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The 10 Best Airports in Canada

The 10 Best Airports in Canada

Canada’s got a heap of awesome things to brag about, from jaw-dropping natural wonders to incredibly warm and friendly folks. But did you know it’s also home to a plethora of top-notch airports? 

Whether you’re flying in for the first time or a seasoned visitor to the Great White North, these impressive airports are part of your Canadian journey. And we’re here to show them off!

From coast to coast, these transport havens will elevate your travel experience, each with their own unique charm and world-class amenities. So read on and discover the finest this majestic nation has to offer!

Vancouver International Airport (YVR)


Address: 3211 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond, BC

Contact details: +1 604-207-7077

First stop on our airport journey: the amazing YVR—Vancouver International Airport. Now, this isn’t just any old airport, my friend. YVR has consistently scored top marks in North America, and for good reason!

This beauty is renowned for its award-winning design and stunning architecture. You’ll find yourself marvelling at Pacific Northwest-themed art and impressive collections of indigenous art.

But it’s not just about looking pretty. YVR is also a champ when it comes to providing services.

From the top-notch amenities and world-class dining options to the dreamy lounges, YVR makes sure that time flies by in the most pleasing way possible for travellers. Want seamless connectivity?

YVR got you covered. With direct flights to many international destinations, it’s a gateway to the globe. Plus, they continue to prioritise sustainable practices, balancing world-class service with the health of our planet.

Local Tip: If you’ve got time, don’t miss the airport’s aquarium, located in the International Terminal. Yes, an aquarium in an airport!

Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ)


Address: 6301 Silver Dart Dr, Mississauga, ON

Contact details: +1 416-247-7678

Our next stop takes us to the bustling heart of Canada: Toronto Pearson International Airport. Being the busiest airport in Canada, YYZ is like a humming city in its own right.

Now, unique doesn’t even begin to describe YYZ. It’s got a fantastic array of multicultural dining options; honestly, the restaurants here might on their own make you want to book the next flight to Toronto.

Do you know the really cool part? This airport hosts over 50 million passengers every year, connecting them to over 180 destinations worldwide.

Local Tip: Be sure to check out the YYZ Live program. It offers live music performances right inside the airport. Talk about a melodious welcome!

Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ)


Address: 747 Bell Blvd, Goffs, NS

Contact details: +1 902-873-4422

Let’s swoop over to the east coast with the Halifax Stanfield International Airport. Small but mighty, this Atlantic gem is a standout for its warm hospitality and efficient service.

One of the most delightful things about YHZ is its laid-back, friendly vibe. You’d feel the charm of maritime hospitality as soon as you entered. It’s a sweet, homely airport that gives you a hearty taste of the renowned Nova Scotian niceties.

And don’t think for a second that ‘friendly’ and ‘small’ mean they compromise on services. Nah! 

They roll out the red carpet for their passengers, with comfortable seating, free Internet (a blessing!), and a selection of cafes and shops that’ll satisfy any craving. The biggest win? 

Efficiency is key at YHZ. It’s often praised for its ability to get travellers through quickly and with minimal fuss. It adds a wonderful bit of stress-freeness to your trip.

Local Tip: The airport’s observation deck offers fantastic views of planes taking off and landing. It’s a real treat for aviation enthusiasts or anyone keen to kill some time pre-flight!

Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL)


Address: Bd Roméo Vachon Nord (Arrivées), Dorval, QC

Contact details: +1 514-633-3333

Let’s fly over to the vibrant land of Quebec at Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL). This Francophone haven is where the charms of Europe and the modernity of North America blend into a beautiful airport experience.

Now, the cool part about YUL is that you’ll immediately immerse yourself in the unique Quebecois culture. They take pride in making sure everything, from their signage to the welcoming staff, encapsulates the spirit of Montreal.

It’s like having a warm croissant on your journey. And, hey, don’t let that French flair fool you into thinking this place isn’t cutting-edge.

YUL boasts a superb array of shops, dining options, and leisure facilities, ensuring your time here is both chic and fabulous.

Local Tip: Before you jet off, make sure you try a poutine at one of the airport’s eateries—oh, la la, that’s some sumptuous Quebecois goodness!

Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier International Airport (YOW)


Address: 1000 Airport Parkway Private, Ottawa, ON

Contact details: +1 613-248-2125

Now, let’s visit the proud capital of the Great White North: Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier International Airport. This buzzing hive of an airport might be smaller than its peers, but trust us, it packs a solid Canadian punch.

First things first: YOW has a reputation for being super clean and well-maintained. We’re talking sparkling floors and organised spaces. You might even feel the urge to give their cleaning staff a spirited high-five!

Plus, the airport is more than just efficient. They’re consistent. You’ll find it easy to breeze through check-ins, security, and baggage claim with a friendly and helpful staff guiding you gracefully through every step.

And let’s not forget its connectivity. YOW’s strategic location offers direct flights to major Canadian, American, and international destinations, making it a key gateway for those eager to explore the world from Ottawa.

Local Tip: Keep an eye out for the “Airport Parkway Bridge—it’s a pedestrian and cyclist bridge near the airport that doubles up as a great photo op!

Calgary International Airport (YYC)


Address: 2000 Airport Rd NE, Calgary, AB 

Contact details: +1 403-735-1200

Let me take you to the foothills of the Canadian Rockies at Calgary International Airport. This bustling airport is positively brimming with Western flair and charm.

YYC knows that first impressions count. The moment you step into this airport, you’re greeted with beautiful interiors, mixing grand modern designs with glimpses of indigenous heritage.

They also have stunning views of the nearby mountains, making your heart sing in appreciation. But YYC isn’t just a pretty face. They’re committed to top-quality experiences.

From swanky lounges to a mouthwatering array of dining options, YYC ensures that you’re well taken care of while you wait for your flight. And hey, if shopping’s your thing, YYC got your back.

They offer a great selection of shops, making it easy to grab a last-minute maple syrup fix or a stylish cowboy hat (don’t lie, you know you want one!).

Local Tip: Peek into the SpacePort station—an educational facility with space-themed exhibits and displays, perfect for the little astronauts in your life or your inner child!

Winnipeg Richardson International Airport(YWG)


Address: 2000 Wellington Ave, Winnipeg

Contact details: +1 204-987-9402

Situated in the heart of Canada, YWG combines the warm spirit of the Prairies with top-notch aviation facilities. Let’s be clear about one thing right away: YWG is gorgeously designed.

With high ceilings and lots of natural light, the airport creates a calming, stress-free environment. Trust us, you’ll be clicking airport selfies for the ‘gram, no doubt.

What’s inside these pretty walls is even more impressive. From uniquely local shops to tantalising dining spots to comfortable lounges, YWG doesn’t hold back.

Local Tip: Make sure you dig into the delicacies at your disposal; the airport has some delicious local cuisine options.

Victoria International Airport (YYJ)


Address: 1640 Electra Blvd, Sidney, BC 

Contact details: +1 250-953-7500

Situated on the serene Vancouver Island, Victoria International Airport shines bright amongst Canadian airports. This airport reflects the charm and welcoming vibe of the surrounding nature.

It’s like stepping into a beautiful British Columbia postcard—totally peaceful and serene. But it’s not all about the outer beauty. ‘

The services at YYJ are high above sea level, mate. From a trendy array of shops and affordable local dining options to their commitment to clean and green facilities, it’s island living, airport style!

Connectivity-wise, YYJ plays a neat hand. It maintains excellent connections to Canadian and US destinations, as well as several international flights.

Local Tip: Take a moment to appreciate the stunning mountain views from the terminal; it’s a sight for sore eyes.

Edmonton International Airport (YEG)


Address: 1000 Airport Rd, Edmonton International Airport, AB

Contact details: +1 780-890-8900

Now, let’s wave hello to Edmonton International Airport, the proud northern gateway of Canada. Situated in the heart of Alberta, YEG has been consistently wooing travellers with its cool factor.

You’re greeted with the spirit of Edmonton as soon as you step into YEG. It’s a bold mix of modern art, cutting-edge design, and warm hospitality.

Talking about lounges, the services at YEG are something to be proud of. From the cosy and elegant lounges to the wide array of dining options and the shopping experience, this airport simply uplifts your spirit while you’re waiting for your next flight.

Local Tip: Before you fly off, make sure to check out the Living Wall in the airport; it’s both environmentally friendly and an absolute treat to the eyes.

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (YTZ)


Address: 2 Eireann Quay, Toronto, ON 

Contact details: +1 416-203-6942

Last, but certainly not least, we’re going to take a hop and a skip over to Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. Located right in downtown Toronto, YTZ is an impeccable blend of convenience and service.

One of the most interesting things about YTZ is its location. Situated on an island just offshore Toronto’s downtown, it gives you unprecedented access to the city’s heart.

Don’t mistake this urban airport for being limited in its connectivity. In addition to domestic flights across Canada, YTZ also provides services to various key US destinations.

Local Tip: To reach the airport, you can either use the ferry service or the pedestrian tunnel, but we’d definitely recommend the tunnel for a unique and slightly unusual airport commute!
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