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The 10 Best Beaches in Canada

The 10 Best Beaches in Canada

Alright, my fellow beach lovers, let’s take off those parkas and grab our sunglasses. I’m about to guide you on a grand tour of Canada’s most stunning beaches.

Yes, you read that right; Canada, the land famous for its breathtaking mountains, sprawling wilderness, multicultural cities, and, gosh-darn, nice folks, also boasts a treasure trove of sandy, sun-kissed paradises.

So arm yourself with the sun cream and gather your sandcastle-building prowess, as we’re about to dig into the best beaches in Canada. Because, oh, do we have an exciting journey ahead? So read on!

San Josef Bay, British Columbia


Now, we’re kicking off our coast-to-coast beach adventure with the hidden gem of the north: San Josef Bay, British Columbia. Tucked away in Cape Scott Provincial Park on Northern Vancouver Island, this secluded spot takes a little effort to reach, but it is worth it!

And if you think this beach is just about sitting back and taking in the mesmerising views, think again. You’re in for some serious hiking adventures here!

The Cape Scott Trail will lead your wandering hearts through 2.5 kilometres of lush old-growth forest before revealing the grandeur of San Josef Bay. The tall tales of capable explorers who took on this trail are stuff for scrapbooks.

The beach also houses a campsite for those wanting to extend their stay and listen to the lullabies of the crashing waves. Just remember to keep those food scraps secured unless you fancy sharing breakfast with the local wildlife!

Local Tip: Remember, the bay is a bit of a journey with no cell service. Pack supplies, tell someone your plans, and check the tide tables!

Carters Beach, Nova Scotia


Now let’s zing over to the opposite coast to visit Carters Beach in Nova Scotia. This dreamy spot is all about the three C’s: clear, calm, and Caribbean—uh uh, you didn’t misread that!

No need to pinch yourself or rub your eyes in disbelief. You’ll think you’ve stumbled into a tropical paradise here on Canada’s Atlantic coast due to the incredibly clear, shallow waters and powdery white sand.

But hey, the fun doesn’t stop at the shoreline! Set your sights further afield, and you will find beautiful islands scattered across the horizon. For the more intrepid, these are accessible by kayak, giving you the chance to add some adventure to your beach day.

And let’s not forget the folks who appreciate a spot of bird watching. The nearby wetlands serve as a nesting place for the endangered Piping Plover.

Local Tip: Visit during the weekdays or in the off-season to avoid the crowds. The beach isn’t exactly Nova Scotia’s best-kept secret anymore!

Chesterman Beach, British Columbia


Now, any true beach lover wouldn’t dare argue the splendour of Chesterman Beach in Tofino, a marvel brimming with Pacific Northwest charm. It’s a classic, and it hits all the right notes to the tune of ‘Beach-Topia’.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful stroll along the beach as the tide falls or a heart-throbbing ride on the crashing waves, Chesterman won’t leave you hanging. 

Its two-kilometre sandy stretch is a glamorous stage, where surfers dance with the waves and romantics unite under the magical sunsets. But hey, once the tide sways away, a bewitching world unfolds. 

Let your curiosity wander as you explore tide pools teeming with colourful starfish and snapping hermit crabs—a natural treasure hunt, if I do say so! And no tale of Chesterman Beach would be complete without a mention of the Frank Island Sitka Spruce. 

Just a narrow spit of sand away, this towering tree is a living testament to the resilience of nature and the perfect protagonist for your sunset or sunrise photos.

Local Tip: In the winter, this beach is a surfer’s delight. Be sure to respect the power of the waves and always surf with a buddy!

Kitsilano Beach, British Columbia


Nestled in the heart of Vancouver, Kitsilano Beach, often just “Kits” Beach, offers a compelling blend of urban comfort and mesmerising natural beauty that finds a place in one’s heart with ease. 

This quintessential West Coast beach embraces you with magnificent views of English Bay and downtown Vancouver, adding a distinctive touch of prosperity to the tranquil beach vibes.

Marrying the elegance of yesteryear with a modern persona, Kits Beach carries an irresistible aura of nostalgia mixed with excitement.

Its vintage bathhouse, standing with dignified elegance since the 1930s, is a delicately preserved relic from the past, still serving as a welcoming beacon to beach lovers. Sublime, isn’t it? 

Yet, the heart swiftly yearns for the beach’s lively side, with its Frisbee games, sandy volleyball tournaments, or friendly faces of local dog walkers at Hadden Park.

Amidst the passionate splendour, let’s not overlook Kitsilano’s spectacular outdoor saltwater swimming pool, a majestic kaleidoscope of blue that stretches beyond what the eye can see.

Local Tip: Catch the breathtaking spectacle of the sunset at Kitsilano; it’s an artist’s dream and a lover’s paradise.

Long Beach, British Columbia


Stretching out with a wild elegance, like a ballad of sand and surf that inspires the poet and the dreamer alike, Long Beach presents the bold spirit of British Columbia with a touch of refined sophistication. 

Moving beyond the captivating beauty of its shoreline, Long Beach summons the adventurer in you with its marine heritage.

With the rich marine life and wrecks that lie beneath its waters, the thrill of diving into its mysterious depths is an enthralling challenge calling out to the intrepid spirit.

Imagine, if you will, a place where Earth’s fierce sovereignty meets human resilience, where surfers dance upon towering waves, challenging nature’s might. This is Long Beach, a place so powerfully beautiful and adventurous that it is hard not to fall madly in love.

Local Tip: Don’t miss the chance to surf at Long Beach; there’s no joy quite like conquering that perfect wave.

Sauble Beach, Ontario


Stretching its bare, sandy toes for a breath-taking seven miles along Lake Huron’s gorgeous expanse, Sauble Beach boasts the title of the second-longest freshwater beach in the world. 

Countless generations have thought of Sauble as a summer paradise—a sweet escape from the bustling urban routine.

The incredible parasailing and fishing opportunities work hand-in-glove with the comforting amenities—ice cream shops, boutique stores, surf rentals, you name it—that make Sauble a sublime family destination.

Furthermore, Sauble Beach thoughtfully caters to its adventurous souls with a bevy of activities—a rollicking play at the amusement park, a heart-racing jaunt on the go-karts, and even a gentle stroll through the local art quarters.

And how could one forget the renowned annual Sauble Beach Sandfest? An extravaganza of sand sculpture competitions, live music, and kids’ activities unites beach lovers in a vibrant celebration of Saubel’s sandy spirit.

Local Tip: Try your luck at fishing near Sauble Falls, but don’t forget to get your fishing permit!

Parlee Beach, New Brunswick


The allure of Parlee Beach is undoubtedly its phenomenal water sports scene—sailing, windsurfing, and, notably, an invigorating swim in the Northumberland Strait. 

Seamlessly blending thrill and peace, the beach’s amenities—beach volleyball courts, seafood establishments, and lifeguard services—contribute to a vibrant yet tranquil coastal experience.

Parlee Beach is the personification of friendliness. The beach’s lifeguards offer swimming lessons to kids, nurturing their courage and cultivating a deep respect and love for the sea. 

The summer nights here are just as compelling as the sun-drenched days. Sparkling under the glow of the clear night sky, the beach becomes the perfect spot for bonfires and guitar jam sessions.

That’s not all. Cultural events and music festivals punctuate Parlee’s summer calendar, further elevating the beach’s appeal on the Canadian sandscape.

Local Tip: Visit the nearby town of Shediac, often touted as the ‘Lobster Capital of the World’, and savour the delicious local seafood!

Singing Sands Beach, Prince Edward Island


Situated on Prince Edward Island’s distinctively red eastern shore, Singing Sands Beach is not just your ordinary seaside get-away. Oh no, singing sands indeed!

The beach’s pristine surroundings, coupled with the symphony of the sands, create a harmonious atmosphere that rivals no other. 

Perfect for a quiet escape or a family day out, the beach offers spaces for tranquil contemplation, picnic-friendly locales, and, of course, refreshing swims!

An ornithologist’s piece of paradise, the beach is an excellent bird-watching spot and home to hundreds of species.

Local Tip: As a local, might I suggest visiting at dawn or dusk, especially in summer? That’s when the sands sing loudest and the aesthetics are truly a delight.

Martinique Beach, Nova Scotia


If you prefer quieter beaches to sunbathe in peace, look no further. Martinique Beach is an ideal retreat. But Martinique Beach caters to relaxation seekers, you ask?

Nay, let me tell you, it’s a paradise as well for surfers, paddlers, and all who enjoy the sea’s playful side. 

Its consistent waves make it a favourite among Canadian East Coast surf enthusiasts, while its waters prove an excellent sanctuary for paddleboarders and have abundant space for enthusiastic kite-flyers.

What’s more, Martinique Beach is committed to preserving nature’s gifts, as seen in its dedication as a bird’s wildlife sanctuary. Its reputation for being a spot where one might be fortunate enough to spot a rare piping plover is well earned!

Local Tip: Locals know that the best surf can be had early in the day, so don’t miss that early morning surf session!

Skaha Beach, British Columbia


Skaha Beach is a virtuoso of allure, promising a myriad of delightful experiences for its visitors. From its golden sands to its scenic pedal boat rentals, it’s a picture-perfect destination for the fun-loving traveller.

Let’s talk about its vibrancy first. Catering to all ages, Skaha Beach is a hub of activities, hosting everything from thrilling water slides to adrenaline-fueled jet skiing.

Skateboarding, running, volleyball—there’s no end to the energy that pulses here. It’s a place not just for relaxation but for jubilant celebration of life as well! Romantics, rejoice!

And with its dreamy sunset view, it makes for a flawless evening walk spot. As the sun sets, the beach comes alive with the warm radiance of oranges and pinks, reflecting on the gentle waves. It’s an ambiance that says, ‘Welcome to another side of paradise.’

Local Tip: If you’re a foodie, don’t miss out on the fresh peaches and cream corn at the farmers market.
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