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10 Safest Cities in Alberta

10 Safest Cities in Alberta

When planning to move to a new city, we all want to make sure that it’ll feel secure in the place we call home. Thankfully, Canada is a safe place overall—but if you’re looking for the safest cities in Alberta specifically, look no further.

The safest place in Alberta is in Okotoks. It has a crime rate lower than 77% of the communities in Canada and had the second lowest figure at 40.3 among the communities in Alberta with at least 10,000 people. 

In fact, Okotoks ranked as the 35th safest city in Canada in 2020, according to Maclean’s Magazine. 

Some other places in Alberta that are safe to live or visit are Foothills, Chestermere, St. Albert, and Airdrie. These cities have the combination of a low crime rate, effective policing, and community engagement.

So read on as we’ll talk about more cities in Alberta that offer the most peace of mind and why they are so safe.

1. Okotoks

Okotoks' Homepage
Violent Crime54% (lower than the National Average)
Property Crime37% (lower than the National Average)
Total Crime41% (lower than the National Average)
Livability Score90%
Data sourced from: AreaVibes

​Okotoks is a small town of just over 28,000 people, located at the south of Calgary. It’s close enough to the big city that you can easily make use of its amenities while still retaining the community feel and rural atmosphere of a smaller town.

In addition to its quaintness, it’s also one of the safest places in Alberta. Okotoks has an overall crime rate that is far lower than the provincial average and is even lower than some of Canada’s largest cities! 

With a total crime severity index score that is 47% lower than the national average and 53% lower than Alberta’s average, there’s no doubt that Okotoks is a safe, secure place to call home.

In addition, Okotoks has a dedicated bylaw enforcement unit to address any local concerns. It also has a strong local law enforcement presence coupled with strong neighborhood watch programs.

2. St. Albert

St. Albert's Homepage
Violent Crime30% (lower than the National Average)
Property Crime4% (lower than the National Average)
Total Crime11% (lower than the National Average)
Livability Score85%
Data sourced from: AreaVibes

Now let’s take a look at St. Albert, one of the safest places in Alberta. It has a relatively low crime rate compared to other cities in Canada. 

According to the Statistics Canada Crime Severity Index, St. Albert consistently ranks among the safest cities in the country. It also has a highly trained and professional police force that is dedicated to keeping the city safe. 

The St. Albert RCMP detachment works closely with the community to prevent crime and ensure public safety. In addition, St. Albert is a relatively affluent city with a high standard of living. 

This means that residents are generally well-educated, financially stable, and have a strong sense of community. This can lead to a lower incidence of crime and a greater sense of safety.

3. Airdrie

Airdrie's Homepage
Violent Crime37% (lower than the National Average)
Property Crime14% (lower than the National Average)
Total Crime19% (lower than the National Average)
Livability Score85%
Data sourced from: AreaVibes

Airdrie has a crime rate of 1,614 incidents per 100,000 people— that’s over 40% lower than the provincial rate. In addition, Airdrie is home to the RCMP Detachment and they have an active community policing program that has helped reduce crime in the area.

The city’s low population density makes it difficult for criminals to target individuals in isolated areas. The RCMP are also actively engaged in community outreach initiatives and educational programs to help prevent crime.

On top of that, the city has strict bylaws in place such as noise regulations and anti-smoking laws which help to ensure law-abiding citizens can live peacefully without fear of disruption or criminal activity.

Overall, Airdrie is a safe haven for Albertans looking for a place to call home. With its low crime rate, active police presence and strict regulations, there’s peace of mind knowing that your family will be safe living here.

4. High River

High River's Homepage
Violent Crime28% (lower than the National Average)
Property Crime1% (lower than the National Average)
Total Crime7% (lower than the National Average)
Livability Score85%
Data sourced from: AreaVibes

High River has an impressive lower-than-average crime rate compared to other similar-sized towns and cities in Alberta, which means lesser risk of burglary and property theft. The town also offers its residents 24/7 community policing services.

High River takes great pride in its infrastructure and is constantly looking for ways to improve the public spaces that it provides. 

Streets are well-lit, and sidewalks are adequately maintained, and parks have adequate security measures in place, all of which make it safe for people to walk around the city day or night.

Besides, the citizens of High River are active within their community and work together with local law enforcement to keep their city safe. They also host many events such as outdoor movies or BBQ parties throughout the year that help bring people together.

5. Cochrane

Cochrane's Homepage
Violent Crime41% (lower than the National Average)
Property Crime19% (lower than the National Average)
Total Crime25% (lower than the National Average)
Livability Score84%
Data sourced from: AreaVibes

Cochrane is one of the safest cities to live in Alberta. The crime rate in Cochrane is remarkably low; in fact, it’s one of the lowest in the entire province.

The town has several safety measures in place to ensure its residents are secure, such as:

  • High levels of police presence.
  • Closed circuit cameras.
  • Regular patrolling by security personnel.
  • 24/7 emergency services.
  • Well-lit public areas.

Additionally, Cochrane has several programs that promote a safer community, like its Neighborhood Watch Scheme, which encourages residents to look out for their neighbors and report any suspicious activity. 

It also provides free classes on crime prevention and home security. All these factors contribute to Cochrane’s reputation as an extraordinarily safe place to live. 

6. Beaumont

Beaumont's Homepage
Violent Crime46% (lower than the National Average)
Property Crime25% (lower than the National Average)
Total Crime30% (lower than the National Average)
Livability Score82%
Data sourced from: AreaVibes

According to Statistics Canada, the crime rate in Beaumont is significantly lower than the national average. In 2020, the city’s overall crime rate was 2,940 incidents per 100,000 people, which is well below the national average of 5,354 incidents per 100,000 people.

The index takes into account things like robberies, drug crimes and attempted murder and provides an overall score for each city. By utilizing this system, it’s easy to see that Beaumont has a shockingly low crime rate compared to other municipalities in Alberta. 

Besides this statistical evidence, there are plenty of reasons why Beaumont is widely considered one of Canada’s safest cities. 

For one thing, it boasts an excellent community policing program that offers crime prevention strategies and community outreach initiatives like Bike Patrols and Block Watch programs. 

Additionally, the city’s diverse leisure opportunities like its expansive park system (including two skateparks), off-leash dog areas and trails make it attractive to both young families and retirees alike.

7. Chestermere

Chestermere's Homepage
Violent Crime48% (lower than the National Average)
Property Crime28% (lower than the National Average)
Total Crime33% (lower than the National Average)
Livability Score77%
Data sourced from: AreaVibes

One of the most attractive features of Chestermere is its low crime rate compared to other cities in Alberta. The city utilizes incredibly effective policing strategies and has resources available to keep residents safe.

Chestermere also has a great sense of community, with many events being held throughout the year that bring residents together. From an annual Canada Day celebration to community clean-up days, locals are always able to find ways to come together and show solidarity.

In addition, Chestermere residents make sure to prioritize home security by using  surveillance cameras, motion sensors and even smart locks for their doors to ensure their safety 24/7. 

The city also offers plenty of home automation options for those who want an extra layer of protection for their homes or businesses.

8. Sturgeon County

Sturgeon County's Homepage
Violent Crime43% (lower than the National Average)
Property Crime21% (lower than the National Average)
Total Crime27% (lower than the National Average)
Livability Score72%
Data sourced from: AreaVibes

Located between Edmonton and St. Albert, this area consistently ranks among the lowest for crime rate year after year, making it a great place to build a home and raise a family.

Sturgeon County has about 31,000 people living there—compare that to Toronto’s almost 3 million! Because of the lower population density, there’s less chance of crime being committed.

The county is also primarily rural, with most people living on large lots and acreages—plenty of space between homes means less opportunity for criminal activity. Plus, the rural geographic isolation also means that it can be more easily patrolled by police forces.

Sturgeon County is highly active in community programs promoting public safety, such as anti-bullying initiatives and traffic safety awareness campaigns. It also supports fire departments, helping create an even more secure environment for inhabitants.

9. Rocky View County

Rocky View County's Homepage
Violent Crime65% (lower than the National Average)
Property Crime52% (lower than the National Average)
Total Crime55% (lower than the National Average)
Livability Score67%
Data sourced from: AreaVibes

Another safe place to call home is Rocky View County in Alberta. This stunning area of natural beauty is one of the safest cities in Alberta, boasting a low crime rate and plenty of amenities.

Rocky View County is known for its low crime rate. In fact, the city had one of the lowest crime severity index ratings in Alberta in 2019, making it an ideal choice for people who value safety and security.

In addition to low crime rates, Rocky View County offers plenty of amenities to enjoy. From beautiful parks and lakes to lively urban centers, there’s something here for everyone. 

And with easy access to nearby cities such as Calgary and Edmonton, you can experience all that Alberta has to offer without ever leaving your home base. 

10. Foothills No. 31

Foothills No. 31 Homepage
Violent Crime67% (lower than the National Average)
Property Crime55% (lower than the National Average)
Total Crime58% (lower than the National Average)
Livability Score66%
Data sourced from: AreaVibes

Towns like High River, Okotoks, Black Diamond, and Turner Valley are all situated in the Foothills region and are known for their low crime rates.

According to the latest survey, crime rates in the Foothills area are consistently lower than the provincial average. This isn’t a fluke either – this trend has held true for over a decade now.

What’s behind this? The small towns of the Foothills region have strong local communities that take care of each other and look out for each other. That’s why these towns have such low rates of vandalism, burglary, theft and other crimes.

If safety is your number one priority when it comes to where you live, then the Foothills region is an excellent choice! 

FAQs about the Safest Cities in Alberta

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