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50 Best Canadian Cities for International Students

50 Best Canadian Cities for International Students

If you’re considering studying in Canada and want a better picture of how student-friendly their cities are, you’ve come to the right place. This article listed the best cities conducive to a productive and fulfilling student life and what we thought about them. 

We ranked these cities based on the following indicators:

  • Diversity 
  • Annual percentage of graduates
  • Monthly rent cost 
  • Average tuition cost
  • Internet speed 
  • Living expenses 

After ranking each indicator, we set a value of 1 for the highest-ranking one, and 50 for the lowest. We then got the value for all indicators per city and added them up. 

The cities with the lowest summation top our list, while the highest is the least. 

Aside from the ranking, we also supply all the information you’re probably wondering about – like how safe these cities are and what schools are present there. 

We also answered some frequently asked questions about studying in Canada at the end of the article. 

1. Sherbrooke

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)31.7%
Annual Percentage of Graduates49.2%
Rent $985
Average cost of tuition$5,298
Internet Speed 110 Mbps
Living Expenses$798
Sherbrooke Rankings Per Indicator

The universities at Sherbrooke provide quality education at a reasonable price, making it a great city to live and study in.  One of the things we like most is the variety of courses, programs, and degrees that you can choose from here.

Schools you can find here include Université de Sherbrooke, Champlain Regional College, and Bishop’s University. Public transit is also very convenient because the Société de transport de Sherbrooke (STS) provides buses that transport people in every borough of Sherbrooke.

2. St. John’s

St. John’s
Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)5.38%
Annual Percentage of Graduates49.21%
Rent $860
Average cost of tuition$3036
Internet Speed 86.66 Mbps
Living Expenses$968.09
St. John’s Rankings Per Indicator

St. John’s is a beautiful city situated on Newfoundland island just off Canada’s Atlantic coast. It has reasonable tuition and accommodation prices, making it an ideal place to study. 

It’s the home of some great universities such as the College of the North Atlantic and the Memorial University of Newfoundland. Popular programs here include Accounting, Economics, Biology, Computer Science, and Business Administration. 

3. Calgary

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)12.02%
Annual Percentage of Graduates53.44%
Rent $1206
Average cost of tuition$6,230
Internet Speed 97.79
Living Expenses$993 
Calgary Rankings Per Indicator

This city is extremely student-friendly. It’s highly diverse and is home to fantastic universities such as the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University.. 

This city focuses on innovation in sustainability and studies energy and renewable resources. This is why we think it’s a great place to go if you want a degree in the sciences, especially in environmental studies.

4. Rimouski

Image from: Ville de Rimouski
Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)1.41%
Annual Percentage of Graduates35.11%
Rent $600
Average cost of tuition$2,644
Internet Speed 114.47Mbps
Living Expenses$980.25
Rimouski Rankings Per Indicator

Rimouski has very low levels of crime, so it is a very safe and secure city. Not to mention, expenses here are manageable and it’s pretty easy to find part-time work as a student. 

Université du Québec à Rimouski and Cégep de Rimouski: Mon Cégep are the famous universities here that you can go to.

5.  Edmonton

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)13.12%
Annual Percentage of Graduates43.91%
Rent $1171
Average cost of tuition$6,133
Internet Speed 91.97Mbps
Living Expenses$955
Edmonton Rankings Per Indicator

This capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta deserves to be part of this list. It offers a culturally rich life to international students while being an affordable city to live in. 

Edmonton is also one of the country’s largest educational hubs and houses well-respected schools and universities such as Concordia University of Edmonton, MacEwan University, University of Alberta, and The King’s University. 

6. Montreal

QS Best Student Cities Rank9th 
Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)7.82%
Annual Percentage of Graduates51.35%
Rent $709-$1050
Average cost of tuition$3,384
Internet Speed 64.81 Mbps
Living Expenses$1,200
Montreal Rankings Per Indicator

This student-friendly city situated in Quebec is worth a mention in this list. It is home to some of the best and highest-ranked universities such as the University of Montreal, McGill University, Concordia University, and HEC Montreal.   

Transportation is also very accessible and inexpensive. In fact, there are over 200 bus routes and 50 metro stations with a single trip costing around $3.25. It’s also a very bike-friendly city.

7. Quebec City

Quebec City
QS Best Student Cities Rank113
Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)3.18%
Annual Percentage of Graduates41.95%
Rent $831
Average cost of tuition$2,676
Internet Speed 74.59 Mbps
Living Expenses$820
Quebec City Rankings Per Indicator

Quebec is an excellent city that offers quality education without burning a hole in your pockets. It’s a bustling city that’s full of life, culture, and even active nightlife that students enjoy. 

Some notable schools in this city include Université Laval, 433rd in the QS World University Rankings, Université du Québec, and Ursuline Convent of Quebec City.

8. Trois-Rivières

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)1.98%
Annual Percentage of Graduates29.67%
Rent $593
Average cost of tuition$1,071.91
Internet Speed 114.96Mbps
Living Expenses$1,122
Trois-Rivières Rankings Per Indicator

Trois-Rivières is known for high-quality academic institutions. It’s the home of the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres.  

It has affordable tuition and reasonable prices of living expenses. There are also cafes and libraries available.

9. Winnipeg

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)11.67%
Annual Percentage of Graduates42.26%
Rent $1,0377
Average cost of tuition$4,991
Internet Speed 87.28Mbps
Living Expenses$1,231.41
Winnipeg Rankings Per Indicator

The city offers low-cost housing, affordable cost of living, and diverse employment options when you graduate. It also has great schools such as the University of Winnipeg, University of Manitoba, RRC Polytech, Robertson College, Booth University College, and many more. 

10. Rouyn-Noranda

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)1.59%
Annual Percentage of Graduates51.35%
Rent $750
Average cost of tuition$2,636
Internet Speed 63.48Mbps
Living Expenses$1,122
Rouyn-Noranda Rankings Per Indicator

Rouyn-Noranda is a peaceful city conducive for studying with reasonable living expenses. 

The city is known for being the home of Universite Du Quebec En Abitibi-Temiscamingue which has a high QS ranking, good infrastructure, competitive faculty, good international student enrollments, and impressive research facilities.

11.  Brandon

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)11.25%
Annual Percentage of Graduates28.66%
Rent $850
Average cost of tuition$4,059
Internet Speed 49.86Mbps
Living Expenses$1,106.87
Brandon Rankings Per Indicator

Tuition and rent here are reasonable. Not to mention, it’s also very safe here at Brandon. 

Brandon University and Assiniboine Community College are two great institutions in this city that you can check out. 

12. Cranbrook

Image from: Expedia
Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)3.48%
Annual Percentage of Graduates21.70%
Rent $740
Average cost of tuition$5,395
Internet Speed 135.65Mbps
Living Expenses$964.56
Cranbrook Rankings Per Indicator

Cranbrook is a charming city in British Columbia. There are loads of interesting things to do here such as biking trails, nature tours, hiking, fishing, golf, and watersports. 

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, you’ll love this place. College of the Rockies is a great school here that you can check out. 

13. Red Deer

Red Deer
Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)8.35%
Annual Percentage of Graduates26.05%
Rent $871
Average cost of tuition$6,650
Internet Speed 139.89Mbps
Living Expenses$1,178.48
Red Deer Rankings Per Indicator

Accommodation is easy to find in this city and most of the expenses are reasonable. The neighborhoods are also very safe to live in. 

It’s a growing city with a lot of good schools. It’s a great place to study for sure.

14. Moncton

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)5.24%
Annual Percentage of Graduates35.19%
Rent $930
Average cost of tuition$6,633
Internet Speed 184.97Mbps
Living Expenses$1,243.62
Moncton Rankings Per Indicator

This thriving city is a great place to live in. It has lots of natural parks and beaches that students can enjoy. 

Aside from that, it has a great transportation system. It also has affordable housing options for students and a welcoming community that will make you feel safe.

15. Abbotsford

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)9.61%
Annual Percentage of Graduates26.21%
Rent $1,194
Average cost of tuition$4,564
Internet Speed 176.32Mbps
Living Expenses$1,215.54
Abbotsford Rankings Per Indicator

Here at Abbotsford, you can have a better lifestyle for less. It also has very mild temperatures, favorable housing costs, and outdoor spaces, while still having the appeal of urban living. Abbotsford gives students a great place to study in. 

Some of your choices of schools here include the University of the Fraser Valley, Columbia Bible College, Summit Pacific College, and Ashton College. 

16. Courtenay

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)3.34%
Annual Percentage of Graduates31.34%
Rent $1,217
Average cost of tuition$3,082
Internet Speed 156.88Mbps
Living Expenses$1,083.97
Courtenay Rankings Per Indicator

Courtenay was ranked as one of the top livable cities in Canada and it wasn’t hard to see why. With affordable living expenses and fast internet, it’s a great place to study in as well. 

It’s an innovative and vibrant city perfect for exploring students. It has lots of beaches and lakes you can enjoy during your free time.

17. Sault Ste. Marie

Sault Ste. Marie
Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)1.83%
Annual Percentage of Graduates28.83%
Rent $992
Average cost of tuition$5,586.5
Internet Speed 199.96Mbps
Living Expenses$1,115.3
Sault Ste. Marie Rankings Per Indicator

It’s a small and charming city that’s very affordable. It’s very safe and the community is very welcoming as well. 

Here you’ll find Sault College and Algoma University, which are both very good schools.

18. Fredericton

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)7.16%
Annual Percentage of Graduates58.33%
Rent $1,019
Average cost of tuition$7,923
Internet Speed 185.51Mbps
Living Expenses$1,430.08
Fredericton Rankings Per Indicator

This town is made for students. It’s safe, has reasonable living expenses, and has all the services a student might need. 

They even have theaters, lots of bookstores, and a weekly farmers market. Schools here include the University of New Brunswick – Fredericton Campus, St. Thomas University, and Maritime College of Forest Technology.

19. Toronto

QS Best Student Cities Rank13th 
Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)14.69%
Annual Percentage of Graduates61.16%
Rent $2,027
Average cost of tuition$7,999
Internet Speed 84.61 Mbps
Living Expenses$800
Toronto Rankings Per Indicator

Toronto’s home to some great universities such as the University of Toronto, York University, OCAD University, and Ryerson University. 

For transportation, there’s the subway, a lot of buses and streetcars, ferries, and even taxis. It’s also one of the safest cities in the world, ranking 6th on the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)’s list. 

20. Charlottetown

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)9.98%
Annual Percentage of Graduates45.37%
Rent $969
Average cost of tuition$6,878
Internet Speed 128.19Mbps
Living Expenses$1,364.68
Charlottetown Rankings Per Indicator

Although this is a small city, we find that Charlottetown is a great place to study overall. It has high internet speed and a nice, welcoming community where you’ll fit right in. 

Known schools here are the University of Prince Edward Island, Holland College, Maritime Christian College, and Prince of Wales College. 

21. Saguenay

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)0.85%
Annual Percentage of Graduates26.35%
Rent $475
Average cost of tuition$2,648
Internet Speed 102.80Mbps
Living Expenses$1,154.07
Saguenay Rankings Per Indicator

Saguenay is known for affordable rent and utilities such as electricity, effective transportation, high-quality health care, and for being student-friendly. Your choice of schools here include Université du Québec à Chicoutimi and Conservatoire de musique de Saguenay. 

22. Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat
Image from Britannica
Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)4.26%
Annual Percentage of Graduates20.23%
Rent $873
Average cost of tuition$4,539
Internet Speed 120.89Mbps
Living Expenses$1,196.55
Medicine Hat Rankings Per Indicator

Medicine Hat is a great city. For most students, it’s a fantastic place to learn. 

The city boasts of a low cost of living, affordable housing, and a good school system. 

23. Victoria

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)8.25%
Annual Percentage of Graduates62.98%
Rent $1,633
Average cost of tuition$6,142
Internet Speed 129.27Mbps
Living Expenses$1,335.27
Victoria Rankings Per Indicator

It houses one of the best schools for international students, the University of Victoria. People come here to study from virtually 118 different countries annually. 

The city is clean, quiet, and safe. It’s conducive for studying. 

24.  Waterloo

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)11%
Annual Percentage of Graduates38.3%
Rent $1190
Average cost of tuition$8730
Internet Speed 80 Mbps
Living Expenses$668
Waterloo Rankings Per Indicator

Waterloo is actually known as one of the country’s technology hubs, being one of the top manufacturers of tech and innovation. 

It’s a great place to study if you’re into IT and the sciences, you’ll also have higher chances of getting a job in the industry here after graduation. Prestigious universities found here include Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo.

25. Regina

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)11.16%
Annual Percentage of Graduates40.55%
Rent $1,022
Average cost of tuition$7,138
Internet Speed 85.92Mbps
Living Expenses$1,218.16
Regina Rankings Per Indicator

Regina has a pretty solid economy, low taxes, and a more affordable cost of living from what we’ve seen. They have affordable dining and entertainment. 

Their housing options are also ideally priced with a really good transportation system.

26.  Lethbridge

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)6.33%
Annual Percentage of Graduates32.65%
Rent $977
Average cost of tuition$5,319
Internet Speed 126.56Mbps
Living Expenses$1,390.52
Lethbridge Rankings Per Indicator

Lethbridge is known for its great quality of life for a lesser cost. It has greater universities with high quality education and great student experience. 

University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge College, and Reeves College Lethbridge are great options for schooling in this city. 

27. Ottawa

QS Best Student Cities Rank55th
Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)6.80%
Annual Percentage of Graduates61.38%
Rent $1,300
Average cost of tuition$7,589
Internet Speed 68.34 Mbps
Living Expenses$948
Ottawa Rankings Per Indicator

Canada’s capital, found in the east of southern Ontario, is a delightful and student-friendly city. Ottawa is one of the best cities to study in especially if you want to get a degree in the sciences and history. 

The city has a student-centered culture and offers a lot of diverse programs, activities, and events, which we like. Ottawa is home to wonderful universities such as the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, and Dominican University College, among many others.

28. Kamloops

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)3.83%
Annual Percentage of Graduates28.77%
Rent $1,203
Average cost of tuition$5,316
Internet Speed 173.41Mbps
Living Expenses$1,198.96
Kamloops Rankings Per Indicator

The city has a relaxed lifestyle with a warm climate that’s perfect for young people. It has family-friendly neighborhoods, great amenities, and well-rated schools such as Thompson Rivers University and Sprott Shaw College Kamloops. 

29. Kelowna

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)4.55%
Annual Percentage of Graduates29.92%
Rent $1,396
Average cost of tuition$4,194
Internet Speed 167.43Mbps
Living Expenses$1,220.85
Kelowna Rankings Per Indicator

Kelowna has fantastic weather, an active lifestyle, and a high quality of life, perfect for students and families. The community is really nice too. 

Despite the high quality of life, living here won’t hurt your pockets. It’s also a place where you can find good schools such as Okanagan College and the University of British Columbia (Okanagan Campus). 

30. Vancouver

QS Best Student Cities Rank16th
Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)14.95%
Annual Percentage of Graduates69.33%
Rent $2,013
Average cost of tuition$6,335
Internet Speed 85.83 Mbps
Living Expenses$10,000
Vancouver Rankings Per Indicator

Vancouver is one of Canada’s densest and ethnically-diverse cities. The city is a melting pot of cultures. 

It’s also a great city to study in because they have a lot of widely-recognized universities like The University of British Columbia, University Canada West, and Vancouver Island University.

31. Nanaimo

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)4.83%
Annual Percentage of Graduates31.24%
Rent $1,167
Average cost of tuition$5,264
Internet Speed 188.73Mbps
Living Expenses$1,372.99
Nanaimo Rankings Per Indicator

It’s the perfect mix of urban and nature. It’s a great place for students who love the outdoors. 

It has the best living conditions with a calm climate and a good school system. Vancouver Island University is definitely a school you should check out. 

32. St. Catharines

St. Catharines
Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)5.20%
Annual Percentage of Graduates31.53%
Rent $1,142
Average cost of tuition$6,297
Internet Speed 93.28Mbps
Living Expenses$1,169.75
St. Catharines Rankings Per Indicator

This multicultural city is great for international students. It has a high percentage of graduates and affordable tuition. 

Brock University and Niagara College are among your choices for the schools here.

33. Peterborough

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)2.54%
Annual Percentage of Graduates33.04%
Rent $1,146
Average cost of tuition$6,118
Internet Speed 126.57Mbps
Living Expenses$1,211.76
Peterborough Rankings Per Indicator

It offers the perfect blend of rural, urban and lakeside living. It has affordable tuition, rent, and utilities. 

It’s a great place for students on a budget, we think. It also has great schools such as Fleming College and Trent University. 

34. Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay
Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)2.27%
Annual Percentage of Graduates33.03%
Rent $1,082
Average cost of tuition$6,490
Internet Speed 109.32Mbps
Living Expenses$1,181.47
Thunder Bay Rankings Per Indicator

Thunder Bay provides a good lifestyle without breaking the bank. It also has great opportunities for you after you graduate, so it’s not just a good place to study in but also a wonderful city to eventually settle in. 

35. Sudbury

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)1.66%
Annual Percentage of Graduates28.14%
Rent $1,035
Average cost of tuition$6,473
Internet Speed 126.13Mbps
Living Expenses$1,191.80
Sudbury Rankings Per Indicator

If you love the outdoors, you’ll absolutely love studying here. It is a culturally diverse community with a great education and healthcare system. 

It’s home to some fantastic schools such as the University of Sudbury, Cambrian College, and Laurentian University. 

36. North Bay

North Bay
Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)1.35%
Annual Percentage of Graduates29.26%
Rent $909
Average cost of tuition$6,026
Internet Speed 94.85Mbps
Living Expenses$1,212.69
North Bay Rankings Per Indicator

This is a very safe city with a low cost of living, ideal for students on a budget. You’ll also be surrounded by beauty all the time because of its natural environment. 

There are also a lot of cultural festivals, local markets, and nature trails. 

37. Kingston

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)4.16%
Annual Percentage of Graduates45.75%
Rent $1,278
Average cost of tuition$8,631
Internet Speed 125.85Mbps
Living Expenses$1,232.60
Kingston Rankings Per Indicator

Kingston is one of the ideal places to live in because it has a lower cost of living. It also has great school systems. 

Queen’s University, St. Lawrence College, Royal Military College of Canada, and St. Lawrence College are good options for you here. 

38. Windsor

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)8.09%
Annual Percentage of Graduates34.40%
Rent $1,046
Average cost of tuition$7,628
Internet Speed 72.46Mbps
Living Expenses$1,243.62
Windsor Rankings Per Indicator

Windsor is very secure and safe. It’s also beyond student-friendly with reasonable rates and living expenses. 

Housing costs are also very affordable. Schools like the University of Windsor, St. Clair College, Canterbury College, and Assumption University are also great options for schooling with high standards of education and wonderful facilities. 

39. Coquitlam

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)13.9%
Annual Percentage of Graduates30.0%
Rent $1,536
Average cost of tuition$6,750
Internet Speed 80.50Mbps
Living Expenses$1,201.16
Coquitlam Rankings Per Indicator

Students who enjoy the outdoors will love Coquitlam a lot because of its opportunities for outdoor adventure such as hiking, biking, trail running, and fishing. 

You can find Coquitlam College here, which is a good private postsecondary degree-granting institution. 

40. Saskatoon

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)11.06%
Annual Percentage of Graduates44.35%
Rent $1,159
Average cost of tuition$9,061
Internet Speed 70.37Mbps
Living Expenses$1,259.92
Saskatoon Rankings Per Indicator

This city ranks high in housing, safety, and healthcare. It’s a great place to live and is ideal for students because of its high percentage of graduates and reasonable living expenses. 

Schools like the University of Saskatchewan and Saskatoon Teachers’ College can also be found here.

41. Guelph

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)5.77%
Annual Percentage of Graduates48.09%
Rent $1,415
Average cost of tuition$6,607
Internet Speed 103.78Mbps
Living Expenses$1,337.49
Guelph Rankings Per Indicator

Guelph is a fast-growing city that’s 45 minutes away from Toronto. They have a low unemployment and crime rate and a high standard of living. 

It combines city life and small-town friendliness and is an ideal place to get your degree. The University of Guelph, the city’s main university, is known for its high level of education, research, and outstanding facilities. 

42. Prince George

Prince George
Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)3.67%
Annual Percentage of Graduates25.46%
Rent $1,311
Average cost of tuition$5,533
Internet Speed 156.48Mbps
Living Expenses$1,269.44
Prince George Rankings Per Indicator

Prince George is known for its low cost of living and an excellent school system. They say that it’s one of the most community-minded cities in BC. 

This makes it ideal for students to thrive.

43. Halifax

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)5.38%
Annual Percentage of Graduates48.70%
Rent $1.411
Average cost of tuition$8.985
Internet Speed 118.87Mbps
Living Expenses$1,319.94
Halifax Rankings Per Indicator

Halifax is popular with international students because of its prime location and good economy, making it an ideal place to study. The city is conducive for a balanced lifestyle because it’s more relaxed. 

There are so many schools here including Dalhousie University, Saint Mary’s University, Mount Saint Vincent University, University of King’s College, and Calderdale College.

44. Antigonish

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)5.2%
Annual Percentage of Graduates31.7%
Rent $1,011
Average cost of tuition$8.495
Internet Speed 80Mbps
Living Expenses$1,237.47
Antigonish Rankings Per Indicator

Antigonish is very family and student friendly. It’s a very safe environment conducive to studying. 

There’s live theater, terrific food, and excellent shops here as well so it’s not boring. Students will also enjoy beaches and hiking trails.

45. Whitehorse

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)6.44%
Annual Percentage of Graduates44.55%
Rent $1,159
Average cost of tuition$9,061
Internet Speed 47.98Mbps
Living Expenses$1,279.54
Whitehorse Rankings Per Indicator

It may not be the cheapest city to live in but Whitehorse offers an incredible quality of life, from what we’ve seen. It also has stunning nature. 

It has great schools such as Yukon School of Visual Arts and Aurora College. 

46. Barrie

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)3.55%
Annual Percentage of Graduates27.58%
Rent $1,417
Average cost of tuition$6,693
Internet Speed 128.66Mbps
Living Expenses$1,268.26
Barrie Rankings Per Indicator

Barrie is one of the safest cities in Canada. It also offers a low cost of living and steady employment. 

It’s also a great place for students because of its good community and inexpensive tuition costs.

47. Oshawa

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)3.48%
Annual Percentage of Graduates22.29%
Rent $1,217
Average cost of tuition$7,366
Internet Speed 175.14Mbps
Living Expenses$1,377.49
Oshawa Rankings Per Indicator

One of the things we like about Oshawa is how reliable its transit system is. Aside from that, they have affordable housing and beautiful surroundings. 

It’s also very safe here, so you need not worry. It’s a wonderful place for students to learn.

48. London

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)6.97%
Annual Percentage of Graduates41.78%
Rent $1,332
Average cost of tuition$10,193
Internet Speed 69.44Mbps
Living Expenses$1,274.27
London Rankings Per Indicator

London is such a beautiful city. It boasts low-cost housing, small crime rates, an excellent educational system, health care facilities, culture, and even beautiful parks.

Western University, Fanshawe College, and Thames Valley College call it home. 

49. Hamilton

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)5.77%
Annual Percentage of Graduates33.49%
Rent $1.345
Average cost of tuition$8,181
Internet Speed 70.17Mbps
Living Expenses$1,288.10
Hamilton Rankings Per Indicator

Hamilton is very safe and secure. The universities in this city are amongst the top universities in the world with high standards of education. 

Schools you can choose from include McMaster University, Mohawk College, Redeemer University, and Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts. 

50. Cambridge

Diversity (Percentage of Ethnic Groups)4.0%
Annual Percentage of Graduates15.2%
Rent $1,818
Average cost of tuition$8,730
Internet Speed 80.50Mbps
Living Expenses$1,026.21
Cambridge Rankings Per Indicator

Cambridge is a thriving metropolitan city. Although a bit more expensive than the others, it boasts of high quality of life. 

It’s very safe to live in and has a great choice of colleges you can attend. 

Overview of the Data 

Overview of the Data

FAQs About Studying in Canada 

That concludes our list of the best cities in Canada to study in. We hope we were able to help international students make informed decisions. 

Did we miss out on any good cities? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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