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The 10 Best Cities to Visit in Canada during Fall

The 10 Best Cities to Visit in Canada during Fall

Canada becomes a palette of breathtaking autumn hues as the colours begin to change. From the clear lakes framed with an explosion of red and orange to the cities themselves brimming with vibrant fall festivals, Canada truly comes into its own during the season.

But let’s face it; Canada’s a vast place, and you’ll want to know exactly where to scoop up the best fall experiences. 

Fear not, we’ve got your back with our list of the best cities to visit in Canada during the fall. So read on, grab your pumpkin spice latte, and let’s get planning for your formidable fall adventure!

Vancouver, British Columbia


Well, Vancouver and fall are a match made in heaven! It’s already a city that likes to show off its mountains-meet-ocean location.

So, why is Vancouver on this illustrious list? Well, apart from its super mild climate (like seriously, saying goodbye to summer isn’t as heart-wrenching here), its abundance of trees means you’ll be seeing red, orange, and yellow literally everywhere.

Head to Stanley Park to witness some serious leaf-peeping or chill by the Spanish Banks with a glorious autumnal backdrop. Another fantastic thing about Vancouver in the fall is the lower onslaught of tourists.

Love hiking? Mountains still have the “hike-me” sign up (P.S. Cypress, Grouse, and Seymour get even more beautiful) without the usual summer crowd. And with several food and drink festivals happening around, your taste buds are in for a treat too!

Local Tip: Don’t pass up the chance to try some local apple cider—it’s like autumn in a bottle!

Banff, Alberta


Banff, smack dab in the middle of Banff National Park, becomes a spectacle of colours during the fall. 

It’s nestled amid towering mountains (we’re talking full-on ‘The Sound of Music’ vibes here), which become a canopy of auburn, gold, and crimson around September.

It’s surreal, folks! Make sure to take some nature walks or drives around the hue-soaked Icefields Parkway and the Bow Valley Parkway.

Here’s another perk: it’s way quieter during the fall. That means fewer selfie sticks and more serenity. The wildlife also becomes more active as it gets ready for winter.

Local Tip: Definitely get yourself down to the local farmers market for the freshest fall produce and delicious apple pies!

Toronto, Ontario


There’s something about Toronto in the fall that makes you want to bundle up in a warm scarf, grab a steaming hot cup of cocoa, and explore away. Let’s talk about foliage: Toronto’s many parks and gardens get all dolled up with autumn colours around this time.

Do take a walk in High Park, Edwards Gardens, or the Toronto Botanical Garden; they are truly a sight to behold with glorious displays of fall colours. Aside from that, we’ve got to talk about Toronto’s enticing fall festivals.

Ever heard of ‘Nuit Blanche’? This all-night art event transforms city streets into a public art gallery.

And then there’s the Toronto International Film Festival, which draws in some of the biggest celebrities and movie buffs! With the harvest season in full swing, taste the bounty of Ontario’s produce at one of the city’s many farmers markets or food festivals.

Local Tip: Do not, I repeat, do not leave without having the pumpkin spice lattes from the local cafes; they’re seriously unbe-leaf-able!

Quebec City, Quebec


Now, trust me when I say that autumn is Quebec City’s chance to strut its stuff, and boy, does it seize the opportunity! What’s not to love about Quebec City?

Let’s start with the fact that as the temperatures dip, the city becomes awash with warm hues of yellow, orange, and red. Stroll around the idyllic Old Town for classical charm fused with a kaleidoscope of fall colours.

Aside from being Quebec’s harvest season, October also brings ‘Halloween Month’ to the Plains of Abraham. Paranormal investigations, ghost tours, and batty decorations stretch throughout the city, giving your fall visit a spooky twist.

Local Tip: Don’t forget to taste fresh, hot apple cider at the local farmer’s markets. It’s the perfect warm-up to a crisp fall day!

Montreal, Quebec


Montreal is a city that effortlessly mingles its old-world charm with a thriving modern culture. And when fall hits, it’s like the city puts a vibrant, multi-colored blanket on and invites you over for a cosy, whimsical experience!

Stop by Mount Royal Park (a must!) to savour a sweeping panorama of the city donned in its fall finest. Meanwhile, the Botanical Garden‘s ‘Gardens of Light’ show adds a magical touch to those lovely fall evenings.

Add to that Montreal’s exciting lineup of fall festivals and events. There are the ‘Gardens of Light’ I mentioned, MTLàTABLE (where you can enjoy some seriously good eats at lower prices), and Pop Montreal, an international music festival.

And speaking of music, autumn is when Montreal’s cultural scene hums louder. More shows, more concerts, and more exhibitions fill up the city’s calendar.

Local Tip: Grab a bike and go on a leaf-peeping tour of Montreal. You’ll love it!

Halifax, Nova Scotia


Halifax in the fall promises quiet streets, a warm and cosy ambiance, and a surge of annual festivals. Grab your camera and head to the Peggy’s Cove Coastal Region or trail along the Cabot Trail to revel in the autumnal splendour.

Now the harvest season in Halifax calls for some major feasting. Seafood is fresh, and the produce is at its best.

Here’s more. The celebrated Halifax Pop Explosion, a four-day, city-wide music and arts festival, happens around mid-October. It’s quite the gig to attend if you love making the most of the city’s arts scene!

Lastly, how can we not mention the gorgeous vineyards? Nova Scotia’s grape harvest season is from late September to early November.

Local Tip: Treat your taste buds at one of Halifax’s farmer markets with some pumpkin-spiced goodies.

Charlottetown, PEI


Charlottetown’s stunning tree-lined streets and parks don a captivating disguise of bright reds, oranges, and yellows, setting the mood for a perfect fall walk. 

Whether it’s walking through Victoria Park or simply strolling the delightful streets, you’re bound to be swept off your feet by the autumnal charm.

The city’s culinary scene truly starts buzzing once it gets a bit nippy outside. As harvest season hits its peak, restaurants across the city start dishing out robust, flavorful meals featuring local produce.

When it comes to fall events, the city’s ‘Fall Flavours’ festival is an absolute must-attend. Showcasing the best of PEI’s food and culinary talent, it guarantees a gastronomical adventure like no other!

Local Tip: Don’t miss out on the local craft beer; many breweries introduce specialty fall brews that are worth every sip!

St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador


Welcome to the land of dense forests and breathtaking coastlines, all wrapped up in vibrant fall hues. St. John’s scenic walking trails, like the Signal Hill or East Coast Trails, provide a spellbinding backdrop for fall hikes and leisure strolls.

St. John’s festivals take a flavorful turn during the fall. With cider festivals and food-related events galore, get ready to immerse yourself in a gastronomic journey! 

Did I mention that St. John’s hosts its own annual ‘International Women’s Film Festival’ in October? It’s one of the longest-running women’s film festivals in the world!

Fall in St. John’s also means it’s time for berry picking, blueberries, to be precise, are found in abundance during this time. And let’s not forget that this finger-licking fruit finds its way into plenty of mouth-watering local dishes.

Local Tip: Visit one of the city’s historic lighthouses for a panoramic view of the stunning fall scenery.

Ottawa, Ontario


When it comes to foliage, it really doesn’t get better than Ottawa. The trees lining the Rideau Canal or those in Gatineau Park wear stunning hues, making any walk an unforgettable visual treat.

But the autumnal fun in Ottawa doesn’t stop there. The city’s fall calendar bursts with happening events.

The ‘Ottawa International Animation Festival’, one of the world’s leading animation events, is something that you can’t afford to miss! Lastly, Ottawa’s culinary marvels have to be remarked upon.

The capital’s harvest-proud culinary scene promises a farm-to-table delight, redefining your food experience.

Local Tip: Don’t leave Ottawa without experiencing the vibrant fall colours from a hot-air balloon!

Victoria, British Columbia


Beginning with the obvious, fall colours Victoria’s abundance of gardens and parks, like Butchart Gardens and Beacon Hill Park, sets the standard pretty high when it comes to leaf-peeping destinations.

From September onwards, the city begins its autumn celebrations with ‘Fall Harvest’ themed afternoon teas, and it’s as delightful as it sounds! Another reason to visit Victoria in the fall is the lack of summer crowds.

It’s cooler, yes, but it’s also way more peaceful and serene! And if you’re someone who enjoys a good ol’ glass of wine, the Cowichan Valley wine region just north of Victoria should absolutely be on your to-do list.

Local Tip: Take a scenic drive along the Inner Harbour, lined with trees showcasing a stunning autumn spectacle.
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