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8 Reasons Why Canada Has the Best Quality of Life

8 Reasons Why Canada Has the Best Quality of Life

Ever wondered why so many people are smitten with the Great White North? Well, it turns out Canada packs quite a punch when it comes to living a good life. 

In general, Canada’s living standards are sky-high, thanks largely to a high GDP. They ace it with an unbeatable healthcare system and enviably low crime rates.

Canada also has a top-tier education system and a well-balanced work-life rhythm, so you’ve got a winning combo. Not to mention, they’ve got an eco-conscious mindset and a comfy lifestyle—and that’s Canada for you!

Let’s dive deeper to uncover why it reigns supreme when it comes to quality of life. Read on!

Canada’s got a superior living, thanks to its impressive GDP

Canada's got a superior living, thanks to its impressive GDP

So, like, Canada’s GDP is seriously impressive. FYI, GDP, or Gross Domestic Product, is a big maths equation that calculates the value of everything produced within a country’s borders.

Higher GDP usually means better living standards—more jobs, more money, and more moose, eh? Canada’s GDP is up there with the big boys, clocking in at a whopping $2.14 trillion in 2022 according to the World Bank.

That’s like a gazillion Timbits! Clearly, this huge GDP is what gets those moose on the road and grizzly bears in the yard. It pumps money into the economy, facilitating better infrastructure, public services, and more.

Local tip: If you’re into moose-watching while sipping your double double, join us on Highway 60—through Ontario’s Algonquin Provincial Park!

They have a great public healthcare system

They have a great public healthcare system

Everyone knows that Canadians love hockey, but did you know we equally love our super-smooth healthcare system? Free (and quality) healthcare for all!

Canadians are sitting pretty with a public healthcare system where most services are free at the point of use. It’s funded by taxes, so everyone chips in to keep each other healthy.

And it works well. We’re talking about shorter wait times for surgeries and better health outcomes.

Local tip: Eh, always keep your health card on you. You never know when you might take a puck to the face at a hockey game.

It has a world-class education and high literacy rates

It has a world-class education and high literacy rates

Alright, moving on to something we all kind of love and hate at the same time: education. But hey, it’s a bit different in Canada.

Canadians love learning so much that they’ve got some of the highest education rates in the world! Not only do they have a ton of high-ranking universities, but their public education system is fantastic, too.

Everybody gets a shot at an excellent education, no matter where they’re from or what they believe in. So you’re not just getting a learning experience; you’re getting a world-class one.

Local tip: Take advantage of Canada’s excellent libraries and resources; they’re a goldmine for expanding knowledge and making the most of your education here.

Their low crime levels got you covered

Their low crime levels got you covered

Now, for something serious—crime, or rather, the lack of it in Canada. The country has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, and it’s still dropping.

Low crime rates are attributed to the strong law enforcement they’ve got, comprehensive social programs, and just Canadians being decent folks, really. 

It’s enough to make you want to take a leisurely stroll and wave ‘Hi’ to every passing moose—at any time of the day.

Let’s do a quick comparison between Canada’s safety and that of other well-known countries. These numbers are based on the Global Peace Index 2023 report.

CountryGPI RankGPI ScoreSafety and Security
Canada111.35Very High
United States1312.44Medium
United Kingdom371.69High
Australia221.52Very High
Japan91.33Very High
Local tip: Always lock your house, eh? Even if the crime rate is low, it’s better to be sure than sorry!

Canadians know how to achieve work-life balance right

Canadians know how to achieve work-life balance right

Canadians are absolute pros at acing the whole work-life balance trick. Don’t believe me? Well, Canada bagged the 5th spot among the OECD nations for work-life harmony, thanks to a study by Tipalti (that’s one Global Wealth Trends report you gotta check!).

This wasn’t a fluke, either. They really dug into the nitty-gritty, like how many hours folks clock in a year, what their annual dough looks like, the bite taxes take, and sweet pension plans.

They’re expert jugglers, spending quality time with family and friends while also working hard to bring home the bacon, maple-glazed or otherwise. How do they manage this sorcery?

Canada has strong labour laws that promote healthy workplaces and a good balance between work and play. In short: more board game nights, fewer late-night stress emails.

Local tip: Hey Canadians, remember to take some time for yourself and enjoy that patio!

Canada’s environmental focus ensures healthy surroundings

Canada's environmental focus ensures healthy surroundings

Canada, land of beautiful forests, pristine lakes, and majestic mountains, knows how to take care of its natural wonders. The government, businesses, and regular ol’ folks alike are all actively trying to minimise their eco-footprint and protect the environment.

Renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and waste reduction—yep, they’re all over it. The air’s fresher, the water’s clearer, and Canadians enjoy a healthier lifestyle because of it. 

Basically, the Earth is Canada’s best friend, and they take care of each other just right.

Local tip: Go green and minimise waste by composting; your garden will thank you!

Its housing and income ratios make for a comfy lifestyle

Its housing and income ratios make for a comfy lifestyle

First, let’s chat a little about housing in Canada. It’s not just igloos up here, we’ve got diverse housing options that offer something for everyone.

There’s also the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) which gives a leg up to those looking to call Canada their home. Now, let’s switch gears and make sense of those Income Ratios. 

We’ve got quite the reputation for being the land of opportunities, don’t ya know? According to the folks over at Statistics Canada, the average dough left after taxes for Canadian families and single folks was a hefty $68,400 in 2021

With such strong income figures, Canadians can afford a high standard of living, eh? 

Local tip: Shop around for the best mortgage rates; it pays to be a smart homebuyer.

Canada’s chill climate is certainly a cherry on top

Canada's chill climate is certainly a cherry on top

You might think, “Hey, doesn’t Canada get too cold?”. But let me tell you, it’s way more rad than you might imagine.

Yes, the thermometer does plunge in some parts of the year, but it also creates a lovely winter wonderland that feels straight out of a holiday postcard. 

The winter is perfect for skiing and snowboarding (or just sipping cocoa and watching the snowflakes if you’re not a thrill-seeker).

While the summers here can be beautiful and mild, with temperatures in most parts comfortably resting in the 20s Celsius, these are also perfect conditions for outdoor exploration!

Plus, Canada’s equipped with excellent infrastructure to deal with any weather curveballs Mother Nature throws their way.

Local tip: When the snow melts, get yourself to a sugar shack—a traditional feature of Canadian spring!
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