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The 10 Best Places to Raise Kids Canada

The 10 Best Places to Raise Kids Canada

Parenting is a delightful ride, yet picking the ideal place to raise children can be challenging. In Canada, we’re fortunate that several towns are splendid spots to set up a family-friendly base. 

Here, we will explore the best places where you can raise your kids, assessing what each offers for families and what makes them stand out in the Canadian landscape. Read on!

Ottawa, Ontario


Ottawa, our nation’s capital, effortlessly balances urban living with the quintessential charms of a smaller town. It has something to offer for everyone – from your little ones to your teenagers and even you, the loving parents!

Education is central to Ottawa’s identity, with a plethora of highly ranked schools (both private and public) that nourish bright young minds. In this academic haven, the next generation of trailblazers is being nurtured right before your eyes.

When it comes to extracurricular activities, Ottawa is simply buzzing. From sports clubs and art classes to museums filled with fascinating exhibits just waiting to be explored, your kids will be developing essential life skills while having lots of fun.

Local tip: Don’t miss out on skating on the Rideau Canal in winter—a magical Ottawa experience your kids will adore.

Vancouver, British Columbia


Education here in Vancouver is top-notch, boasting exceptional schools where kids can blossom both academically and personally. The city’s outdoor playground is unparalleled, with its sandy beaches, snow-capped mountains, and lush parks.

Vancouver is also known for its commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and an eco-conscious lifestyle. What better place for the little champions of tomorrow?

Here, your kids will learn the values of respect and tolerance while bonding with peers from all walks of life.

Local tip: Join the locals in cheering for the Canucks at a hockey game. Your family is sure to catch the contagious Vancouver spirit!

Burlington, Ontario


Burlington is revered for its robust education system that keeps parents smiling and kids thriving. A variety of top-rated schools are at your doorstep, where dedicated teachers are ushering in a new generation of go-getters, dreamers, and creators.

No worries about boredom creeping into your family life; Burlington offers a medley of activities to keep everyone busy and content. Proximity to Toronto and Hamilton opens up countless avenues in Burlington, from employment to entertainment.

And should you ever need it, quality healthcare services have got your family covered, too.

Local tip: Every September, the city hosts the annual “Spencer Smith Park,” filled with family-fun activities.

St. Albert, Alberta


St. Albert beams with pride for its safe neighbourhoods, which instantly puts parents at ease. It’s a place where kids freely roam for their after-school adventures, and the concept of a community extends beyond just pleasant greetings. 

Furthermore, St. Albert has curated a brilliant educational system that ranks amongst the top in Alberta. The city is home to numerous public and private schools that thrive on providing quality education and nurturing a holistic approach towards kids’ development. 

This forward-thinking approach feeds into the seamless blend of urban life and nature that the city offers.

Local tip: Embrace the local farmer’s market for some family fun while shopping for fresh, locally grown produce!

Waterloo, Ontario


Right from the outset, Waterloo’s allure is pretty apparent. Though smaller in size, it punches well above its weight.

The city boasts schools that are consistently top-rated. Institutions here understand the need to mould young minds in our tech-driven world while simultaneously giving them rounded exposure in the arts, physical education, and more.

Waterloo extends past school hours too. After-school activities, groups, and clubs are scattered throughout the city, ensuring kids remain occupied, engaged, and learning at all times.

Local tip: Don’t miss the annual Waterloo Jazz Festival! It’s a cultural feast not to be missed, and a wonderful opportunity to introduce kids to a vibrant range of music.

Quebec City, Quebec


Historically rich and brimming with culture, Quebec City paints a vibrant picture of life. The city’s heritage and eye-catching architecture provide a distinct backdrop for raising internationally-minded children.

Whether it’s through the local festivals, historical sites, or simply roaming through the narrow, cobbled streets, kids here grow an effortless appreciation for history and culture. 

To complement this cultural exposure, Quebec City has excellent public and private educational institutions that strive to mould well-rounded individuals.

The city’s strong focus on the sports sector ensures kids have plenty of opportunities to engage in various physical activities, advancing their physical wellness and team-building skills—crucial attributes in today’s world.

Local tip: Introduce your family to the world of poutine—they will love this quintessential Quebec delight!

Halifax, Nova Scotia


If you wish to have your child grow alongside nature’s stunning backdrop, the port city of Halifax holds promise. Halifax is a tight-knit community that bestows upon families the luxury of coastal living and a warm community feeling.

As parents, you can count on the neighbours to lend you a hand or share a laugh, upholding the idea that it takes a village to raise a child. Educationally, Halifax doesn’t lag either.

They have a well-developed educational system that values personal growth and academic achievement equally. 

The moderate pace of the city allows children to enjoy their learning journey without rushing through their childhood—a precious period they will not get back.

Local tip: Explore Peggy’s Cove, not just for the iconic lighthouse but also for the quaint community nestled around it!

Fredericton, New Brunswick


Fredericton houses premium educational institutions committed to creating a space where innovation and creativity can flourish. This means the young minds residing here are constantly encouraged to push boundaries, question norms, and shape their future.

The health care system in Fredericton, known for its quality, is another feather in the city’s hat. Smooth access to excellent healthcare services significantly reduces stress for parents and ensures an environment where kids can be healthy and carefree.

Fredericton’s ample parks and recreational facilities are always buzzing with activities, drawing families for weekend picnics and impromptu soccer games.

Local tip: Don’t miss a family picnic by the serene St. John River—it’s a local rite of passage!

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island


Charlottetown, the birthplace of the Canadian Confederation, is a treasure hidden in the heart of Prince Edward Island. Despite being a city, Charlottetown maintains a small-town charm, offering safety, space, and a friendly community vibe.

Kids growing up here benefit from top-tier schools focused on providing quality education and fostering extracurricular skills. The city’s low crime rate further assures parents that their children will grow up in a safe and nurturing community.

It’s a massive sigh of relief to know that your little ones are safe when they step out to play or go to school.

Local tip: Grab your bikes and set off for a family adventure on the Confederation Trail—it’s a great way to introduce your children to the beautiful landscapes of Charlottetown.

Vernon, British Columbia


Even though Vernon is relatively small, the high standards of the schools here rival those found in larger cities. These schools are incredibly accessible and foster an educational climate that encourages learning, both in and out of the classroom.

The range of outdoor activities in Vernon is staggering, extending beyond the town into the awe-inspiring landscapes nearby. 

Exposing kids to such surroundings can cultivate an appreciation for the environment from a young age and, who knows, perhaps even inspire the next generation of green warriors.

Growing up in this supportive environment can have a huge positive impact on kids, as they feel a sense of belonging and learn the importance of community.

Local tip: Traverse Kalamalka Lake for a unique family outing—it’s an unforgettable way to spend a day in Vernon!

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