotel to soak in its grandeur and history. It’s a perfect way to combine a delicious breakfast with a touch of Banff’s heritage.

Coyote’s Southwestern Grill

Address: 206 Caribou St, Banff, AB T1L 1A6, Canada


Contact Details: +14037623963

Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday 8 AM to 9 PM; Friday. to Saturday 8 AM to 10 PM

Coyote’s Southwestern Grill is a go-to spot in Banff for a breakfast that’s both familiar and excitingly different. 

Alongside classic breakfast staples, they offer a unique Southwestern twist with dishes like frittatas, breakfast burritos, huevos rancheros, and steak & eggs.

Their standout item? The stuffed French toast made from sourdough bread, a real treat for your taste buds. And if you love a bit of spice in the morning, the chorizo sausage breakfast burrito is a must-try.

Pro Tip:

If you’re looking for a hearty start to your day with a bit of zing, Coyote’s is the place. Their Southwestern-inspired dishes are not only delicious but also offer a delightful change from the usual breakfast fare. 

Plus, their cozy ambiance adds to the charm, making your meal here a memorable part of your Banff adventure.

Farm and Fire

Address: 333 Banff Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1B1, Canada


Contact Details: +14037603298

Opening Hours: Daily 8 AM to 2 PM

Farm and Fire offers a delightful brunch experience in Banff. Their menu features tempting dishes like smashed avocado with poached eggs and a classic Canadian Eggs Benny, perfect for energizing your day ahead.

If you prefer something lighter, options like the Lean Mean Veggie Machine or the Lox to Look Forward To are great choices. The ambiance here is bright and airy, creating a pleasant environment for a leisurely brunch.

Pro Tip:

The restaurant’s open and inviting space makes it an ideal spot for a relaxed morning. It’s a perfect place to plan your day’s adventures in Banff while enjoying some of the best brunch offerings in town.

Nourish Bistro

Address: 211 Bear St #110, Banff, AB T1L 1A8, Canada


Contact Details: +14037603933

Opening Hours: Daily 11:30 AM to 10 PM

At Nourish Bistro, you’ll discover a vegetarian paradise right in the heart of Banff. They’ve got an array of choices that’ll take your taste buds on an adventure beyond the ordinary.

This gem is all about vegetarian excellence, ensuring you have a wide array of gourmet, creative dishes to choose from. 

Whether you’re vegan, prefer raw foods, or need gluten-free options, Nourish Bistro has got you covered. Plus, their cocktail menu is a fantastic bonus! It’s the perfect spot for you to enjoy a healthy, yet deliciously flavorful meal.

Pro Tip:

Nourish Bistro is not just a haven for vegetarians but also a delight for those with specific dietary needs. 

They’re known for accommodating various dietary requirements, including vegan, raw, and gluten-free options, without compromising on flavor. Plus, their cocktail menu is a hidden gem, offering unique and refreshing drinks that perfectly complement their meals.

The Maple Leaf

Address: 137 Banff Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1C8, Canada


Contact Details: +14037607680

Opening Hours: Monday and Tuesday 10:30 AM to 9:30 PM; Wednesday 5 to 9:30 PM; Thursday to Friday 10:30 AM to 9:30 PM; Saturday to Sunday 10 AM to 9:30 PM

Step into the Maple Leaf Grill and Lounge, where you’re greeted with a cozy, mountain-style ambiance that’s all about celebrating Canadian cuisine. 

If a touch of elegance is what you’re after for your Banff brunch, this is the place to be. They’re all about fresh, locally sourced ingredients, showcasing the best of Canada in every dish.

Their breakfast menu is a delightful mix of hearty classics and unique Canadian twists. Imagine starting your day with maple-infused pancakes or a Canadian-style breakfast poutine—sounds tempting, right? 

And if you’ve been out exploring the Bow Valley Parkway, their Canadian French Toast and Canadian Bacon Benedict are just the kind of indulgence you deserve.

Pro Tip:

For an enhanced dining experience, consider booking your visit during a less busy time, like mid-week or during off-peak hours. 

This way, you can enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere and perhaps more personalized service. Also, it’s always a good idea to ask the staff for their recommendations—they often have great insights into the most popular or unique dishes that you might not want to miss!

Bill Peyto’s Cafe (Lake Louise)

Address: 203 Village Rd, Lake Louise, AB T0L 1E0, Canada


Contact Details: N/A

Opening Hours: 7:30 AM to 9:30 PM

Among the locals’ favorites, Bill Peyto’s Cafe is a must-visit for a hearty breakfast, especially if you’re in the Lake Louise area. Not just a cafe, it’s a nod to Banff’s history, named after the legendary pioneer and mountain guide, Bill Peyto.

The cafe’s ambiance is as intriguing as its namesake’s story, which includes tales of Bill Peyto’s unique way of enjoying a quiet drink by releasing a lynx in a bar! 

Also, this place is steeped in tales of its namesake, including the legendary story of Bill releasing a lynx in a bar just to enjoy some solitude. 

Whether you’re there for their famous breakfasts or the equally acclaimed burgers, you’re in for a treat surrounded by the spirit of Banff’s adventurous past.

Pro Tip:

Dive into their menu with an adventurous spirit, just like Bill Peyto himself. Try their renowned burgers or opt for a classic breakfast dish. 

And while you’re there, let the walls and the ambiance take you back to the days of Banff’s early pioneers—it’s a meal with a story to remember.

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