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15 Best Brunch Hangouts in Toronto

15 Best Brunch Hangouts in Toronto 

In Toronto, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to brunch spots. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic eggs Benedict, craving some fluffy pancakes, or you’re ready to dive into a savory shakshuka, our city has it all. 

We’ve scoured the streets, from the trendy alleys of Queen West to the quaint corners of The Distillery District, to bring you the ultimate list of brunch hangouts where the vibe is just as important as the food.

Lady Marmalade 

Address: 265 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 2G8, Canada

Contact Details: +16473517645


Opening Hours: Daily 8:30 AM to 3 PM

For those who prize both lingering under the covers and savoring the day’s first meal, here’s a phrase to celebrate: Brunch every single day! 

The brainchild of David Cherry and Natalia Simachkevitch, Lady Marmalade first opened its doors on Queen Street East over a decade ago. Fast forward to 2018, and this brunch sanctuary found a new, sunlit space on Broadview. 

Fans were thrilled to discover their favorite menu items hadn’t changed a bit. Favorites like the zingy Huevos Migas and the richly spiced Moroccan Scramble are still there, alongside a customizable hash that’s a knockout with an add-on of braised beef or pulled pork. 

While you’re there, why not sip on a robust cup of coffee and let the Scandinavian-inspired decor set a tranquil backdrop to your meal?

The Drake

Address: 1150 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1J3, Canada

Contact Details: +14165315042


Opening Hours: Daily 3 PM to 11 AM 

So, you’re strolling down Queen Street West and the brunch pangs hit. Where to? Drake, obviously. 

It’s like the living room of Toronto’s coolest residents, with art that’s always got something to say and a brunch menu that’ll make you want to chat it up too. 

Their Drake Breakfast? It’s the full deal, and it’ll sort you out after any kind of night. Plus, the place has this buzz that just feels like Toronto in all the right ways.

Think of the Drake as your go-to for a brunch that could easily transition into an evening out, with their rooftop Sky Yard offering a view that competes with their mimosas. 

And if you’re into the arts, their in-house cultural programming means you could be enjoying your eggs with a side of cutting-edge DJ sets or local art showcases.

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Address: 85 Hanna Ave #104, Toronto, ON M6K 3S3, Canada

Contact Details: +14165885695


Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10 AM to 3 PM; Saturday and Sunday 9 AM to 3 PM

Now, let’s talk about pancakes. At Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, they’re not just pancakes; they’re like fluffy little clouds on your plate. 

But hey, it’s not all about the sweet stuff. Their savory game is strong too—think Huevos Monty with a side of sass. 

The kitchen’s all open, so you can watch the magic happen while you’re sipping on your coffee. It’s airy, it’s friendly, and it’s the kind of spot where you’ll want to become one of the regulars.

Saving Grace

Address: 907 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1V9, Canada

Contact Details: +14167037368


Opening Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday, closed; Monday, Thursday to Sunday 10 AM to 2:30 PM

Saving Grace is that little spot you’ve probably walked by a million times on Dundas West and thought, “I should check that out.” Do it! Their menu’s always throwing curveballs with flavors from all over the globe. 

It’s cozy, a bit quirky, and you might have to wait, but that’s part of the charm. It’s like brunch at your friend’s place—if your friend was a really, really good cook and liked to surprise you every time.

Also,Starving Artist takes waffles to the next level with options like the ‘Benny Waffle’—a waffle topped with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. 

They’re also known for their gluten-free and vegan waffle options, ensuring that everyone can join in on the waffle fun. 

Bonjour Brioche

Address: 812 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1H7, Canada

Contact Details: +14164061250


Opening Hours: Monday to Wednesday, closed; Thursday to Sunday 8 AM to 3 PM

Let’s jet over to Leslieville, where Bonjour Brioche is serving up a little slice of Paris right here in Toronto. 

It’s the kind of spot where you can ease into your day with a buttery croissant or a tartine that’ll make you forget you’re not on the Left Bank. 

The pastries? Oh, they’re the real deal—flaky, buttery, and just the right kind of indulgent. And if you’re in the mood for something heartier, their quiches are a must-try. It’s cozy, it’s French, and it’s the perfect place to pretend you’re on vacation for a morning.

Flo’s Diner

Address: 70 Yorkville Ave 2nd Floor, Toronto, ON M5R 1B9, Canada

Contact Details: +14169614333


Opening Hours: Daily 8 AM to 4 PM

At Flo’s Diner, the eggs Benedict might be the star, but the supporting cast deserves applause too. Their buttermilk pancakes are a fluffy dream, and the ‘Big Breakfast’ is a hearty nod to the traditional, with eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, and home fries. 

For those with a sweet tooth, the French toast comes with a generous dusting of powdered sugar and real maple syrup. 

Health-conscious diners aren’t left out either; the diner offers a selection of fresh smoothies and fruit plates. 

And let’s not forget the milkshakes—thick, creamy, and nostalgically perfect. They’re a must-try, whether you’re ending your meal on a sweet note or indulging in a shake with your main course.

The Federal 

Address: 1438 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1Y6, Canada

Contact Details: +16473529120


Opening Hours: Daily 9 AM to 3 PM

The Federal stands out in Little Portugal with its unique take on brunch classics. The ‘Federal Duck’ is a dish that regulars swear by, featuring a duck egg sitting atop a crispy piece of sourdough. 

For those who lean towards the sweet side in the morning, the brioche French toast with a hint of citrus zest is a revelation. 

The cocktail menu is inventive, offering brunch favorites with a twist, like the ‘Federal Caesar’ made with house-infused vodka. The minimalist decor with its clean lines and understated elegance complements the innovative dishes, making it a stylish spot for a mid-day feast.

White Lily Diner

Address: 678 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1G8, Canada

Contact Details: Monday and Tuesday, closed; Wednesday to Sunday 9 AM to 10 PM


Opening Hours:

White Lily Diner is a Riverside gem where the focus is on doing the simple things exceptionally well. We consider this as our personal favorites because their homemade preserves and freshly baked bread are a testament to their dedication to the craft. 

The ‘All-Day Breakfast’ plate is a homage to the classics, while the rotating ‘Diner Specials’ board often features seasonal ingredients sourced from local farms. 

What’s amazing is that the diner also takes pride in its selection of house-made sausages, each with a unique blend of spices that adds a gourmet touch to the traditional breakfast side.

Casa Madera

Address: 550 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2V4, Canada

Contact Details: +14166013593


Opening Hours: Tuesday to Wednesday 5 PM to 12 AM; Thursday to Saturday 5 PM to 2 AM; Sunday 12 to 9 PM; Monday, closed 

At Casa Madera, the brunch experience is an eclectic mix of vibrant flavors and upscale dining. The ‘Huevos Divorciados’ is a standout, marrying the richness of poached eggs with the boldness of two different salsas. 

Their fresh seafood options, like the ceviche and oysters, are a nod to coastal cuisine and are perfect if you’re looking for a lighter, yet indulgent brunch option. 

The restaurant’s interior is an oasis of greenery and warm wood tones, creating an atmosphere that’s both exotic and relaxing. With a view of the Toronto skyline, it’s a place where you’ll find the ambiance as thoughtfully curated as the menu.

Emma’s Country Kitchen

Address: 810 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6E 1A7, Canada

Contact Details: +14166523662


Opening Hours: Tuesday to Thursday, closed; Monday to Sunday 8 AM to 3 PM

When you find yourself wandering through St. Clair West, Emma’s Country Kitchen is a go-to spot. The place has a cozy vibe that makes you feel like you’re brunching in a friend’s kitchen.

Grab one of their made-from-scratch buttermilk biscuits that they elevated by turning them into mouth-watering sandwiches!

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, their pancakes are your perfect match, topped with a generous helping of whatever fruit is in season. 

And let’s not forget about their homemade doughnuts—get there early, because we all know they’ll be gone before you know it. 

Fran’s Restaurant and Bar 

Address: 20 College St, Toronto, ON M5G 1K2, Canada

Contact Details: +14169239867


Opening Hours: 24/7

Slide into a booth at Fran’s Restaurant and Bar and you’ll feel like you walked into a brunch that feels like a warm hug. Their ‘Big Boy Breakfast’ will tackle your hunger with gusto, and we dare you to try their BLT—it’s a game-changer with that thick-cut peameal bacon and house-made mayo. 

Sitting at the counter, you’ll feel part of our little community, where the conversation is just as good as the coffee.

3 Eggs All Day Grill

Address: 936 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C 2C2, Canada

Contact Details: +14165195955


Opening Hours: Daily 8 AM to 3 PM

Up on Eglinton Avenue, 3 Eggs All Day Grill is where our love for diner classics meets a Canadian twist. The place is decked out in retro charm, so it might make you feel a bit nostalgic.

Want more tugs on your heartstrings? Dive into their Ultimate Grilled Cheese and don’t forget to add some pulled pork for more indulgence!

And for a sweet surprise, their doughnut breakfast sandwich is a quirky favorite that perfectly blends the savory with the sweet. 

The Morning After

Address: 88 Fort York Blvd, Toronto, ON M5V 4A7, Canada

Contact Details: +16473687620


Opening Hours: Daily 9 AM to 4 PM

No, this isn’t just a term that everyone loves to say these days. Instead, The Morning After in Toronto brings a slice of Aussie café vibes right to Fort Yolk, and we’re all for it. 

Their ‘Brekkie Roll’ is the kind of breakfast sandwich you’ll want to wake up for, with a runny egg, crispy bacon, and a chutney that’ll have you asking for the recipe. 

The café itself is as laid-back as it is stylish, making you want to linger over one of their expertly brewed coffees. It’s the kind of spot where you’ll want to become a regular!

School Restaurant

Address: 70 Fraser Ave, Toronto, ON M6K 3E1, Canada

Contact Details: +14165880005


Opening Hours: Daily 9 AM to 9 PM

Over in Liberty Village, School Restaurant is where we go to graduate from basic brunch. Their ‘Krispy Krunchy French Toast’ will have you crunching with joy, and the ‘Black ‘n’ Blue Flapjacks’ are a berry-filled sensation you won’t want to miss. 

The space is cool and quirky, with a bit of that old school charm that makes brunch here an experience. And when the weather’s nice, their patio is where you’ll want to camp out all day with us, just soaking in the vibes.

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