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Tips When Choosing a Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Toronto

Tips When Choosing a Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Toronto

Plastic surgery is a big decision, and finding the right surgeon is one of the most important things to consider (if not the most important). Not all will bring the same results, and I admit I almost went to the wrong surgeon before.

But I’m wiser and smarter now (I hope!) and did my due diligence when looking for the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto who would meet my expectations. Sure, it’s a tonne of research, but hey, it’s not like you can turn back time on plastic surgery.

So, before getting nose surgery, check out our tips on choosing the right surgeon to perform the procedure.

How do you find the right rhinoplasty surgeon?

When it comes to plastic surgery, choosing the right surgeon can be challenging. It’s not going to be a walk in the park, especially since it requires body alteration, so you’ll need to find someone who ticks all the boxes and you’re going to have to do a lot of research.

Here are the things you need to consider when looking for the right plastic surgeon you can trust to alter your appearance. Let’s discuss it in detail!


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You must check if the surgeon is actually trained in plastic surgery. Look at the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons to ensure they’ve completed all the necessary steps—like finishing five years of study and training in the field of plastic surgery.

When choosing a plastic surgeon, you also need to make sure they’re actually board-certified. In Canada, they need to be certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, which regulates the country’s physicians and surgeons with specialties.

It’s a regulatory college that oversees medical specialists. It’s not an easy process to go through because to get the certification, the surgeon must have undergone rigorous training and examinations—basically meeting the highest standards of qualifications.

In addition, the Royal College allows you to check for medical malpractice cases or disciplinary actions. Essentially, all these ensure you get someone who is qualified to practice cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Training and Experience

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Plastic surgery, or rhinoplasty in this case, alters the body, which is why you need someone who has successfully completed hundreds (if not, thousands) of nose surgeries.

Don’t be shy to ask or research where they graduated and trained. Where did they finish their fellowship? Do they work at other hospitals?

Don’t hesitate to also ask how many rhinoplasty surgeries they’ve performed, as these are part of their experience to ensure they can perform the procedure safely with optimal results.


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Not all plastic surgeons perform all cosmetic procedures and not all perform the same surgeries. That’s why it’s really important to check your plastic surgeon’s specialty.

So, look at the plastic surgeon’s specialization—do they specialize in facial plastic surgery or do they focus on body surgery? Just because a plastic surgeon has performed many breast implants doesn’t mean they can do rhinoplasty.

For instance, if your rhinoplasty procedure is to fix a body abnormality (something caused by congenital defects or trauma), it’s crucial you look for a plastic surgeon who specializes in reconstructive surgery.

Before and After Results

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Looking through before and after photos of rhinoplasty procedures is another crucial part. It helps you see what the plastic surgeon is capable of doing—are the results good or bad?

Confirm if the photos are actual surgeries performed by your plastic surgeon and not by someone else. You can also browse through patients that closely resemble you—do you have the same nose? Face shape? Skin colour? Age?

These photos add a realistic look that can help you visualize your goals. However, you must also remember that other patient’s results will be different from yours.

But beware of photos that look photoshopped. Plastic surgery before and after results should never be altered unless the patient wants their face blurred or covered for privacy.

Consultation Process

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Consultations are essential to plastic surgery. This is where you meet your plastic surgeon and explain your concerns, visions, and goals—it’s essentially a get-to-know-you meeting but in more detail.

It’s strongly recommended to have a face-to-face consult (don’t settle for video calls) so your surgeon can actually see you. This can take around an hour and, most of the time, more than one consultation.

Here, you need to convey to your surgeon what you want and are unhappy about because they need to understand even the tiny things you’re concerned about.

Your plastic surgeon will also explain the risks, process, downtime, and recovery. They will delve into your medical history and assess your suitability for the procedure because not all are good candidates for rhinoplasty.

Photos or digital imaging may be included in the first meeting, too. This will allow you to see the possible results, which can help you decide whether you want to continue with the surgery or not.

Something to note is that plastic surgery journeys will take quite a while, sometimes up to a year or more until you see the final results, which is something your surgeon will help you comprehend during the initial consultation.

Expect the surgeon to also explain the payment terms and financing solutions. The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) only (fully or partially) covers nose surgeries that affect functionality, like breathing problems, so you may have to pay out of pocket.

Patient Testimonials

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When doing your due diligence, reading patient reviews is essential but make sure you’re using a legitimate source. But it is a helpful tool that will give you insights on patient experience, but always combine it with research.

Some plastic surgeons will have patient testimonials on their websites. But you can also check social media pages and review sites for wider coverage—some will even have before and after photos.

Aligned Expectations

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Not all plastic surgeons are the same, so having aligned expectations is something worth considering.

For instance, if you go to a clinic and ask for a nose like Bella Hadid’s and your surgeon responds, “Sure, we can do that,” it might be smart to look for a second opinion.

Plastic surgery doesn’t follow a template that will give you standardized results. Not all nose shapes will work with your face shape, so if you’re Caucasian and ask for a small nose like your favourite K-pop star, don’t expect that it will look the same on you.

That’s why it’s important to set realistic expectations. You can’t push the “undo” button after plastic surgery, so it’s critical to understand that body modifications aren’t irreversible.

It’s wise not to expect perfection, instead, think of realistic goals. It’s like embracing your individuality and enhancing your natural beauty.

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