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We did the research – Can you get a free nose job in Toronto

We did the research – Can you get a free nose job in Toronto?

Back then, my sister wanted to get a nose job. But we heard it was crazy expensive and cost thousands, whether you’re doing it for functionality or aesthetics.

Sure, it’s not the most affordable surgery, but she desperately needed it to correct her breathing. I mean, she couldn’t breathe through both nostrils and she was loud when asleep.

So, like the good brother, I helped with the research and looked at ways to get a nose job in Toronto without spending a ridiculous amount of money. If you’re wondering if you can get rhinoplasty for free in Toronto, keep on reading and see what I found!

Is it possible to get rhinoplasty for free in Toronto?

Yes, you can get a free nose job in Toronto, provided it’s not for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons. If the functionality of your nose is affected, the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) will partially or fully cover the cost of your surgery.

So, let’s discuss it in more detail if you’re planning to get an OHIP-covered nose surgery in Toronto.

What medical conditions are covered by OHIP?

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The medical conditions covered by OHIP are the ones that affect your breathing, like a deviated septum or nostril collapse. Provincial insurance will also cover rhinoplasty if the nose underwent trauma that resulted in impairment.

Congenital birth defects are also covered by OHIP (cleft palate, for example), as long as it’s to correct a nasal defect. However, not all cases will have full coverage because, in certain circumstances, only portions of the procedure will be covered by insurance.

For instance, altering the appearance of the nose is not covered by OHIP. So, you will need to pay for that part of the surgery out of pocket.

Let’s say you’re getting a septoplasty to fix your septum, your plastic surgeon will repair what affects your breathing but the physical appearance will remain the same or will be paid for by you—basically, if you have a crooked nose, it will remain the same.

The Ministry of Health may sometimes cover septorhinoplasty (a septoplasty and rhinoplasty procedure) if it’s due to a congenital birth defect. But before getting the surgery, you’ll need to get approval from the Ministry of Health.

It’s also important to note that even if you have supplementary insurance plans, cosmetic surgery is typically not part of the coverage.

Coverage for OHIP-covered Rhinoplasty
Medical ConditionsOther Medical Conditions
• Deviated Nasal Septum
• Cleft Palate
• Nostril Collapse
• Other deformities or breathing-related medical conditions
• Injuries that affect nose functionality
• Trauma that affects nose functionality

How does one qualify for a funded rhinoplasty procedure in Toronto?

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To be eligible for a funded procedure in Canada, you must be of age and if you’re a minor, parental consent is needed.

Then, you must first apply for a provincial health card. In Ontario, you need to meet the minimum requirements and at least one additional condition for OHIP.

You first need to establish Ontario as your primary residence and be physically in the province for 153 days within a 12-month period. In addition, you have to stay in Ontario for 153 days during the first 183 days you start living here.

Then, you must meet at least one of the additional requirements: be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, or an Indigenous person under the Indian Act.

If you work full-time in Ontario for at least six months and have a valid work permit under an Ontario employer, you can also include this in the additional requirements.

But you don’t need to wait for 153 days before applying for a health card. The OHIP currently doesn’t have a waiting time, so you can apply as soon as you move to the province, provided you follow the eligibility criteria.

How to Apply for OHIP

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To apply for OHIP, you must have the following documents:

Once you have the following, you have to apply in person at a ServiceOntario centre. In Toronto, there are 20 centres you can go to, but do check for the available appointments because not all centres accept walk-ins.

Remember that in case you’ve lived outside of Ontario for over 212 days in a 12-month period, you will have to reapply for OHIP. Make sure you visit a ServiceOntario centre that offers full health services for your application.

What are out-of-pocket expenses for rhinoplasty?

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A rhinoplasty procedure that’s for cosmetic reasons will be paid completely out-of-pocket by the patient. In cases where OHIP partially covers the surgery, the sections not covered will be paid for by the patient.

Other out-of-pocket expenses are also consultation or appointment fees (pre-op and post-op), digital imaging fees, and medication. The surgeon will prescribe medicine (like antibiotics) for post-operative treatment, which the patient will need to pay for.

What are financing options for rhinoplasty in Toronto?

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Plastic surgeons in Toronto will mostly provide financing options through third-party companies. Some examples of third-party financing are Medicard, Beautifi, and Credit Medical.

Most will allow online applications or pre-approval. Once approved, you can pay for rhinoplasty in flexible monthly plans, which will vary depending on the financing agency.

Some examples of financing benefits are monthly payments, no required down payment, payment term options that can fit your budget, and loan options based on your income. You can also check for pre-approval that won’t affect your credit score.

Rhinoplasty clinics in Toronto will also have varying payment options available. Most allow credit and debit cards, but not all accept cheques and money orders.

Can I get help with funding my surgery in Toronto?

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In Canada, you’ll find charitable organizations that provide free care to low-income families. These places generally work through donations.

If you don’t have OHIP, you can visit a Community Health Centre (CHC) in Toronto for health care. Here, you can get free medical assessments.

They can also refer you to other health centres that can provide better assistance or publicly funded surgeries as long as you meet the criteria. However, it’s important to note that most don’t cover nose surgeries.

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