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Top 10 All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Joints in Toronto

Top 10 All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Joints in Toronto

If you’re like me – a total food junkie – you probably can’t get enough of sushi. I’ve actually done my share of gastronomic exploration around Toronto, having an awesome adventure while uncovering its best spots that offer all-you-can-eat sushi!

Don’t worry—I won’t gatekeep this info. After all, sushi should be shared. Check out my top picks below and get ready to have your own slice of sushi heaven in the 6ix!

KAKA All You Can Eat

Media from kakaallyoucaneat

Address: 655 Bay St. #5, Toronto, ON M5G 2K4, Canada


Contact Details: +14169793288

Opening Hours: Daily 11:30 AM–11 PM

Cost: $$

Get ready to roll into a sushi paradise at KAKA, Toronto’s hotspot for all-you-can-eat sushi! Right at the heart of Bay and Gerrard, this place is a haven for those who can’t get enough of sushi’s delightful rolls. 

What sets it apart? Well, it’s their signature dish: Aburi oshi sushi.

Aburi oshi sushi is a game-changer in the sushi world. It’s a delightful combination of torching and pressing, creating a unique taste and texture that’s hard to find elsewhere, especially in eat-all-you-can (AYCE) sushi joints around Toronto. 

Pro Tip:

While indulging in KAKA’s sushi spread, make sure to explore their fusion rolls. These are creative ways you can combine flavours for a much more unique experience during your visit. 

August 8

Media from august8restaurant

Address: 331 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON M5T 2E9, Canada


Contact Details: +14165972288

Opening Hours: Daily 11:30 AM–10 PM

Cost: $$

At August 8 Restaurant in Toronto’s Chinatown, you’ll find a unique all-you-can-eat experience, perfect for sushi and dim sum enthusiasts. 

With a welcoming atmosphere for your gatherings, you can enjoy a variety of dishes that cater to all tastes. Highlights include fresh sashimi, uniquely tasty turnip-wrapped rolls, and an array of cooked dishes. 

Your taste buds will be delighted by favourites like fried scallops, beef mushroom rolls, and a tenderloin steak. Plus, don’t miss out on their steamed custard buns for dessert—they’re a real treat!​​

Pro Tip:

Make sure to try their sashimi, especially noted for its freshness and unique serving style on ice. Also, explore their distinctive turnip-wrapped rolls for a different flavour experience. 

Kyoto House Japanese Restaurant

Media from kyotohousesushi

Address: 143 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5G 1C5, Canada


Contact Details: +14165852223

Opening Hours: Daily 11 AM–10 PM

Cost: $$

When visiting Kyoto House in Toronto, you’re in for a treat with their extensive all-you-can-eat sushi menu, which includes soup, salad, and hot dishes. This spot has won over many hearts with its affordability, especially with the under $15 unlimited sushi lunch deal. 

As you explore their lunch and dinner services, you’ll find a variety of tasty options to suit your palate. The atmosphere, reminiscent of an authentic Japanese diner, adds to your unique dining experience.

Your visit to Kyoto House is more than just enjoying a vast array of sushi; it’s about immersing yourself in a casual, authentically Japanese environment. You’ll also love the quick service and the diverse menu, featuring everything from sushi rolls to shrimp tempura and pork cutlets. 

Pro Tip:

Don’t miss the sampler option on the all-you-can-eat menu, giving you a taste of their best offerings across both lunch and dinner.

It’s a great place for groups, so bringing friends or family can turn your meal into a delightful, affordable sushi adventure.

Katsu Sushi

Media credits mena_nemo

Address: 572 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1R1, Canada


Contact Details: +14164663388

Opening Hours: Daily 12–10 PM

Cost: $$

In the heart of Greektown, Toronto, Katsu Sushi provides you with a delightful all-you-can-eat sushi experience, perfect for summer lunches on their inviting patio. Though smaller in menu size, Katsu provides high-quality sushi options with the added charm of outdoor seating. 

Customers have also noted the great selection of sushi and sashimi, and have appreciated the cozy and efficiently serviced atmosphere. 

It’s a fan favourite among many sushi lovers, and many find Katsu to be a step up from typical all-you-can-eat places, making it a favoured sushi spot in East York​​.

Pro Tip:

Consider trying their variety of sushi and sashimi. It’s a good idea to arrive early or during off-peak hours to avoid long waits, especially if you’re planning to enjoy their patio seating in the summer.


Media from sonnyching

Address: 2197 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E 1E5, Canada


Contact Details: +14166935775

Opening Hours: Daily  4:30–9:30 PM

Cost: $$

In Toronto’s bustling financial district, Bikkuri stands out as a stylish sushi restaurant, perfect for special occasions. The chic interior complements an extensive menu that caters to a wide range of sushi preferences, from traditional to contemporary. 

With a menu that’s as extensive as it is diverse, Bikkuri caters to a broad spectrum of sushi enthusiasts, from those who favour the classics to the more adventurous palates seeking something new and exciting. 

Bikkuri promises an experience that’s not only about great sushi but also about enjoying a meal in an elegant and welcoming setting. Whether you’re planning a business lunch or a celebratory dinner, its combination of ambiance and exquisite sushi is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Pro Tip:

To fully experience Bikkuri’s offerings, consider trying their chef’s special rolls. These unique creations are a delightful surprise and showcase the chef’s culinary expertise. 

Ideal for a fancy night out or a business lunch, this spot combines ambiance and gastronomy to create memorable dining moments.

Spring Sushi

Media from spring_sushi_toronto

Address: 10 Dundas St E #500, Toronto, ON M5B 2G9, Canada


Contact Details: +14165966866

Opening Hours: Daily 11:30 AM–10:30 PM

Cost: $$

At Spring Sushi, located right at Yonge and Dundas, you’ll find yourself enjoying sushi with a stunning view. 

The all-you-can-eat menu, featuring a wide variety of sushi, is perfect for those who love variety and quality. It’s a bustling place, so making a reservation is a wise idea, especially if you want to enjoy their lovely patio during the warmer months. 

This spot is not just about great sushi; it’s about experiencing the vibrant heart of Toronto from a unique vantage point.

Pro Tip:

Dive into their ‘Las Vegas Roll’ for a delightful taste experience. This roll comes highly recommended and is a favourite among diners. 

Additionally, considering the popularity of this spot, especially during summer evenings, making a reservation is a smart move to ensure you get a table on their scenic patio. 

Sushi Gen

Media from sushigenhk

Address: 1560 Yonge St Unit #118, Toronto, ON M4T 2S9, Canada


Contact Details: +14169213388

Opening Hours: Daily 11:30 AM–10 PM

Cost: $$

Nestled near Yonge and St. Clair, Sushi Gen is a delightful spot for all-you-can-eat sushi lovers. Known for its affordable prices and a vast menu of over 120 items, it’s a perfect place for both lunch and dinner. 

Guests frequently praise the sushi quality and variety, highlighting favourites like sashimi, tempura, and dynamite rolls. The restaurant’s comfortable seating and welcoming service contribute to its charm, making it an ideal spot for relaxed dining. 

Regardless if you’re in the area for a casual lunch or looking for a cozy dinner spot, it doesn’t matter, as Sushi Gen’s extensive sushi options and pleasant ambiance are sure to impress. It’s a fantastic choice for families or large groups to enjoy a sushi feast together.

Pro Tip:

If you’re around in the afternoons, take advantage of their all-you-can-eat menu offered between 2-5 PM during the week. 

It’s a great way to enjoy a variety of sushi at a reasonable price. The Arctic roll, with its unique rice paper wrap, is also a must-try for something a bit different​​​​.

Media from bysushigallery

Address: 285 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 1G1, Canada


Contact Details: +14165972580

Opening Hours: Daily 11:30 AM–10 PM

Cost: $$

Tucked away on the outskirts of Village by the Grange, Gallery Sushi is a delightful destination for sushi lovers. 

This cozy spot is praised for its excellent value, offering a wide range of Japanese delicacies at prices that won’t break the bank. It’s a fantastic choice for those times when you’re craving sushi but also watching your budget.

Not to mention, the inviting atmosphere of Gallery Sushi makes it a great spot for both solo dining and group gatherings. Patrons have particularly highlighted the bento boxes as a must-try, known for being generously filled and satisfyingly delicious. 

Pro Tip:

Gallery Sushi is an ideal spot for a quiet, casual meal. It’s known for its quick service and fresh sushi, with the Gallery Roll being a popular choice among regulars. 

Also, its location near Dundas Street West makes it easily accessible for a fulfilling lunch or dinner, especially if you’re in the downtown area​​​​.

Echo Sushi

Media from echo.sushi

Address: 2036 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S 1Z9, Canada


Contact Details: +14163228861

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Thursday 12:00 PM – 10:30 PM; Friday to Saturday: 12:00 PM – 11:00 PM; Sunday: 4:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Cost: $$

When you come across a restaurant that has thrived for over two decades, you can be sure they’ve mastered the art of providing a delightful dining experience. 

Echo Sushi, a local gem that welcomed its first patrons in 2003, has been a cherished culinary destination in midtown Toronto, consistently offering a taste of excellence. Despite being one of the most affordable All-You-Can-Eat sushi spots, Echo Sushi doesn’t compromise on quality. 

Their commitment to delivering delicious food remains unwavering. Every day, they carefully select the freshest fish from trusted suppliers, ensuring that their sushi is nothing short of exceptional.

Pro Tip:

For an enjoyable visit to Echo Sushi, it’s a good idea to arrive a bit ahead of the usual lunch or dinner rush. 

This way, you can secure your table and have a more leisurely dining experience. Make sure to savour their delicious beef short ribs; they’re a delightful surprise on the menu. 

And if you’re feeling adventurous or looking for a unique twist, don’t hesitate to try their brown rice rolls—they add a delightful and unexpected twist to your sushi experience​​.

Kuni Sushi Ya

Media credits flymchow

Address: 20 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON M5T 1L1, Canada


Contact Details: +14162603188

Opening Hours: Daily 10 AM to 9:30 PM (Under renovation)

Cost: $$

Kuni Sushi Ya in Toronto offers a unique blend of all-you-can-eat sushi and a vibrant patio scene. In the summer, this spot becomes a hub for those looking to enjoy a variety of sushi options outdoors. 

Pair your sushi feast with a refreshing beer and soak in the ambiance of the bustling outdoor eating space. It’s the perfect setting for both sushi enthusiasts and those who love dining al fresco.

Pro Tip:

To make the most of your visit, try arriving early or booking in advance, especially on warm summer evenings when the patio is in high demand. This way, you can secure a great spot and enjoy your sushi experience without the wait.

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