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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Move to Canada

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Move to Canada

If life were a delicious buffet, then Canada would be the mouth-watering sushi platter around the corner. Often hailed as the land of the Great White North, Canada has wooed, intertwined, and captivated the hearts of immigrants.

And what’s not to love about moving to Canada? Safe cities with magnificent natural landscapes galore, a political oasis of stability, and a healthcare system that has got your back!

Add to that is its welcoming, multicultural society that gives vibrant colours to the Canadian fabric—and have we mentioned the booming economy brimming with abundant opportunities?

Consider this article your Google Map, leading you not to a shopping mall or museum but to the bounty of compelling reasons why you should migrate up north to Canada, eh? So read on!

Canada is safe

women entering a password in a house lock

First off, let’s talk about your sense of security because, let’s face it, feeling at peace in your neighbourhood and city is not just comforting; it’s downright crucial. Now, let’s throw some numbers your way.

Canada currently ranks 11th globally in terms of Societal Safety and Security, according to Vision of Humanity study. You’ll walk on streets that are safer than most, allowing you to unclench your jaw and truly breathe.

Feel free to enjoy late-night strolls, evening concerts, or a night out without a constant twinge of worry gnawing at you. Let’s add another dimension: cybersecurity. Canada is a global leader in protecting its citizens from digital threats.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur securing your latest e-commerce platform or a private citizen shielding personal data, the Great White North has made impressive strides in cyber protection.

Let’s do a quick comparison between Canada’s safety and that of other well-known countries. These numbers are based on the Global Peace Index 2023 report.

CountryGPI RankGPI ScoreSafety and Security
Canada111.35Very High
United States1312.448Medium
United Kingdom371.693High
Australia221.525Very High
Japan91.336Very High
Local Tip: Practise regular safety norms as you would anywhere else, and you’ll fit right in. Canada’s safe, but let’s keep it safe, okay?

The country’s natural beauty is abundant

a hand holding a leaf

If you have a limitless soft spot for nature, Canada will fill that to the brim and then some. The country serves a generous slice of Earth’s beauty, stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts.

With over 48 national parks and reserves, Canada paints a captivating picture of unspoiled wilderness. It’s a paradise for your inner adventurer—think hikes, treks, and camping amidst raw beauty that leaves you awestruck.

Canada’s critters are an animal lover’s dream. From the majestic grizzlies and moose to beluga whales and puffins, the wildlife is as varied as the landscape.

But wait, let’s not forget about those celestial spectacles. Glowing over the polar horizon, Aurora Borealis paints the northern skies with radiant hues.

Local Tip: Invest in a pair of quality hiking boots. For real! There’s a whole world of exploration waiting for you once you move here.

Canada has a welcoming immigration policy

gavel, book and passport

What if we tell you that Canada is one of the most immigrant-friendly countries globally? Now that’s music to the ears. In 2021 alone, Canada welcomed 405,000 new immigrants and aims to say, ‘Hello, Eh! ‘to nearly 500,000 more by the end of 2025.

Canada also guides its immigrants with settlement services to ease into their new lifestyle. Expect help with language skills, job hunting, or getting credits for your skills, which makes settling in Canada a picnic in the park (a really organised and supportive park!).

Express Entry’s three main federal economic programs.
Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)Federal Skilled Workers are not required to have Canadian work experience in order to be considered for the Express Entry pool, in contrast to candidates for the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). 

Instead, applicants must obtain a minimum score based on qualifications like education, work experience, and language proficiency.

Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)A candidate must possess at least two years of full-time job experience in a skilled trade to be eligible for FST (or an equal amount in part-time). 

Only job experience received after an applicant has been awarded the certification to conduct the trade in their country of citizenship is taken into account, and it must have been acquired within the last five years.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)A candidate must possess at least 12 months of full-time (or an equivalent number of part-time) skilled job experience in Canada to be qualified for CEC. 

The Canadian job experience must be recent—within three years of the application’s submission date.

What’s the cherry on top of this friendly sundae? The people. Canadians have a reputation for being friendly and welcoming.

You’ll feel the genuine warmth of the locals, taking your welcome experience a notch higher.

Local Tip: Embrace Canadian colloquialisms and slang. Trust us, it accelerates bonding with locals like nothing else.

Canada has political stability

government of Canada documents

Unlike countries where political unrest is commonplace, Canada stands resolute amid political torrential rains. It’s not just about having a stable government in Canada; that’s a given.

We’re talking about a level of predictability that businesses and individuals thrive on. Legal decisions are respected, the transition of power is smooth, and corruption is low.

This charming piece of land fares exceptionally well on the Democracy Index. All this means one thing: stability becomes the foundation not only for personal peace of mind but also for stable economic activity.

It also means consistent policies, more protection of civil rights, and a reduced risk of conflict. Oh, and let’s not forget the cherry on top—the assurance that the government works for the people—the true north, strong and free!

Local Tip: One way of participating in this amazing political stability? Vote. It’s a privilege that’s not to be taken lightly.

It has a universal healthcare system

hands holding a stethoscope

You will find “healthcare” to be a countrywide buzzword. And for good reason. Canada made a bold move back in 1984 with the Canada Health Act and pledged to provide essential medical services for all, regardless of their wallet size.

This public health-care system means accessibility to quality care for everyone, irrespective of income levels. But don’t think for a second that “universal” means compromised care quality.

Quite the contrary! Canada boasts cutting-edge health care solutions, state-of-the-art medical facilities, and highly trained professionals.

The healthcare system is not just about treating diseases, either. It’s about a broader vision for ensuring wellness, including preventive care, research, and innovation to continuously improve the system.

Healthcare reaching everyone, adequate funding, and quality care are the ingredients of the Canadian healthcare success story. And the result? One less worry for you, my friend.

Local Tip: Don’t forget to apply for a healthcare card as soon as you set foot in Canada. It’s your passport to accessing this remarkable healthcare system.

Canada has a great quality of life


Canada is more than its breathtaking wind-swept prairies and poutine. It’s the promise of a well-rounded and fulfilling life. As per the OECD Better Life Index, when it comes to work-life balance and life satisfaction, we’re always in the top slots.

You’ll find excellent education systems, a powerful job market, and cultural richness—what’s not to love? It’s a haven for families too. You’ve got excellent amenities, child-friendly policies, excellent parental leave policies, and lovely communities.

Canada has a place for everyone. Urban areas are bustling with amenities, culture, entertainment, and job opportunities. Prefer a quieter pace?

You’ll find close-knit communities with the same high-quality life minus the fast-paced city hustle—the charm of smaller towns and cities is irresistible. 

Whether you like dipping your toes into the cultural pool, seeing your career soaring, or providing your family with a dream life—it’s the Great White North where you can see it all happening!

Local Tip: Make the most of the excellent public libraries; they are equipped with resources that can help you optimise your quality of life here.

It offers a wide range of recreational opportunities

two people on a floater

The recreational opportunities here are nothing short of epic. So, strap on your adventure gear as we take you on a whirlwind tour of the exhilarating escapades that await in the Land of the Maple Leaf.

Canada’s got your back with adrenaline-pumping activities that cater to the thrill-seeker in you. From skiing, snowboarding, and ice climbing in the winter to wilderness hikes, rock climbing, and water sports in the warmer months.

Not an adrenaline junkie, but still savour a taste of the outdoors? Fear not! Canada also offers a myriad of calmer activities, with golf courses, scenic bike trails, and wildlife spotting.

Top that off with epic road trips and camping experiences under the star-studded sky at its numerous national and provincial parks.

Cities like Toronto and Montreal are renowned for their bustling arts and theatre scenes. From world-class museums and galleries to eclectic music festivals and avant-garde performances, there’s something for every cultural connoisseur.

Local Tip: Don’t shy away from exploring small towns and lesser-known regions. You never know what hidden recreational gems await discovery.

The country offers endless job opportunities

for hire

As if the incredible recreational pursuits weren’t enough, Canada also has a dazzling promise of boundless job opportunities. The country is a mecca for ambitious individuals looking to make it big in their career.

Canada boasts a robust economy that’s consistently growing. In fact, it ranked 9th on the list of the world’s largest economies in 2019.

This thriving economy, combined with a low unemployment rate, makes the country an irresistible job magnet. But what really sets the Canadian job market apart is its forward-thinking approach to industries.

It’s a hotbed for sectors like technology, renewable energy, and digital media, all of which are shaping the global business landscape. For those with an eye for innovation, Canada is where you want to be.

Platforms Where You Can Search for a Job
Robert Half
Simply Hired
Adecco Canada
Indeed Canada
Government of Canada Job Bank

On top of the cutting-edge industries, Canada doesn’t skimp on workplace benefits either. The country offers a competitive salary structure, promising pension plans, and extensive employee rights.

Two Classifications of Jobs in Canada
White-collar jobsThe jobs under this class requires bachelor’s degree such as:
Civil Engineer
Executive Director
Software Developer
Market Researcher
Management Consultant
Blue-collar jobsThe jobs under this class requires a specialised skills such as:
Warehouse Associate
Construction Worker
Auto Mechanic
Local Tip: Use the myriad of job search resources available in Canada to find your dream gig, from online portals to networking events and job fairs.

It is multiculturally diverse

hands on top of each other

Multiculturalism is deeply ingrained in the Canadian ethos, with the country even adopting it as an official policy back in 1971. Today, the hodgepodge of traditions, values, and customs from all corners of the globe make Canada a truly vibrant and welcoming society.

This diversity also means you can enjoy celebrations and festivals from different cultures, all within the same country. Canada’s gastronomical fare is not left out of this cultural mix.

The country quite literally puts the whole world on a plate! From Indian and Chinese to Greek and Middle Eastern, your taste buds can embark on an international culinary journey without needing a passport.

The importance of multiculturalism in Canada goes beyond cultural exchange; it’s also a driving force in fostering social cohesion and harmony.

Local Tip: Put yourself out there and attend cultural events to mingle with the diverse community. Who knows? You might just learn a thing or two (or make some lifelong friends!).
people silhouette

Canada is known for its warm welcome and friendly disposition, making immigrants feel right at home in their new northbound abode. The country’s progressive immigration policies have put it on the global map as one of the most immigrant-friendly nations on Earth.

Understanding the challenges posed by immigration, Canada offers a range of services to help newcomers settle in smoothly. Here, you’ll find support for everything from language training and skill assessment to job placement assistance and community integration.

We can’t mention Canada and immigration without highlighting the Express Entry system. Introduced in 2015, this point-based immigration program fast-tracks skilled workers’ applications, making Canada even more appealing to ambitious professionals.

Finally, Canada’s stand on family reunification only adds to its charm for immigrants. The country’s immigration policies are designed to enable families to stay together, reinforcing its commitment to social harmony and unity.

Local Tip: When you hit Canadian shores, be sure to connect with settlement organisations. They’re your go-to source for personalised advice and assistance while navigating the exciting world of being a new immigrant in Canada.
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