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We Did the Math How Much Is Rhinoplasty in Toronto

We Did the Math: How Much Is Rhinoplasty in Toronto?

I have to admit, if there’s one thing I want to improve on my body, it’s my nose. But I heard it’s not the most affordable procedure to get—the people I know who had it done said it cost them thousands, which my bank account doesn’t have right now.

I know some people out there have the same dilemma as me, which is why I’m here to share what I’ve gathered to help you financially prepare for rhinoplasty in Toronto (whether that’s reconstructive or for cosmetics). Read on and let’s make sure our wallet’s ready!

What are the costs of rhinoplasty in Toronto?

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In Toronto, an experienced plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty can charge an average starting rate of $10,000. But you can expect it to reach up to $20,000.

Below, we’ll tell you what affects the cost of rhinoplasty, so you will know what to expect!

What affects the cost of rhinoplasty in Toronto?

The cost of rhinoplasty is not black and white because it’s not a one-size-fits-all procedure. It depends on several factors, such as the type of rhinoplasty, the expertise of the surgeon, the facility’s fees, the type of anesthesia, and the post-operative care.

You’ll probably notice that nose jobs will have different rates. Some will be cheaper, while some will have way higher prices, especially for more complex procedures since not all rhinoplasty will be the same.

Here are the factors that affect rhinoplasty prices:

Consultation Fee

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Some facial plastic surgeons in Toronto have consultation fees averaging $100 to $200 plus HST, while others won’t charge for consultations. The price will also depend on the doctor’s expertise, as world-class plastic surgeons will usually charge higher fees.

Sometimes, consultation fees will be deducted from the overall cost of the procedure should you move forward. But some surgeons will charge this separately.

Pre-operative Care

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Before the surgery, the patient has to undergo pre-operative care, which will usually take several weeks. This is to prepare your body and to see if you’re eligible for rhinoplasty, which will include medical testing, like blood tests.

For example, a blood test in Toronto typically costs an average of $30 to $100, depending on how specialized it needs to be.

Some plastic surgeons will also have digital imaging technology to preview the possible outcomes of the procedure, which costs an average of $200 plus HST in Toronto.

Surgeon’s Experience

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A plastic surgeon who has been practicing for decades will charge more due to experience than a surgeon who has only started.

Their training and background are very important. For instance, someone who has trained in world-class facilities and worked under renowned surgeons will likely have positive reviews from patients.

Surgeons who have a successful track record of rhinoplasty procedures will charge higher fees, and satisfied patients and positive outcomes will affect these records. Some will have done hundreds or thousands of surgeries, which shows their extensive experience.

Certifications, accreditations, and other professional affiliations also indicate the plastic surgeon and staff’s experience in rhinoplasty. Hence, the more trained and educated they are, the more likely they’ll have pricier fees.

Facility Fees

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The facility where you’ll get your surgery will also affect the final cost. This is due to the environment—a top-notch facility will have state-of-the-art equipment, operating rooms, recovery rooms, and additional amenities for the patient.

You see, the facility fee is separate from the surgeon’s fees. During a nose surgery, the patient will need to use the equipment, supplies, operating room, and recovery area, which are included in the overhead costs.

Some facilities will also have privacy protocols for patients who want to leave without getting seen by other people. All these equipment and comforts will be included in the overall price.


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Anesthesia will also affect the cost of the nose job, which is the drug used for major operations like open rhinoplasty. Anesthetic drugs are essential and used to let you sleep throughout the procedure.

A plastic surgeon is not the one performing the anesthesia—this is done by an anesthesiologist, which means you’ll pay two separate doctor’s fees.

An anesthesiologist will also monitor the patient throughout the procedure, ensuring they’re safe and the plastic surgeon is focused on one thing only—the nose surgery.

In addition, the longer the surgery, the more expensive the anesthesia will be since more units of the drug will be used. Rhinoplasty usually takes one and a half to three hours but can last a little longer, depending on the complexity of the procedure.

The average price for general anesthesia in Toronto is $1,000 (not including HST), which will then be added on top of the cost of the procedure.

Type of Procedure

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One of the main factors that affect the cost of rhinoplasty is the type of procedure. Not all nose surgeries are the same, and not all will require the same number of hours in the operating room.

More complex procedures will typically cost more. For instance, open rhinoplasty (where the incision is made outside the nose) is usually more expensive than closed rhinoplasty (where the incision is made inside of the nose) because it takes longer to perform.

However, it’s important to note that this doesn’t apply at all times. A more experienced surgeon performing a closed rhinoplasty can charge higher than a less experienced one doing an open rhinoplasty.

Another example is between a revision rhinoplasty and a non-surgical rhinoplasty (where dermal fillers are injected into the nose). Since the latter is non-invasive and only requires topical anesthesia, it will cost way less than the former.

In Toronto, a non-surgical rhinoplasty has an average price of $1,000 to $1,500 plus HST. Meanwhile, a full nose revision rhinoplasty costs around $14,000 or more.

Post-operative Care

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The plastic surgeon will prescribe the patient some medicine for post-operative care. These are out-of-pocket and aren’t included in the rhinoplasty costs at the facility, so the price will depend on the number of medicines (and the brand) you will purchase.

Patients will also have to go to post-op appointments with the plastic surgeon. Follow-ups will usually take up to one year, and the number of appointments will depend on the surgeon.

Is rhinoplasty covered by insurance in Toronto?

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Some rhinoplasties are covered by insurance in Ontario. Usually, cosmetic procedures are not included in insurance plans and the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) because the surgery is not medically necessary.

If the patient is getting rhinoplasty to correct or fix a nasal defect or due to an illness or trauma, like if you are having difficulty breathing normally, then the provincial plan may cover all or part of the cost.

If you have other insurance providers, you will need to ask them if your plan covers rhinoplasty. Not all will, though, so it’s important to check first before going to the plastic surgeon.

Financing options for rhinoplasty in Toronto

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Many plastic surgery facilities will have financing options available to help the patient with their budget plans. This is usually done through third-party financing companies.

But before getting a financing plan, the patient must get pre-approved, which is usually done online and finished in minutes. The terms will vary per person, depending on their financial abilities and the procedure’s overall cost.

Getting a financing plan also allows for a more flexible payment option. Typically, this will include monthly payments, sometimes for as low as $100.

The facility’s staff will usually offer assistance to the patients to get financing pre-approval for the surgery. The financing company will also vary per clinic, which means different payment terms and conditions.

Rhinoplasty costs from different plastic surgeons in Toronto

To give you an idea, we’ve compiled a list of plastic surgery clinics in Toronto and the average cost they charge for rhinoplasty. These are average starting rates, which will depend on the type of rhinoplasty and how long the procedure will take.

These also don’t include any consultation, pre, and post-op fees.

Plastic Surgeon / ClinicAverage Starting Price of Rhinoplasty
FACE Toronto – Dr. Jamil Asaria$18,000 plus HST
SpaMedica – Dr. Thomas Bell$11,999 plus HST
Solomon Facial Plastic – Dr. Philip Solomon$12,000 plus HST
Dr. Cory Torgerson$16,000 plus HST
Dr. Lawrence Tong$14,600 plus HST
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