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The 10 Cheapest Places to Live in Canada

The 10 Cheapest Places to Live in Canada

Dreaming of Canadian life but worried about the price tag? Fret not; we’ve got your back! Whether you dream of leafy suburbs, bustling cities, or breathtaking landscapes, the Great White North has a spot for everyone and every budget!

Some of the cheapest places to live in Canada include Sherbrooke, Regina, Red Deer, Quebec City, Sainte-Marie, Timmins, Quesnel, Fredericton, Halifax, and Windsor.

These cities offer a range of amenities, job opportunities, and a relatively low cost of living and housing compared to other major cities in Canada.

So, whether it’s affordable rent or a lower cost of living that you’re after, we have got the lowdown on what these places offer you to get the most bang for your buck! Read on!

Sherbrooke, Quebec

Average monthly cost of living (One person)$1167
Average food cost (One person)$467
Average cost of monthly rent & utilities (One person)$531
Average transportation cost (One person)$60
Data sourced from: LivingCost

A town drenched in history, culture, and natural beauty, Sherbrooke is an absolute treat on a budget! Quebecers know a good deal when they see one, and Sherbrooke shines as one of the cheapest places to live in Canada.

An average monthly rent is around $468, and you won’t have to break the bank to enjoy a filling dinner at a local restaurant, offered at an average cost of about $53 for two. Fun fact time: you’ll find a whole heap of groceries without squeezing your wallet!

A typical grocery bill ranges from $400 to $500 a month—pretty pocket-friendly, eh? Be prepared to be impressed by the public transportation system, too, which is efficient and easy on the pockets with a monthly pass costing about $60.

But Sherbrooke’s magic really wraps around its amenities. From vibrant cultural festivals to gorgeous lakes to scenic parks, there is a near-endless list of affordable or downright free fun.

Local Tip: Don’t forget to check out the Festival des Traditions du Monde, a heartwarming celebration of global cultures. Also, make sure to grab a coffee and croissant from Café Bla-Bla—delicious and inexpensive!

Regina, Saskatchewan

Average monthly cost of living (One person)$1489
Average food cost (One person)$464
Average cost of monthly rent & utilities (One person)$840
Average transportation cost (One person)$78
Data sourced from: LivingCost

Known as the ‘Queen City,’ Regina is the place to enjoy the royal life without the royal price tag. The cost of living in Regina can make quite a few jaws drop in surprise! With an average monthly rent of around $786, affordable is an understatement.

When it comes to food, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. A lean, mean budget of around $464 a month is enough to satisfy your inner foodie!

Plus, Regina’s beloved public bus system can comfortably fit into your budget at roughly $78 a month. If you’ve heard of Regina, you might know about its brag-worthy amenities.

With free and budget-friendly recreational centres, jaw-dropping natural beauty at Wascana Park, or even the goodies at year-round farmers markets, Regina packs a punch.

Local Tip: Hit up Italian Star Deli for a killer sandwich that won’t kill your budget.

Red Deer, Alberta

Average monthly cost of living (One person)$1766
Average food cost (One person)$526
Average cost of monthly rent & utilities (One person)$1069
Average transportation cost (One person)$49.8
Data sourced from: LivingCost

Now, let’s mosey over to Red Deer, a humble city with remarkably low costs of living. Rent? Let’s just say it hovers around $830 per month—a real bargain!

Here in Red Deer, groceries won’t giddy up and gallop away with your budget—typically, you’re looking at about $200–$300 per month. As for getting around, bus passes are a modest $50 a month, or snag an annual pass for even bigger savings!

Now, what’s life without some fun? Red Deer is a haven of amenities!

Laced with rivers, parks, and trails for those with a soft corner for the outdoors, this place ensures you can have abundant fun without shedding moolah.

Local Tip: Stop by City Hall Park for free local concerts in the summer.

Quebec City

Average monthly cost of living (One person)$1404
Average food cost (One person)$501
Average cost of monthly rent & utilities (One person)$642
Average transportation cost (One person)$125
Data sourced from: LivingCost

Who knew a city with dreamy streets straight from a fairytale could be so wallet-friendly? Yes, you read that right—one of the cheapest places to live in Canada is, in fact, charming Quebec City.

The average monthly rent of around $626 will allow you to stay comfortably. Groceries in Quebec City won’t have you pinching pennies, either.

Expect to spend about $250–$300 a month for a healthy mix of essentials and treats. No one can resist those delicious pastries!

On the topic of transportation, an affordable monthly bus pass for around $125 will get you to all those must-visit spots. There’s always something new to embrace in Quebec City, be it the iconic Winter Carnival or summer concerts at Parc Cartier-Brébeuf.

Local Tip: Head to Le Chic Shack for a tasty, budget-friendly meal with a view of the château.

Sault Ste. Marie, Quebec

Average monthly cost of living (One person)$1626
Average food cost (One person)$512
Average cost of monthly rent & utilities (One person)$946
Average transportation cost (One person)$54.3
Data sourced from: LivingCost

Living in Sault Ste. Marie doesn’t mean sacrificing modern conveniences, with average rents around $851 per month. I bet you’re excited already, eh?

Fret not about spending heaps on groceries; a savvy shopper can pocket their necessities for around $200–$250 per month. You’ll get to taste the local flavours without breaking the bank.

As for transportation, the local transit costs around $54.3, but since there are limited options, the city encourages a more eco-friendly biking or walking lifestyle. Sault Ste. Marie’s beauty lies in its simplicity and uncomplicated living.

You’ll adore exploring the cycling paths and parks and relaxing at their fabulous waterside picnic spots. 

Local Tip: Try the legendary poutine at The Burger Don, and thank us later!

Timmins, Ontario

Average monthly cost of living (One person)$1416
Average food cost (One person)$485
Average cost of monthly rent & utilities (One person)$750
Average transportation cost (One person)$58
Data sourced from: LivingCost

In Timmins, Ontario, affordable living takes the spotlight. A cosy abode can be yours for around $900–$1416 per month in this northern gem.

Living on a budget means being strategic, even with groceries! In Timmins, you can easily cater to your culinary cravings without going overboard with a budget of roughly $250–$300 per month.

Transportation options can also be wallet-friendly, as you’ll only need about $58 for a monthly bus pass. When it comes to amenities, Timmins rocks it big time.

With boundless natural beauty, enjoy the vast network of trails, prolific wildlife, and, of course, the eye-catching Kettle Lakes Provincial Park.

Local Tip: Satisfy your appetite at Radical Garden Market for tasty and affordable meals made with local ingredients.

Abbotsford, British Columbia

Average monthly cost of living (One person)$1552
Average food cost (One person)$493
Average cost of monthly rent & utilities (One person)$899
Average transportation cost (One person)$56.2
Data sourced from: LivingCost

Abbotsford also boasts an attractively low cost of living, where the average monthly rent is just around $932. Who knew beauty and budget could go so well together, eh?

Your grocery cart in Abbotsford doesn’t have to be a heavy load on your bank account. We’re talking about a typical monthly grocery bill ranging from $200 to $250.

Now, that’s a charming relief! What’s more, public transportation here is as practical as it is affordable, with monthly bus passes priced at about $56.2!

Abbotsford, or the “City in the Country,” as it is affectionately known, is bursting with attractions, from lush parks and epic hikes to berry farms and craft breweries. 

Plus, with cultural hotspots like The Reach Gallery Museum and the Abbotsford Centre hosting big events, you’ll never have a boring day in this city!

Local Tip: For the ultimate brunch experience, check out the all-day breakfasts offered at Oldhand Coffee.

Fredericton, New Brunswick

Average monthly cost of living (One person)$1674
Average food cost (One person)$557
Average cost of monthly rent & utilities (One person)$934
Average transportation cost (One person)$57.2
Data sourced from: LivingCost

Fredericton is another place where you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the cost of living. With average rents around $858, it’s unsurprisingly a hotspot for those seeking to have a bangin’ life on a budget!

Groceries in Fredericton are certainly not a money monster, with costs at an average of $250–$300 per month. Wallet-friendly transportation options are aplenty, with a monthly bus pass costing about $57.2.

Fredericton will astound you with its riverfront beauty, Victorian-era homes, and dynamic arts scene. The Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick and Beaverbrook Art Gallery—trust us, this place isn’t short on affordable or free attractions!

Local Tip: Check out the Boyce Farmers Market for fresh, local produce that’s easy on the wallet.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Average monthly cost of living (One person)$2041
Average food cost (One person)$594
Average cost of monthly rent & utilities (One person)$1223
Average transportation cost (One person)$97.2
Data sourced from: LivingCost

Halifax promises reasonable living costs, with rents around $1,197 for a cool pad in the heart of Atlantic Canada. As for groceries, put away around $300 a month, and you’re good to go.

The Halifax Metro Transit’s monthly pass costs $97.2—pretty cost-effective to explore the city, wouldn’t you say?

Halifax has a lot to offer, from maritime history to vibrant pubs and eateries, not to mention the beautiful waterfront and public gardens.

Local Tip: Sweet or savoury, indulge guilt-free at The Bicycle Thief.

Windsor, Ontario

Average monthly cost of living (One person)$1838
Average food cost (One person)$490
Average cost of monthly rent & utilities (One person)$1109
Average transportation cost (One person)$95
Data sourced from: LivingCost

And last but not least, let’s talk about Windsor, Ontario. Here, budget living meets the big city vibe!

The average monthly rent is around $944, making that urban dream pretty attainable. The grocery bill?

That’s about $200–$300 per month, a perfectly modest amount for all your foodie fancies. Transportation via Transit Windsor will add another $95 to your monthly budget, but don’t worry, the city’s sights make it all worth it!

From the scenic Windsor Riverfront to Dieppe Gardens and even the bustling Caesars Windsor, your days in Windsor will be far from dull!

Local Tip: Hit up Multifood Supermarket for quality and budget-friendly groceries.
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