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10 Best Drive-in Cinema as around Toronto

10 Best Drive-in Cinema as around Toronto

If you’re looking to add a dash of nostalgia to your movie night, Toronto’s drive-in cinemas are where the magic happens. We’ve sifted through the cityscape to bring you the crème de la crème of outdoor movie experiences. 

So, buckle up, cinephiles! We’ve picked the best ones just for you, promising a reel (pun intended) treat under the Toronto night sky.  

The 5 Drive-In Movie Theatre Oakville

Media from 5driveinoakville

Address: 2332 Ninth Line, Oakville, ON L6H 7G9

Contact details: +1 905-257-8272

Schedule: Coming soon


Hey, just cruise about 25 kilometres west of Toronto, and you’ll hit Oakville – home to the 5 Drive-In Movie Theatre. They feature three screens, two recent releases on each, making it six films every night, rain or shine.

And let’s not forget the essential pitstop – a concession stand ready to hook you up with snacks before you dive into the movie extravaganza. So, whether you’re craving popcorn, cotton candy, hamburgers, or hot dogs, they’ve got you covered. 

Also, showing up early might save you from the lines at the concession stands, given the spot’s popularity. The box office swings its doors open at 6:45 p.m. sharp, so prepare for showtime.

Pro tips:

  • Grab your tickets online and make sure to roll in early – it’s a hotspot near Toronto! 
  • For families, the 5 Drive-In’s got you covered – there’s a nice kids’ play area right there to keep the little ones entertained.

Hanover Drive-In Theatre

Media from ovjoelastchance

Address: 033277 Grey County Road #28

Contact details: 519-364-2066

Opening hours: Comes back in spring


Though it’s a bit of a drive from Toronto, around 2.2 hours, we promise it’s worth the shoutout. Just a 50-minute cruise from Owen Sound, you’ll hit the local Hanover Drive-In Theatre.

Picture this: a scenic drive-in experience up north, with a charming old-fashioned barn as the backdrop for the screen. It’s a cozy spot with friendly staff, making sure you’re all set.

Now, here’s the lowdown on prices: Adults are $15, kids aged 6-12 are $3, and the little ones aged five and under get in for free. They’ve got some sweet deals, too, like Triple Bills (that’s three features) for $13 and the Dusk Till Dawn (four features) special for $14. 

Pro tips:

  • Just a heads up, their box office usually kicks things off around 8:45 pm. So, plan your arrival for the reel action! 
  • A quick tip: Don’t forget to bring some bills and change because they’re all about the cash – no cards accepted.

Stardust Drive-in Theatre

Media from stardustdriveinsta

Address: 893 Mt Albert Rd, Sharon, ON L0G 1V0

Contact details: +1 905-836-4444

Schedule: Comes back in spring


Head to Newmarket, just 40 clicks north of the city, and discover the Stardust – a fantastic drive-in movie spot. Three screens, two movies each night on each – perfect for catching the latest hits with that ’50s drive-in vibe, especially if you’re in Markham or Scarborough.

It isn’t just a movie joint; it’s clean and cozy and serves tasty treats like chilli cheese fries, onion rings, and churros. For that sunset magic, pop the trunk, grab bug spray, blankets, foldable chairs, and sweaters for ultimate comfort.

Your ticket covers both movies on the same screen, featuring the latest box-office hits. Also, you can’t bring outside food, but trust us – the menu rocks with excellent reviews.

Pro tips:

  • Hey, just a heads up – steer clear of those potholes near the entrance and exit of the drive-in. Take it slow and easy for a smooth ride.
  • Oh, by the way, there’s no playground around here for the little ones.

Lindsay Twin Drive-In Movie Theatre

Media from lindsaydrivein

Address: 229 Pigeon Lake Rd, Lindsay, ON K9V 4R6

Contact details: [email protected] 

Schedule: Open Every Weekend Friday to Sunday: Box Office: 6:30pm; First Features: 7:00pm


Check out the Lindsay Twin Drive-In – it’s got two screens and dishes out the latest flicks. Now, when it comes to snacks, they’ve got the good stuff – think prime rib burgers, all-beef hotdogs, supersized fries, onion rings, deep-fried pickles, and slushies.

Round up your crew, whether it’s friends, family, or even your furry friend because pets on leashes are welcome. You can also bring some of your own snacks from home and catch an epic sunset while enjoying your movie.

Lindsay isn’t just about movies; it’s hosted live concerts featuring local country artists like the James Barker Band and Kane Brown. And for the little ones, there’s a small playground to keep them entertained before the movie kicks off. 

Pro tips:

  • Just a heads up, no screen-hopping is allowed during the movie or intermission. Pick a spot and enjoy the show.
  • If there aren’t enough cars (like less than 10 per screen per movie), the movie won’t roll. No worries, though – rain checks for everyone in that case.

Mustang Drive-In in London

Media from outerbanksedition

Address: 2551 Wilton Grove Rd, London, ON N6N 1M7

Contact details: +1 519-644-1160

Schedule: Comes back in spring


Hang out at the Mustang Drive-In in Guelph, Ontario! They’ve got one screen rocking two movies every night, and it’s all about first-come, first-served parking. Snag the Sunday Night Carload deal for just 25-30 bucks – a steal! 

Now, let’s talk grub. The concession stand has got you covered with everything from burgers, hotdogs, and poutine to onion rings, ice cream, candy, and, of course, the essential popcorn!

It’s also a plus that it’s pet-friendly, so bring your furry pals on a leash. Oh, and there’s a little playground for the kiddos, too.   

Pro tip:

  • Quick heads up: Mustang Drive-In is cash-only. They’ve got an ATM there, but it’s better to have some cash on hand.

Sunset Barrie Drive-In Theatre

Media from dudersons

Address: 134 Line 4 S, Barrie, ON L0L 2L0

Contact details: +1 705-487-3758

Schedule: Comes back in spring


Hey, if you’re up for a drive, Sunset Barrie is less than 90 minutes from Toronto – totally worth it! Nestled near Lake Simcoe, it’s a great spot for a day trip or a weekend chill. 

Snack-wise, they’ve got your classic popcorn and hot dogs but also some heartier options like pulled pork sandwiches, chicken fingers, and even fried pickles on a stick. Movies range from Disney flicks to adult comedies and blockbusters. 

And the cool part? It’s just a short drive from Roeberta Park and Oro Lea Beach, making it easy to turn a lake day into a movie night. 

Pro tip:

  • Oh, and don’t miss this – they’ve got tables in matching colors and a cute little swing set for your kids to enjoy while you grab a bite before the show.

Can-View Drive-In

Media from joeaubertin

Address: Fonthill, Ontario

Contact details: [email protected] 

Schedule: Comes back in spring


Check out the Can-View Drive-In – a sweet outdoor spot perfect for cruising around the Niagara region. It’s an all-inclusive scene, whether you’re a couple, bringing grandma, or even your pets (though keep that pet etiquette on point). 

And here’s the scoop on admission – kids under 6 get in free, there’s a senior discount, plus a $14 Dusk to Dawn pack that’ll keep you entertained till morning. And trust us, their poutine is a must-try for the movie!

Oh, when it comes to paying, they’re all good with debit, credit, and cash. Plus, you can snag your tickets online or at the box office—your call!

Pro tip:

  • Check out their deals – $8 Discount Tuesdays, $18 Carload Thursdays, $13 for a Triple Bill, and $14 for Dusk to Dawn.

Muskoka Drive-In Movie Theatre

Media from muskokabearwear

Address: 1001 Theatre Rd. Hwy 11 Exit #175 in Gravenhurst, ON

Contact details: [email protected] 

Schedule: Coming soon


Planning a fun time in cottage country with friends or family—well, the Muskoka Drive-In is a must-visit. Enjoy the convenience of 2-screen simultaneous viewing – the perfect way to unwind after a day of hiking at Hardy Lake or a refreshing swim at Muskoka Beach Park. 

This spot isn’t just about movies; it’s an excellent playground for kids to have a blast while catching a film under the stars. And when those hunger pangs hit, swing by the concession stand for a snack, but it’s a cash-only spot with a no outside food policy.

Speaking of cash, the Muskoka Drive-In operates on a cash-only basis, but don’t worry – they’ve got an ATM on-site for your convenience. Also, rain or shine, the show goes on, ensuring an unforgettable movie night in the heart of cottage country! 

Pro tips:

  • Feel free to bring your furry friends along – keep them on a leash and under control.
  • Here’s the deal – adults are $12, children aged 6-12 get in for $5, and the little ones aged 5 and under are totally free.

The Boonies Drive In Theatre

Media from the_boonies_drive_in

Address: 4625 Richardson Side Road Tilbury, ON N0P 2L0 

Contact details: 519-682-1010

Schedule: Coming soon


Check out the Boonies Drive-In Theatre – it’s not just about current blockbusters; they throw in some old classics now and then. Run by a family in South Western Ontario, this place is all about good vibes.

They’ve got weekly movie lineups, and let’s talk snacks – we’re talking popcorn, nachos, pretzels, candy, fountain pop, slush puppies, and more. It’s a feast for your taste buds, and if you’re into it, there’s a smoking section.

Plus, their inside concession building is available to host holiday parties that have plenty of tables and seating, free arcade games for the kiddos, an indoor movie screen, and a kitchen you can use. Whether you cater your meal or let them whip something up for you, it’s a win-win.

Pro tips:

  • You can grab your tickets either online or swing by their ticket booth. Just a heads up, though – at the ticket booth, it’s cash only!
  • The first movie starts at dusk, and there’s a short break of 15-20 minutes between the shows. Just follow the parking instructions given when you arrive.  

Starlite Drive In Theatre

Media from urbanicityhamilton

Address: 59 Green Mountain Rd E, Stoney Creek, ON

Contact details: (905) 662-4800

Schedule: Coming soon


Take a breezy 40-kilometer drive west of Toronto, and you’ll discover The Starlight nestled in Hamilton. Here’s the magic – each night, they’ve got three screens, each showcasing two recent release movies. 

That’s a total of six films, and what’s cool is that both movies playing on the same screen are included in the admission price. It’s like a double or even triple-feature extravaganza, all under the starlit sky.

Now, a heads up – they prefer no outside food but don’t fret—the concession stand is your go-to. Picture this: classic movie treats like popcorn, hamburgers, and hotdogs mingle with unique delights like deep-fried pickles, pulled pork sandwiches, and funnel cakes. 

Pro tip:

  • Keep your eyes peeled – they’ve got combo deals on concession meals that’ll make your family budget breathe a sigh of relief. 

And there you have it – the inside scoop on the top drive-ins in and around Toronto. Whether you’re rolling in with your own wheels or grabbing a car rental, these spots are set for the perfect night out under the stars. 

So pack your favourite movie snacks, kick start the engine, and let the cinematic journey unfold. These drive-ins sure know how to make every night a blockbuster!

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