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Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Victoria Day in Canada

Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Victoria Day in Canada

Victoria Day, affectionately known as May 2-Four by Canadians, is a long-standing tradition, marking the unofficial start of the Great White North’s summer season. 

It’s a day where grins are a tad bit wider, laughter a tad bit louder, and spirits a tad bit higher, don’t you think?

The best part? There are a plethora of ways to celebrate, each more fun than the last.

From classic to unique, our guide to the top ways to celebrate Victoria Day in Canada will have something that tickles your fancy. So buckle up and read on, because your perfect Victoria Day celebration awaits!

Watch a fireworks show

Victoria Day is known across Canada as the night for fireworks. As the sun sets, people flock to parks, rooftops, and hilltops with blankets and lawn chairs in tow, ready to be dazzled.

You know what’s coming—boom, crackle, pop! The sky lights up in an explosion of colours, causing oohs and aahs. Now, tell me you don’t feel that little flutter in your chest!

The best part is that it’s often paired with community gatherings or barbecues, so you get double the fun! Fireworks are easily one of the most anticipated features of Victoria Day, delivering quite an unforgettable spectacle.

Local tip: Arrive early, folks! Popular fireworks viewing spaces fill up quickly. And don’t forget a comfy blanket or chair!

Spend the day outdoors

Great news for all you outdoor lovers: Victoria Day is a perfect excuse to spend the day drenched in sunshine! 

Whether it’s hitting the trails for a hearty hike, grabbing your pals for a friendly game of footy, or packing a picnic (don’t forget the sandwiches!) to enjoy nature’s magnificent vistas,

It’s a day where both kids and adults, and even your furry friend Rover, can kick back, revel in the great outdoors, and celebrate the start of warmer months.

And really, Is there anything better than soaking up the sun, breathing in the fresh air, and letting the day just drift by?

Local tip: Don’t forget your sunblock and bug spray, Victorians! Let’s keep things comfortable, eh?

Join a parade

Many Canadian towns and cities host parades in honour of Victoria Day. Now, I’m not just talking about a couple of floats and a marching band.

We Canadians know how to throw a parade! Elaborately decorated floats, local groups in funny costumes, heart-pounding marching bands—people of all ages will find something to cheer for.

Its vibrant energy and warm community feel will leave you with a wide smile and an even wider set of fun memories.

Local tip: Be prepared with your own portable seats or blankets. Also, arrive early for a prime, front-row view!

Visit a museum

Who says you can’t mix fun and education? Victoria Day calls for a visit to one of the many fine museums spread across the country.

Many of them host special exhibits or themed activities tied to this historic holiday, making it a more enriching and interactive experience (perfect for your little ones!). 

Plus, you get to learn more about our great country’s history, and that’s definitely something to celebrate!

Oh, and did I mention the added bonus of enjoying it all in the comfortable, quiet ambiance of a museum? It’s definitely not your everyday outing.

Local tip: Check out the museum’s website in advance. Some offer discounts or even free entry on Victoria Day!

Plan a garden party

Throwing a garden party might sound a bit bourgeois, but let me tell you, it’s all kinds of fun—and you don’t even need a garden to do it! 

Break out your croquet set, deck out the tables with light sandwiches and mini cupcakes, whip up a refreshing fruit punch, and invite your loved ones over.

And hey, why not go the whole nine yards? Ask everyone to dress up in Victorian garb, and you’ve got yourself a historical, Instagram-worthy gathering!

Local tip: The weather can be unpredictable. Have a pop-up tent or alternate plan ready just in case Mother Nature decides to join the festivity.

Attend a music festival

You know what Victoria Day weekend means, eh? It’s the unofficial kickoff to Canada’s epic music festival season!

From coast to coast, there is a plethora of local and international musicians filling the air with their groovy, soulful, and toe-tapping tunes, catering to all you music lovers out there. 

Whether you’re into indie rock, traditional folk, or thumping electronic beats, there’s something for everyone.

Local tip: Grab early bird tickets when you can—they often come with sweet discounts for these summer jams.

Take a boat out on the water

Want to feel like the captain of your own Victoria Day celebration? Taking a boat out on the water might just be your thing!

With so many pristine lakes and rivers strewn across Canada, this is the perfect opportunity to go fishing, relax with a cool beverage, take a dip, or simply soak up the sun.

It’s a surefire way to unwind, connect with nature, and forget about life’s everyday hassles. After all, what screams summer louder than plunging into crystal-clear waters?

Local tip: Check the local weather and water conditions before you head out. Safety first, mates!

Relax with a BBQ

Hosting a BBQ with friends and family is hands down one of the classic Canadian ways to celebrate—trust me. Choose your culinary weapons: veggie kebabs, juicy burgers, maple-glazed steaks—whatever tantalise your taste buds.

Throw in some cold drinks, laughter, and good vibes, and you’ve got yourself a memorable and mouth-watering gathering.

Local tip: Stock up on extra fuel or charcoal for your BBQ, just in case the festivities run longer than expected.

Take part in a historic reenactment.

Victoria Day is the perfect chance to come face-to-face with Canada’s past. Head over to one of our many historic sites where reenactors don period costumes and walk you through the vibrant world of yesteryear (you might even get to wear a tricorn hat!).

For all you history buffs, it’s an opportunity to dig deeper into our roots, and for curious minds, you’ll walk away with fun stories and fascinating facts.

Local tip: Dress for the occasion! Weather-appropriate clothing and comfy footwear will make your historic adventure far more enjoyable.

Carry out a traditional deep spring planting

Victoria Day wouldn’t be Victoria Day without honouring the earth in the most hands-on way possible: traditional deep spring planting. Queen Victoria herself loved her gardens, and we Canucks are not ones to shy away from getting our hands dirty.

Deep spring planting isn’t just about growing some veggies or adding colour to your yard—it’s about growth in all its forms. Follow Canadian tradition and add some new life to your garden, be it luscious vegetables or vibrant flowers.

Local tip: Stop by your local garden centre for recommendations on the best plants to sow during the Victoria Day weekend.

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