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Paw-some Dining Top 11 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Toronto You Must Visit

Paw-some Dining: Top 11 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Toronto You Must Visit!

Dogs are man’s best friends, and they deserve all the things in the world and more! I know this first hand since I recently adopted a golden retriever, and let me tell you, life has never been the same. 

His boundless energy and unwavering loyalty have made every moment brighter, and he’s always up for an adventure, especially when it involves food!

When we go out to eat, I can’t bear to leave him behind. So, imagine enjoying a delicious meal while our loyal pups bask in the joy of our company, tails wagging and all. 

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best dog-friendly restaurants in Toronto where we can savor great food without leaving our four-legged friends behind.

So, grab your pooch and let’s dive into a world of canine-approved culinary adventures!

Daily Dose Coffee Bar

Address: 125 John St. 


Contact Details: N/A

Best Food in the Menu:

  •  Ham and Cheese Croissant
  • Cappuccino
  • Mocha Latte
  • Almond Croissant
  • Chai Latte

Opening Hours: Daily 7:30 AM–5 PM

Costs: $$

If you’re on the hunt for a place to grab some seriously good coffee and pastries with your furry buddy, Daily Dose Coffee Bar is the spot. 

Their outdoor seating is super dog-friendly, so you can sip your cappuccino while your pup lounges next to you. It’s also a great spot to get some work done—just tie your dog to their fence and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere. Perfect for a casual day out!

Pro Tip: 

Ask for the “Barista’s Special Brew” if you’re up for trying something unique and off the menu!

Her Father’s Cider Bar + Kitchen

Media from hfciderbar

Address: 119 Harbord St.


Contact Details: +16473477747

Best Food in the Menu: 

  • Charcuterie Board
  • Apple Pie
  • Fish and Chips
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich
  • Seasonal Salads

Opening Hours: Daily 5–9:30 PM

Costs: $$$

If “Her Father’s Cider Bar + Kitchen” doesn’t tell you what this place is all about, then we don’t know what will— basically, this place is Canada’s top spot for cider, boasting over 100 varieties. 

If you’re a cider enthusiast, this place is a must-visit. Their patio is perfect for hanging out with your furry friend. 

With plenty of seating and umbrellas to keep your pup shaded, it’s a comfortable spot for both of you. The ambience is relaxed and welcoming, making it an ideal place to unwind with a refreshing cider in hand while your dog enjoys the fresh air and sights.

Pro Tip: 

They occasionally host cider-tasting events—perfect for discovering new favorites. Keep an eye on their schedule!

Hunters Landing

Media from hunterslanding

Address: 82 Fort York Blvd. 


Contact Details: +16473526082

Best Food in the Menu: 

  • Classic Poutine
  • Bison Burger
  • Maple Glazed Salmon
  • Chicken and Waffles
  • Craft Beer Selections

Opening Hours: Daily 11:30 AM–11 PM

Costs: $$

Imagine a place where you can catch the game, enjoy some delicious food, and have your dog right there with you—that’s Hunters Landing. 

This spot feels like a roomy sports bar, but it’s the patio and mezzanine that steal the show, especially for dog owners. 

These areas are designed with built-in umbrella poles for shade, doubling as sturdy spots to tie your dog’s leash. Locals love the friendly vibe and the menu packed with hearty Canadian dishes and drinks. Your pup will love the fresh air and the relaxed environment.

Pro Tip: 

Swing by for their weekend brunch—it’s a local favorite, and your dog will enjoy the bustling atmosphere!

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen And Bar

Media from mildredstemplekitchen

Address: 85 Hanna Ave #104


Contact Details: +14165885695

Best Food in the Menu: 

  • Blueberry Pancakes
  • Rosemary Bacon
  • Avocado Toast
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Freshly Brewed Coffee

Opening Hours: Daily 10 AM–3 PM

Costs: $$

To say that the Mildred’s Temple Kitchen and Bar is fantastic is one thing, but it’s completely another thing to say that this is an amazing spot for your pups and doggos as well! 

This place has a beautiful patio bordered by lush bushes and grass, making it perfect for you and your dog. 

Your furry friend can lounge comfortably next to you on the other side of the fence while you enjoy a meal. 

The patio offers a mix of shade and sun, ensuring a pleasant environment no matter the weather. The staff here are dog enthusiasts, often pampering pups with fresh water and even the occasional slice of bacon.

Pro Tip: 

Their blueberry pancakes are legendary and worth an early visit to avoid the brunch rush that kicks in around 10 AM. If you’re a fan of brunch, this place will become your new favorite spot.


Media from cafe23coffeebar

Address: 728 Queen St W. 


Contact Details: +15149940465

Best Food in the Menu: 

Opening Hours: Daily 7 AM–7 PM

Costs: $$

Ever wanted a coffee date where your pup is just as welcome as you are? Swing by Cafe23 near Trinity Bellwoods! 

This cozy spot is perfect for enjoying your favorite brew while your dog lounges by your side. The inviting atmosphere means dogs on leashes are more than welcome to join you inside for some quality chill time.

The real gem here is the serene garden patio. Picture yourself relaxing with a good book, a delicious coffee in hand, and your furry friend soaking up the fresh air next to you. It’s the ultimate way to unwind and enjoy a peaceful afternoon.

Pro Tip: 

Try their signature latte and grab a seat on the patio early to snag the best spot.

135 Ossington

Media from 135ossington

Address: 135 Ossington Ave.

Website: N/A

Contact Details: N/A

Best Food in the Menu: 

  • Hojicha Latte
  • Hatch Bean Brewed Coffee
  • Matcha Latte
  • Almond Croissant
  • Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin

Opening Hours: Daily 8 AM–6:30 PM

Costs: $$

Just a short walk from Trinity Bellwoods, 135 Ossington is the ideal spot to enjoy a cup of coffee with your pup by your side. 

This cozy cafe welcomes dogs inside, so you don’t have to leave your furry friend out in the cold. 

They also brew their coffee with hatch beans, ensuring you get that perfect cup every time. If you’re a fan of tea, you have to try their roasted tea lattes, especially the deep-flavored hojicha latte—it’s a game-changer.

Pro Tip: 

Their pastries pair perfectly with the hojicha latte, so don’t miss out!

Bevy Coffee

Media from

Address: 225 Wellington St W Second Floor 


Contact Details: N/A

Best Food in the Menu:

  • Cold Brew Coffee
  • Vegan Brownies
  • Almond Milk Latte
  • Banana Bread
  • Matcha Green Tea Latte 

Opening Hours: Weekdays 8 AM–5 PM

Costs: $$

Ever wanted to enjoy a coffee while soaking up some eclectic art and skateboard vibes? Bevy in Toronto is your go-to spot! 

This unique hybrid coffee shop, art gallery, and skateboard shop offers a sun-filled space perfect for a caffeine boost or a sweet treat.

And the absolutely best part? You can even enjoy all this with your pup right by your side. The art installations are constantly changing, so there’s always something new and exciting to see.

Pro Tip: 

Grab a window seat for the best natural light and people-watching opportunities while you sip your coffee.

Tom & Sawyer

Media from tomandsawyer

Address: 1247 Queen St E, Toronto


Contact Details: +16472473212

Best Food in the Menu: 

  • Freshly Brewed Coffee
  • Gourmet Pet Treats
  • Vegan Cookies
  • Chai Latte
  • Seasonal Pastries

Opening Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 10 AM–5 PM

Costs: $$

For those picky pet eaters and caffeine lovers, Tom & Sawyer is a dream come true! This pet store and cafe mix is your one-stop shop for all things furry and fabulous. 

Even if you’re stopping by for a quick coffee, picking up a little treat for your pup, or placing an order for fresh pet food, the friendly and knowledgeable staff will make both you and your dog feel right at home. 

The space might be store-first, but it offers plenty of colorful and comfy seats where you and your furry friend can kick back and relax.

Pro Tip: 

Check out their selection of gourmet pet treats—your dog will thank you!

Beatrice Society Cafe

Media from beatricesociety

Address: 511 Richmond St W. 


Contact Details: N/A

Best Food in the Menu: 

  • Freshly Brewed Espresso
  • Avocado Toast
  • Blueberry Muffin
  • Cappuccino
  • Chocolate Croissant

Opening Hours: Daily 8:30  AM–7  PM

Costs: $$

Just a stone’s throw from Toronto’s off-leash St. Andrew’s dog park, the Beatrice Society Cafe offers a charming two-story space with a hip New York vibe. 

This popular spot warmly welcomes pups inside (on a leash, of course) while you place your order. Just remember to swing by during dog-approved hours to ensure a smooth visit for you and your furry friend.

Pro Tip: 

Visit in the morning for a quieter experience and the best selection of fresh pastries.

JINYA Ramen Bar

Address: 541 Robson St. 


Contact Details: +16046999377

Best Food in the Menu: 

  • Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen
  • Vegan Ramen
  • Poached Egg Toppings
  • Pork Chashu Ramen
  • Tokyo Curry Rice

Opening Hours: Daily 11 AM–10 PM

Costs: $$

For a taste of authentic Japanese cuisine that’s both bold and inspired, head over to JINYA Ramen Bar in Vancouver. 

This place takes classic Japanese dishes and elevates them to a whole new level. Imagine diving into a bowl of steaming hot ramen, with perfectly aged noodles and a broth that’s rich and bursting with flavor. Every slurp here is an experience in itself.

The best part? JINYA Ramen Bar welcomes dogs on their patio, so you can enjoy your meal with your furry friend by your side. It’s a great spot to relax and savor some fantastic ramen while your pup enjoys the fresh air.

Pro Tip: 

Try the Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen if you’re looking for a flavorful kick that’s perfectly balanced with creamy broth.

Granville Island Brewing

Address: 1441 Cartwright St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R7, Canada


Contact Details: +16046872739

Best Food in the Menu: 

  • Beer-Battered Fish and Chips
  • Pretzel with Beer Cheese Dip
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich
  • Poutine
  • Seasonal Salad

Opening Hours: Daily 9  AM–12 PM

Costs: $$$

If you love beer (or even if you’re just beer-curious), then you’ve got to at least pay a visit to Granville Island Brewing in Vancouver. 

This place is legendary—it’s Canada’s first microbrewery, kicking off the craft beer scene since 1984. Nestled in the vibrant Granville Island area, it’s the perfect spot to tour the brewery and sample a wide range of locally inspired brews.

From crisp lagers to hearty IPAs and seasonally rotating small-batch brews, you’re guaranteed a richness of flavor that celebrates true craft of beer goodness! 

The on-site taproom serves delicious food that pairs perfectly with their beers. And the best part? Their patio is dog-friendly, so you can bring your furry friend along to enjoy the vibe.

Pro Tip: 

Try the seasonal small-batch brews—they’re always unique and give you a taste of the brewery’s innovative spirit.

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