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Top 5 Tax Lawyers in Calgary

Top 5 Tax Lawyers in Calgary


Credentials – Tax law has a lot of intricacies, so we chose lawyers with vast experience and knowledge based on their achievements and memberships.
Areas of Expertise – We picked based on the broad areas of expertise so clients can hire a single lawyer for different proceedings. 
Pricing – Hiring a lawyer can be pricey, so we compared them based on cost-efficiency and payment method availability. 
Client Servicing – Going through a tax case can be overwhelming, so we picked lawyers that have shown professionalism to past clients.

1. Gary Biasini – Moodys Tax Law

Gary Biasini - Moodys Tax Law


Address: 2020 4 St SW #210, Calgary, AB T2S 1W3

Contact Information: (403) 693-5100, [email protected]

Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 8AM-5PM, Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Google Reviews4.1/5
Nice Local Reviews4.3/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency3.8/5
Areas of Expertise5/5
Client Servicing4/5


  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Vast knowledge and expertise
  • Has a CPA team
  • Cross-border tax planning


  • Expensive fees
  • Additional charges

When we went to look for one of the top tax lawyers in Calgary, we were glad to have found Gary Biasini of Moodys Tax Law. It has a team of lawyers in Canada and the US with clients from all over the globe. 

In 2021, Biasini became counsel for the Moodys team. He has over 30 years of experience with expertise in income tax planning.

Furthermore, he has been a member of the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) and the Canadian Tax Foundation (CTF) since 1987. We think this expertise and affiliations highly speak of his knowledge and experience in tax law.

We also found it interesting that this firm has a division called Moodys Private Client Accounting with a Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) team–perfect for clients who need professionals for their accounting needs. 

This division is also adept at creating financial plans while minimizing tax liability since they do tax planning services for income tax filing, retirement, and divorce. 

Past clients mentioned they were professional and personable in explaining all the relevant information. Their expertise in cross-border tax planning was also frequently commended.

Unfortunately, their services might not be available to everyone because of pricey legal fees. We also found a couple of unaddressed complaints for unexpected charges and long processing times.

2. Chad J. Brown – Tax Ninja Tax Law

Chad J. Brown - Tax Ninja Tax Law


Address: 1206 20 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1M8

Contact Information: (403) 855-4031, [email protected] (Office), [email protected] (Brown)

Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 9AM-5PM, Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Google Reviews4.9/5
Nice Local Reviews4.9/5
Total Reviews4.8/5
Score Consistency5/5
Areas of Expertise5/5
Payment Options4/5
Client Servicing5/5


  • Expertise on criminal tax evasion
  • Transparent fees
  • Offers tax-free savings account planning
  • Professional team


  • Smaller team

Founded in 2015, Tax Ninja Tax Law is a firm solely focused on taxation laws. They have branches in Calgary and Edmonton.

We found it noteworthy that its founder, Chad J. Brown, has been practicing law since 2001 and has provided consultation for the CPA regarding several tax opinions.

Furthermore, Brown has authored articles on tax planning and disputes, published by the Canadian Tax Foundation and the Canadian Bar Association in Alberta.

We think their vast expertise in litigation and disputes makes them a leading tax firm in Calgary. Furthermore, Tax Ninja also handles tax appeals, tax and estate planning, criminal tax evasion, and personal and corporate tax planning.

They also defend clients convicted of criminal tax evasion. This kind of case requires experience in criminal law, so we’re glad Brown has expertise in that.

Another one we’re impressed with is they offer tax-free savings account planning. We’re glad they can help individuals above 18 years to have tax-free money saved up for life.

Past clients have praised their professionalism and helpfulness, especially when giving advice. The team is also friendly and approachable – a relief for worried clients facing tax concerns.

We also like that they are clear and transparent with their professional fees. A written estimate is given at the beginning, and a detailed invoice is provided afterwards.

On the other hand, they have a small team, so some people reported occasional difficulty hiring them when the demand is high.

3. Neil Mather – Mather Tax Law

Neil Mather - Mather Tax Law


Address: 639 5 Avenue SW, Suite 2500, Calgary, AB T2P 0M9

Contact Information: (403) 910-7655 (Phone), 1-844-565-4200 (Toll Free)

Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 8AM-5PM, Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Google Reviews5/5
Nice Local Reviews5/5
Total Reviews1/5
Score Consistency5/5
Areas of Expertise5/5
Payment Options3/5
Client Servicing5/5


  • Serves individual and corporate clients
  • Expertise in tax appeals
  • CPA has over 15 years of experience
  • Friendly and professional services


  • Smaller team
  • Information on professional fees are not accessible

A boutique law firm founded by Neil Mather in 2011, Mather Tax Law helps both individual and corporate clients with all tax-related concerns. Aside from their office in Calgary, they have another location in Edmonton, making them more accessible. 

We were impressed when we saw Mather’s credentials since he finished his law studies at the London School of Economics and then worked in a private bank in New York City.

Locally, he has a significant background in appeals at the Tax Court of Canada. Due to this, many clients have confidence in his expertise in dealing with tax disputes.

Another aspect we like about Mather Tax Law is their highly experienced CPA, Char Oakley Mather. We think that her 15-plus years of experience in public accounting is enough proof of her knowledge in assisting clients on tax matters.

We must mention that Mather Tax Law has fewer people on their team, so it might not be easy to get a spot during busy days.

However, they also have a decent scope, which includes tax court appeals, CRA audits, residency and non-residency issues, and child tax benefits. 

Another area for improvement would be to include readily available information on their fees, which we think can be a hindrance to how accessible their services are. 

Finally, it’s notable that Mather has been frequently praised for his down-to-earth personality. Past clients have told us they felt comfortable due to his friendly nature and professionalism.

4. Richard Eisenbraun – BLG Law Firm

Richard Eisenbraun - BLG Law Firm


Address: East Tower – Centennial Place 520 3rd Avenue SW, Suite 1900, Calgary, AB T2P 0R3

Contact Information: (403) 232-9500 (Office), (403) 266-1395 (Fax), (403) 232-9648 (Eisenbraun), [email protected]

Office Hours: Monday-Friday:8AM-5PM, Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Google Reviews4.1/5
Nice Local Reviews4.1/5
Total Reviews3/5
Score Consistency4/5
Areas of Expertise4/5
Payment Options3/5
Client Servicing5/5


  • Has several offices
  • Completed three levels of the In-Depth Tax Course of CPA Canada
  • Vast experience in estate planning
  • Serves as a trustee for several corporations


  • Focuses more on corporate tax
  • Lacks information on payment options

BLG, or Borden Ladner Gervais, has several offices across Canada with over 750 lawyers that serve clients globally. Here, we found an excellent tax lawyer with expertise in corporate and business tax, Richard Eisenbraun.

Notably, Richard Eisenbraun earned his Juris Doctor (JD) degree in 2008 from the University of Alberta and ran his own consulting business before joining the BLG team. We think this aspect has been essential in his ability to know how companies operate.

He ran his own consulting business before joining the BLG team. We think this aspect has been essential in his ability to know how companies operate.

He generally focuses on private company succession, estate planning, shareholder agreements, and debt and equity financing. Moreover, he has completed three levels of the In-Depth Tax Course of CPA Canada.

Because of his experience and comprehensive training, we think that Richard Eisenbraun provides valuable counsel on tax concerns. 

Due to his vast background in corporate tax planning, some corporations have made him a director or trustee, where he’s responsible for protecting and managing the assets per the terms of the trust.

We believe an area of improvement would be to add detailed information on the firm’s payment options. Since they have a lot of services offered, it would be great to give clients a heads up on payment plans.

But we’re happy that past clients have experienced excellent service with them. We were told that they were sharp and precise during the case proceedings, which can give clients peace of mind during a stressful time.

5. Matt F. Trotta – Carscallen LLP

Matt F. Trotta - Carscallen LLP


Address: 900 332 6th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0B2

Contact Information: (403) 262-3775 (Phone), (403) 262-2952 (Fax)

Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 8AM-5PM, Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Google Reviews4.7/5
Nice Local Reviews4.8/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency4/5
Areas of Expertise5/5
Payment Options4/5
Client Servicing5/5


  • Expertise in divorce and marital property taxes
  • Multiple payment options


  • Limited counsel on tax law
  • Limited range of tax related services

In 1988, Carscallen LLP was founded to help fellow Calgarians with legal counsel. They are an independent law firm with deep knowledge of the Albertan business background. 

Matt F. Trotta is their counsel that focuses on tax law, with expertise in mergers and acquisitions, corporate structuring, and succession planning.

During divorce proceedings, there are taxable areas that might be confusing. So, we would like to note that Trotta also focuses on divorce and marital property division taxes. 

Moreover, he has expertise in pre and post-mortem tax planning, which are essential for creating a customized plan for the beneficiaries and helping reduce tax liability. 

We also found it notable that Carscallen is affiliated with several organizations to give back to the community through volunteering and financial donations.

Some charities they’re involved with are The Calgary Foundation and The Mustard Seed, which help individuals experiencing poverty to foster a stronger and giving community.

As for fees, they require a retainer fee before proceeding to ensure both parties are in agreement. They accept credit cards, wire transfers, and cheques–plus points for convenience!

We’re also glad to hear that multiple clients have expressed their satisfaction with the firm’s responsiveness and professionalism. We think this relieves any stress the clients might face during tax proceedings.

Unfortunately, they only have one available counsel focused on tax law with two associates, which greatly limits their availability. Another downside is they have limited tax services compared to others on our list. 

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