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Top 10 Camping Sites in Toronto

Top 10 Camping Sites in Toronto

There’s so many outdoor activities in Toronto that you can do because of the beautiful landscapes and seascapes that are quite abundant in the city. 

Sure, you have high skyscrapers and vast malls that are equally just as exciting, but isn’t it much better to explore the natural world of Toronto to your heart’s content? And what better way to do so than camp a day or two in some of the city’s most breathtaking vistas. 

To learn more, we’re ecstatic to give you our personal list of camping sites that you ought to discover for yourself and have the best camping trip of your lifetime here in Toronto! Shall we begin? 

Darlington Provincial Park

Media from darlingtonprovpark

Address: 1600 Darlington Park Rd, Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K3, Canada


Contact Details: +19054362036

Opening Hours: 24/7

Just a short drive from Toronto, Darlington Provincial Park will give you a peaceful escape with its sandy beaches and calm waters. This beautiful park is home to Toronto’s amazing camping ground, and there are quite a number of fun outdoor activities you can do here to start your trip!

With a large pond and a nearby small lake, your fishing adventures can be quite fruitful, targeting species like largemouth bass and panfish. The best fishing times are early mornings and late evenings, especially during the summer months. 

You’ll find the park’s amenities cater to your needs, including boat launches and picnic areas, ensuring your camping trip is comfortable and convenient. 

If you’re planning a multi-day visit, the park’s campgrounds provide a range of options from basic tent sites to electrical service sites, accommodating your preference for rustic or more modern camping experiences. 

Pro Tip:

Enhance your visit to Darlington Provincial Park by exploring its diverse trails early in the morning or just before sunset. These times not only offer cooler temperatures for hiking but also increase the chances of wildlife sightings. 

Rockwood Conservation Area

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Address: 161 Fall St S, Guelph/Eramosa, ON N0B 2K0, Canada


Contact Details: +15198569543

Opening Hours: Daily 8 AM–5:30 PM

Just close to Guelph, Rockwood Conservation Area is a remarkable site if you’re seeking both peace of time and adventure. Sometimes, we just want to get out and relax outdoors, you know? And trust us, you’ve come to the right place. 

Firstly, the nearby river Eramosa River winding through is a prime spot for kayaking enthusiasts to explore water-carved limestone cliffs and serene waters. 

The park is equipped with canoe rentals and picnic areas, but it’s the hiking trails leading to stunning cave formations that often capture visitors’ imaginations. 

With designated campsites, Rockwood combines accessibility with a sense of wilderness, offering both tent and RV camping options. Conservation efforts focus on preserving the area’s natural beauty, promoting catch-and-release practices. 

If you’re looking to extend their stay, nearby accommodations include charming bed and breakfasts, providing a cozy retreat after a day’s adventure.

Pro Tip:

Rockwood’s geological formations are a must-see. Bring a waterproof camera for kayaking or canoeing through the Eramosa River to capture the stunning limestone cliffs and caves. 

Sibbald Point Provincial Park

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Address: 26071 Park Rd, Jacksons Point, ON L0E 1L0, Canada


Contact Details: +19057228061

Opening Hours: Daily 8 AM–10 PM

On the outskirt shores of Lake Simcoe, Sibbald Point Provincial Park is a haven for campers and outdoor enthusiasts. 

The lake nearby is renowned for its ice fishing in the winter, with perch and whitefish being the prized catches. During the open water season, you can look forward to reeling in smallmouth bass and lake trout, using techniques like trolling and jigging. 

It also boasts well-maintained facilities, including boat launches and fish cleaning stations, ensuring your fishing experience is hassle-free. 

For your stay, Sibbald Point offers a variety of camping options, from secluded tent sites to accessible RV spots, surrounded by nature’s beauty. 

The park emphasizes conservation, urging you to respect the natural habitat by following responsible fishing practices—and we urge you to make sure that you respect their rules to have the best stay possible! 

Pro Tip:

Winter visitors to Sibbald Point should not miss the opportunity for ice fishing, a popular activity on Lake Simcoe. However, for those visiting during warmer months, bring binoculars for bird watching along the shoreline and wooded areas.

Elora Gorge Conservation Area

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Address: 7400 Wellington County Rd 21, Elora, ON N0B 1S0, Canada


Contact Details: +15198469742

Opening Hours: 24/7

Elora Gorge stands out for its dramatic cliffs and the Grand River rushing through, creating a picturesque setting for campers and thrill-seekers alike. 

One thing to take note of when camping here is that this place enforces strict conservation rules to protect its unique ecosystem, requiring licenses for fishing and hunting if you’re into that sort of thing. 

What’s amazing about Elora Gorge is it offers various amenities, including hiking trails that afford breathtaking views of the gorge and river below. Campsites range from basic tent sites to more equipped ones for RVs, ensuring all visitors find a suitable spot. 

The conservation area is also a hotspot for tubing adventures, offering a fun way to enjoy the river’s natural flow. 

Pro Tip:

For an off-the-beaten-path experience, take the trail leading to the hidden lookout points early in the morning to avoid crowds and capture serene views of the gorge at sunrise.

Algonquin Provincial Park

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Address: Ontario 60, Ontario K0J 2M0, Canada


Contact Details: +17056335572

Opening Hours: 24/7

Algonquin Park will undoubtedly set you an unparalleled wilderness experience because here, your camping tales could include indulging in the calm nature and witnessing beautiful wildlife. 

The park’s vastness welcomes you with a variety of camping options, from backcountry adventures to RV-friendly sites. 

Your journey in Algonquin can be enriched by canoeing through its interconnected lakes or hiking its scenic trails—fantastic options to add to your trip itinerary for a robust and busy day! 

What we love about the park is that it promotes a deep respect for wildlife and natural resources, inviting you to be part of conservation efforts! 

Pro Tip:

Pack a telescope or binoculars, and head to one of the park’s many lakes for a night under the stars. Late summer and early fall are particularly good times to catch a glimpse of the Milky Way or the Northern Lights.

MacGregor Point Provincial Park

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Address: 1593 Bruce Rd 33, Port Elgin, ON N0H 2C5, Canada


Contact Details: +15193899056

Opening Hours: Daily 9 AM–4 PM

MacGregor Point is a unique blend of excitement and serenity, making it a perfect spot for your next camping adventure—regardless if you’re looking for a wild or calm camping trip! 

The park’s varied habitats provide excellent opportunities for you to either fish, kayak, or canoe. At the same time, the hiking trails are long and windy without ever feeling boring and daunting to explore—just the perfect blend of both land and aquatic activities. 

Your visit here is enhanced by well-equipped campsites and the availability of year-round camping, including yurts for a comfortable winter stay. 

Hey, the exploration can even extend beyond mere camping, with trails for biking and bird-watching, ensuring a diverse experience. 

Pro Tip:

Bird enthusiasts visiting MacGregor Point should not miss the spring migration season. The park’s diverse ecosystems make it a hotspot for birding. 

Bring a field guide and a pair of good quality binoculars to enjoy the variety of species that pass through or make the park their home.

Georgian Bay Islands National Park

Media from georgianbaypark

Address: R4XH+WH, Georgian Bay, ON L0K 1S0, Canada


Contact Details: +17055268907

Opening Hours: 24/7

Georgian Bay Islands National Park is a secluded paradise in Toronto that’s only accessible only by boat, making the camping trip a little bit more unique. 

That means you need to gear up with waterproof attire and sturdy fishing rods, adhering strictly to catch-and-release practices to preserve the ecosystem. 

While navigating the waters, it’s crucial to have a valid fishing license, in line with Ontario’s regulations. The park itself has minimalistic campsites, enhancing the rustic experience, complemented by essential amenities like boat launches and designated fishing areas.

Safety is a priority, with clear guidelines on weather preparedness and emergency protocols. Beyond fishing, the park is a gateway to hiking trails and historical sites, perfect for when one decides to reel in their line and explore on land.

Pro Tip:

To fully experience the beauty of Georgian Bay Islands National Park, plan a multi-island kayaking trip. Paddle at your own pace and discover secluded beaches and hidden coves.

Make sure to pack a portable water filter for fresh drinking water and reduce the need to carry heavy water supplies.

Balsam Lake Provincial Park

Media from balsamlake_pp

Address: 2238 Kawartha Lakes County Rd 48, Kirkfield, ON K0M 2B0, Canada


Contact Details: +17054543324

Opening Hours: 24/7

Balsam Lake Provincial Park boasts a serene setting with its verdant campsites and pristine sandy beaches. Directions to this tranquil spot are straightforward, with landmarks like the Kirkfield Lift Lock guiding the way. 

Equipped with family-friendly facilities, including picnic areas and boat launches, the park ensures a comfortable and accessible fishing journey. 

What’s great about Balsam Lake Park is you can rent gear from local suppliers, ensuring they have the best tools for the task. 

If you’re wondering about amenities, this park’s accommodations range from simple campsites to charming bed and breakfasts, providing a spectrum of overnight options.

Pro Tip:

Balsam Lake’s clear waters are ideal for snorkeling. Bring your snorkel gear to explore the underwater ecosystem along the shoreline. 

Pinery Provincial Park

Media from pineryprovpark

Address: 9526 Lakeshore Rd, Grand Bend, ON N0M 1T0, Canada


Contact Details: +15192432220

Opening Hours: 24/7

The Pinery stands as a testament to the natural beauty of Lake Huron’s shores, boasting an extensive coastal dune ecosystem. 

If you’re concerned about travel, the park is located near Grand Bend, making it a prominent landmark in close proximity. Also, this place is equipped with modern amenities, including boat rentals and bait shops, ensuring a comfortable stay.

There’s more to this park than simply camping as well. Local guides offer immersive fishing tours, while accommodation options range from rustic campsites to cozy lodges, nestled within the park’s lush landscapes. 

The emphasis on conservation is evident through designated fishing zones and wildlife preservation initiatives. Safety measures, particularly for swimming and boating, are rigorously implemented, making it a family-friendly destination. 

Pro Tip:

The Pinery’s Oak Savanna and Coastal Dune Ecosystems are unique in Ontario. Rent a bike from the visitor center and explore the park’s extensive network of biking trails. 

Glen Rouge Campground

Media credits iamjoan_g

Address: 7450 Kingston Rd, Scarborough, ON M1B 0B7, Canada


Contact Details: +18558110111

Opening Hours: 24/7

Glen Rouge Campground presents a unique blend of urban convenience and natural escapade, located within the sprawling Rouge National Urban Park. 

The campground is a haven for city dwellers seeking a quick retreat which leads straight to Toronto’s green heart. This location promotes a sustainable fishing ethos, with guidelines on responsible catch-and-release practices. 

You’re also encouraged to use biodegradable gear, in line with the park’s conservation efforts. If you think that’s all, Glen Rouge also has several hiking trails and kayak rentals, making sure you won’t run out of fun activities while camping. 

For a seamless adventure, local outfitters provide all necessary equipment, while nearby accommodations offer a comfortable retreat after a day of exploration. 

Pro Tip:

Take advantage of Glen Rouge’s proximity to the city for a night photography session. The park’s urban setting offers a unique backdrop for capturing the night sky against the cityscape. 

For astrophotography enthusiasts, the less light-polluted areas of the park near the water can provide surprising results.

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