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5 Best Home Inspection Services in Toronto for Your Peace of Mind

  • Credentials and Expertise - To ensure assurance and reputation, we selected home inspectors with years of experience and professional certifications.
  • Range of Services - We based this on the variety of offerings to make sure the client can get the services they need. What does the basic inspection cover? Are there specialty services?
  • Accessibility - We selected home inspection services that are available the majority of the week and are responsive regarding inquiries.
  • Pricing - We don’t skimp out on home inspection, so we picked providers who charge justifiable prices that align with their service quality.

Have you ever moved into a house that will take years to pay, and as you start living in it, you notice many problems? Like, leaking pipes or mould in the ceiling or when you discovered the wooden beam was actually foam?

Yup, I’ve been there. And let me tell you that it’s bad, so bad it ended up costing me thousands—it’s not like I have a mortgage to pay!

So, don’t make the same mistake I did. Home inspections are actually important because even if that house you’re looking at is brand new, there may still be some issues you’re not seeing.

We’re sharing our team’s trusted home inspection services because you shouldn’t skimp out when you’re buying a home!

1. Solex Group Professional Home Inspection


Services: Buyers home inspection, sellers home inspection, owners home inspection, new home inspection, commercial building inspection, 

Location: 820-5863 Leslie St, North York

Contact: 416-850-1002​​, 1-800-850-7725

Business Hours: 

  • Monday – Saturday: by appointment
  • Call and text: 24/7


Google reviews score5/5
Facebook reviews score5/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Range of services5/5
Pricing (A higher score means better value)5/5

Solex Group Professional Home Inspection has been serving the GTA since 1995, which shows their knowledge of the industry.

We like that they’re an all-around provider, serving homeowners, buyers, and sellers. They inspect condos and single-family homes, offering Essential and Extended Home Inspections for basic and more comprehensive services.

Their Essential Home Inspection service is a pretty good deal since it includes a complimentary RecallChek account for appliance recalls. There’s also telephone help as long as you’re the owner of the home.

Price-wise, we found them reasonable. A condo unit of up to 1499 sq ft only starts at $340 and it’s only $360 for an extended plan with a thermal imaging scan.

Although they’re accessible to anyone in the GTA, we think it’s just a bummer that they don’t do Sunday appointments. But they’re worth taking a day off since we found them to be very thorough regarding their reports.


  • Prices are reasonable
  • Offers basic and comprehensive plans
  • Essential plan includes RecallChek and phone services


  • No Sunday appointments

Highly detailed and quick

“As first time home buyers, we were really lucky to have Vahn’s expertise during the home inspection process. Vahn was very knowledgeable and friendly, and educated us throughout the entire process, providing tips and recommendations.  The report was also delivered in less than 24hr, giving us the extra time to negotiate with the seller. I would highly recommend Vahn!”

Cornelia Li, Google Review

Strict and transparent service

“Vahn at Solex Group provided a top-notch home inspection. He was incredibly transparent and adhered strictly to all processes. His professionalism and thorough knowledge made the experience outstanding. Highly recommended!”

Kundan Mohapatra, Google Review

2. ClearView Home & Property Inspections


Services: Home inspection, commercial inspection, indoor air quality, pool inspection, residential consulting

Location: 338 Falstaff Ave

Contact: 647-996-8439

Business Hours: 

  • Monday – Sunday: 8:00 am – 10:30 pm


Google reviews score5/5
Bark reviews score5/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Range of services5/5
Pricing (A higher score means better value)4/5

ClearView Home & Property Inspections is a 9x winner of the Consumer Choice Award in the Greater Toronto Area. For us, this speaks volumes about their good and consistent service quality.

They offer four packages: Traditional, Extended, Extended Plus, and Healthy Home. We found these convenient because they cater to different needs and budget options.

The Healthy Home Inspection Plan is ideal if you’re looking for a complete inspection. This includes environmental tests, which are recommended if you’re moving into an old home.

Plus, these folks provide detailed breakdowns of the reports, which we found they also delivered quickly.

While the prices are within the usual range in Toronto, their condo inspection rates are just a tad higher. For up to 1000 sq ft, prices start at $375.

Nonetheless, they’re still a solid choice because we noticed how professional and detailed they were with their delivered reports. And they’re available daily!


  • Award-winning service
  • Provides four inspection packages
  • Available seven days a week


  • Condo inspection is a tad pricier

Professional and friendly

“Tom went above and beyond my expectations. He detailed each part of the inspection and invited us to join him after each part to discuss any issues and concerns. He is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and shows that he truly cares about his clients and their future home. He is also lighthearted and has a sense of humour which made the home inspection a lot more exciting than I expected. Thanks so much!”

A L, Google Review

Petient and knowledgeable

“Tom is a fantastic inspector, with a great depth and breadth of knowledge. As first-time homebuyers, his patience in walking us through the various aspects of the inspection was much-appreciated and invaluable. We would recommend him to anyone looking to have a home inspection performed.”

Nicholas Teynolds, Google Review

3. Lighthouse Inspections Toronto


Services: Residential inspection, pre-listing inspection, infrared inspection, commercial inspection, etc.

Location: 18B, 3200 Dufferin St Suite #334

Contact: 647-978-0587, [email protected]

Business Hours: 

  • Monday – Sunday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm


Google reviews score4.9/5
Total reviews2/5
Score consistency5/5
Range of services4/5
Pricing (A higher score means better value)5/5

With over 30 years of experience, Lighthouse Inspections has the background that gives us confidence that they’re knowledgeable in the ins and outs of home inspection.

Their services are home inspections, infrared thermal imaging, annual home inspections, and commercial inspections. Their drone inspection stands out because it can capture high and hard-to-reach areas of the property.

We also appreciate their dedication to continuing education. From our research, we found that they take accredited courses every year that teach them new skills for a more effective home inspection.

Another great thing is they’re available any day of the week and have been very responsive to inquiries. We were honestly surprised at their professionalism and expertise, from answering simple inquiries to delivering detailed and easy-to-read reports.

We just hope they can add package plans, as these can usually minimize costs. Right now, you can add specialty services instead.


  • 30 years of experience
  • Dedicated to continuing education
  • Open daily
  • Responsive team


  • No package plans available

Overall exceptional service

“Jamal was the inspector for our Property. I was blown away by his method of inspection. Very professional. And it showed the years of experience he has. Explained each and every item, gave recommendations during inspection. Answered every stupid question I had. He took his time and did not miss a single thing. And finally, the report was the best thing which had all photos with description that helped me in negotiating with my seller. Overall, to go person for Home inspections. Eyes closed.”

shai dhinakaran, Google Review

Very detailed inspection

“Jamal was extremely friendly and knowledgeable in his inspection. He took his time throughout the entire inspection pointing out all the details to us about the house and giving us recommendations real-time. He was easily approachable and provided a very casual yet professional experience that made my family and I feel comfortable and immersed. Thank you Jamal for your service and your help!”

Sergio Raez Villanueva, Google Review

4. TRU Inspections


Services: Pre-purchase inspection, pre-listing inspection, new home inspection, pool and spa inspection, commercial inspection, high technology services

Location: 143 Mondavi Rd, Vaughan

Contact: 416-732-2165

Business Hours: 

  • Monday – Sunday: by appointment


Google reviews score5/5
Trusted Pros reviews score5/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Range of services5/5
Pricing (A higher score means better value)5/5

TRU Inspections is a highly seasoned provider, bringing over two decades of experience in the industry.

And, even with their experience, we’re glad to find that they continue to take new courses to develop new skill sets.

What makes them stand out in our books, though, is their high-technology services that can provide a more thorough and accurate assessment. This includes aerial roof inspection, infrared thermal imaging, imaging moisture inspection, and more.

We also appreciate that their prices are within the normal range we normally see in Toronto. Many clients we surveyed also commended their professional personnel and provided easy-to-read reports.

Sure, there were a few hiccups with their appointment system, but we noticed how accommodating they were when shuffling their schedule.

The best part? They’re available any day of the week, so there’s no need to take a day off.


  • Consistently pursues new skills
  • Has state-of-the-art equipment
  • Open seven days a week


  • Some hiccups with appointments

Incrdibly detailed inspection

“Had a wonderful experience hiring Anton Pranov for our new home inspection. He is very knowledgeable, incredibly thorough, and simply excellent at his job. He helped us locate several areas of improvement in the home, many of which we would have missed ourselves. 10/10 customer service and care. You can tell that he is passionate about his work and genuinely cares about the homeowner. Would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection service. Thank you Anton!!”

Saniya Hussain, Google Review

Seamless service and great eye for detail

“Having recently undergone a home inspection with Anton, I can confidently say it was a seamless and insightful process. Anton’s professionalism and wealth of knowledge were evident from the get-go, making the experience not only productive but also enjoyable. His attention to detail and thoroughness were commendable, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of the property’s condition. Working with Anton was truly a pleasure, and I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a top-notch home inspection.”

Andrey Shashkin, Google Review

5. Carson Dunlop Home Inspections


Services: Home inspection, condo inspection, new construction inspection, specialty services, commercial inspection

Location: 120 Carlton Street, Suite 407

Contact: 877-739-5918, 647-576-7325

Business Hours: 

  • Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm


Google reviews score4.8/5
Listen360 reviews score4.8/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency4/5
Range of services5/5
Pricing (A higher score means better value)5/5

A veteran in the field, Carson Dunlop Home Inspections has been around for 46 years—that’s almost half a century!

They’re a recognized business, receiving the HomeStars Best of Award in 2024 and the Platinum Winner of the Toronto Star Readers’ Choice 2023.

It’s also awesome that all their employees go through rigorous training. We were pleased to find that all their home inspectors undergo at least six months of in-class and field training. 

Apart from the basic home inspection, we like that they offer various specialty services. This includes mould and asbestos testing, sewer camera inspection, thermal imaging, well inspection, septic system inspection, and wood-burning appliance inspection.

However, we found a downside: some reports we read weren’t as detailed as we hoped. 

On a positive note, we found these problems were not as frequent as we initially thought, as the majority of their reports were accurate and correct.


  • Award-winner
  • Consistent training for inspectors
  • Offers many specialty services
  • Available on weekends


  • Reports of missed issues

Accommodating and thorough

“Great service and thorough inspection. I felt confident in moving forward with our home purchase thanks to our amazing inspector Lee! From the moment I contacted Carson Dunlop I felt that they genuinely cared. With limited time to conduct the inspection, they were willing to help and accommodate us by finding someone to do the inspection on short notice. After the inspection, Lee sat with us and explained what he saw in full detail. Additionally, they looked at all the appliances and checked for recalls. I am beyond impressed by Carson Dunlop and will recommend to anyone looking for a home inspection!”

Bianca Zeppa, Google Review

Quick turnaround

“Very thorough and comprehensive inspection. Was able to get an inspection booked very quickly and the detailed report was provided promptly within a few hours of the inspection. The inspector, Hal, was a pleasure to work with and provided valuable insights during the inspection. Thank you!”

Ketrin A, Google Review

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