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Top 10 Train Trips in Canada

Top 10 Train Trips in Canada

You see, here in Canada, we’re incredibly blessed not just with maple syrup and hockey, but also with some of the most scenic and enchanting train trips on the planet. 

Trust me, folks, these trips will quench your thirst for adventure and sightseeing without having to deal with road maps or rental cars.

So, grab your backpacks, conjure your spirit of adventure, and let’s embark on a journey exploring the top train trips in Canada. Read on to start your next great Canadian railway adventure!

The Canadian – Toronto to Vancouver


Contact details: +1 888-842-7245


  • Economy Class reclining seat – $444
  • Prestige class sleeper – $4,655

The Canadian by Via Rail, covering the stretch from Toronto to Vancouver, has your name written all over it. This 4-night journey will make you fall head over heels for the classic transcontinental train experience.

As you trundle west from cosmopolitan Toronto, the urban views morph into the scenic lakelands of northern Ontario. 

Next, the train takes you through the ethereal wilderness of Manitoba and Saskatchewan before unveiling the larger-than-life panoramas of the majestic Rockies.

Pure bliss. And finally, the coastal beauty of Vancouver welcomes you.

Local tip: Grab a good book and a seat in the panoramic dome car for the best views. This is a journey you’ll want to savour!

Rocky Mountaineer – Vancouver to Banff/Lake Louise/Jasper


Contact details: +1 604-606-7245


  • April & October 2023: $1,864 (SilverLeaf), $2524 (GoldLeaf)
  • May, June & July 2023: $2,194 (SilverLeaf), $3,004 (GoldLeaf)
  • August & September 2023: $2,261 (SilverLeaf), $3,091 (GoldLeaf)

This Vancouver to Banff, Lake Louise, or Jasper journey isn’t just a train trip—it’s a first-class ticket to jaw-dropping wilderness wonderment. As the train chugs along, the ravishing beauty of the Canadian Rockies unfolds right before your eyes.

You can spend the night in rustic Kamloops before heading out for day two of your Rocky rendezvous. Then it’s onward to pure alpine magic in Banff, Lake Louise, or Jasper, depending on your final destination choice.

Local tip: Take advantage of the outdoor viewing platform on the train to get some epic, Instagram-worthy shots!

The Ocean – Montreal to Halifax


Contact details: +1 888-842-7245


  • Economy Class reclining seat – $210
  • Prestige class sleeper – $366

The Ocean route from Montreal to Halifax serves up aquatic views aplenty, along with a generous dash of historical charm. From the cultural heart of Quebec, the journey sets off through the undulating hills and charming towns of Canada’s Atlantic region.

And the cherry on top? Arriving in coastal Halifax, its picturesque waterfront is filled with history, character, and a lively culinary scene.

Local tip: Check out the seasonal Maritime menu onboard—lobster anyone?

Agawa Canyon Tour Train – Sault Saint Marie to Agawa Canyon


Contact details: +1 800-242-9287


August 3 – Sept 15

  • Adult – $140
  • Senior – $104
  • Youth – $70
  • Infant (Ages 2 and under, must sit on lap) – Free

Peak Pricing: Sept 16 – Oct 15

  • Person – $155

The Agawa Canyon Tour Train takes you on a daylong round trip from Sault Saint Marie into the heart of the Ontario wilderness. Talk about an unforgettable, nature-infused Canadian expedition!

The train whisks you 114 miles north, thundering over towering trestles, alongside pristine northern lakes and rivers, and through the granite rock formations of Canada. And the star of the show?

Agawa Canyon’s stunning waterfalls and amazing vistas are right there, as if waiting for you to arrive.

Local tip: Don’t forget a comfy pair of walking shoes if you plan to hike in Agawa Canyon!

Winnipeg to Churchill – Via Rail


Contact details: +1 888-842-7245


  • $256.83 – $283.85 (Depends on date and peak time)

The Via Rail journey from Winnipeg to Churchill is an experience like no other. Something of an “outer-worldly” experience!

From Winnipeg’s urban beat, we bet you’ll be eagerly peeking out the window, waiting to spot the curious polar bears, the majestic belugas, or the radiant northern lights. And after that richly rewarding two-day ride, the Arctic town of Churchill will greet you.

Local tip: Book the sleeper plus class for the best comfort and complimentary meals—worth the splurge!

White Pass & Yukon Route – Skagway to Carcross


Contact details: +1 800-343-7373


  • Adult – $200
  • Child – $100

The White Pass and Yukon Route brings you face-to-face with the beauty of Canada’s glorious north, in Yukon. Right off the bat, from the town of Skagway, this train trip is a feast for the eyes—and we’re not exaggerating!

The spectacular route, originally built during the Klondike Gold Rush, chugs along rugged mountains, tunnels, bridges, and waterfalls. I bet you didn’t think the wild could look this good.

As the train climbs nearly 3000 feet in just 20 miles, hold your breath for the pièce de résistance, the ‘Tormented Valley.’ It’s not tormented, trust us!

It’s loaded with charm, showcasing a moonscape-like topography and pristine glacial lakes.

Local tip: Be sure to grab a right-hand side seat when going north for the best views en route!

Canada Coast to Coast by Train


Contact details: +1 800-422-0141


  • Price starts at $10,080

Covering an impressive span from Vancouver to Halifax, this epic train ride is bound to be the trip of a lifetime.

Embarking from the west coast jewel Vancouver, the train soars through the heart of the Rockies, then delves into the Prairies before striding into bustling Toronto.

And along the way, there’s plenty of time to soak up the grandeur of Banff, Jasper, Montreal, and Quebec City. Essentially, it’s a visual lookbook of Canada’s most stirring landscapes, fascinating cultures, and everything in between.

Local tip: Make sure to book your accommodation at the key stopovers well in advance to truly savour the experience.

Ultimate Rockies Rail Journey


Contact details: +1 604-332-3715


  • Comfort Level – $5,290
  • Superior Level – $5,690
  • Deluxe Level$7,690

The Ultimate Rockies Rail Journey integrates two iconic routes—the Rocky Mountaineer and Via Rail’s Canadian—to offer a sumptuous Rockies retreat. 

Starting from the cultural hub of Toronto, the train escapes into the vast prairies, leading you into nature’s wonderland.

The Rocky Mountaineer portion steps up the excitement, winding through canyons, lofty mountain peaks, and waterfalls. You can explore the alpine towns of Banff and Jasper and enjoy an Ice Explorer ride on the Athabasca Glacier.

Local tip: Don’t forget to pack layers—it can get a bit chilly, even in the summer!

Train de Charlevoix – Quebec City to la Malbaie


Contact details: +1 877-536-2774


Mountain side

  • Adult – $99
  • Group – $396
  • Child – $69


  • Adult – $109
  • Group area – $436
  • Child – $79

The Train de Charlevoix train route is the perfect pick. The train starts gliding from Quebec City, showcasing the delights laden on the St. Lawrence River banks right up to the charismatic seaside town of La Malbaie.

Upon reaching La Malbaie, bask in the effortless charm of this quaint resort town. Go and stroll along the river, relish the local culinary scene, and soak in the area’s soothing serenity.

Local tip: Don’t miss the onboard gourmet dining experience with local Charlevoix produce—it’s absolutely fabulous!

Kettle Valley Steam Railway – Summerland, BC


Contact details: +1 877-494-8424


  • $19-$29

The Kettle Valley Steam Railway in Summerland is a charming vintage journey that takes you back in time, all the while offering stunning BC landscapes.

Climb aboard the lovingly restored 1912 Steam Locomotive and get ready for a leisurely 90-minute ride through the beautiful Okanagan territory. 

You’ve got orchard vistas, vineyards, lush farmlands, and a spectacular view of the Trout Creek Bridge, an engineering marvel.

Local tip: Keep your camera ready when the train crosses the Trout Creek Bridge—the views are absolutely stunning!

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