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Top 8 Reasons Why Canada Is Better than the UK

Top 8 Reasons Why Canada Is Better than the UK

Today, we’re putting Canada and the UK head-to-head, and trust me, it’s going to be one juicy debate!

Now don’t get me wrong—I’ve got a lot of love for Shakespeare, the Beatles, a good cuppa tea, and the rain (okay, maybe not so much the rain), but Canada—ah, Canada! 

There’s something special about this place that won’t let you go. From awe-inspiring landscapes, welcoming folks, to a robust healthcare system, Canada has the goods.

So, what are these mysteriously majestic attributes that make Canada a notch higher than the UK, you ask? So buckle up for a smooth ride and read on as we’ll unveil the top reasons why Canada Is better than the UK!

Canadians enjoy a more stable economy than the UK

globe surrounded by gold coins

Yup, you heard it right—more than just maple syrup and breath-taking landscapes, Canada has a more stable economy compared to the UK.

Now, don’t go thinking we’re making this up. In fact, Canada’s economy has been on solid footing for the past several years because of greater job opportunities, robust markets, and ultimately, greater financial security for Canadians.

Contrast that to the UK, where economic stability has often been rocky, especially in recent years. Brexit uncertainties, anyone?

Indeed, such economic turbulence can have a knock-on effect on job security, inflation, and overall citizen welfare. But hey, we’re not here to belittle our pals across the pond—after all, their tea is top-notch!

To put things in perspective, let’s look at the GDP growth rate, a fair indicator of a country’s economic health. As per data from the World Bank, Canada’s GDP growth rate has been consistently positive and fairly steady over the last decade.

The UK’s, however, has shown more fluctuation. Don’t just take my word for it—have a look yourself:

YearCanada’s GDP Growth Rate[%]UK’s GDP Growth Rate[%]

Clearly, Canada wins the stability round! This economic certainty plays a key role in making Canada a preferred destination for individuals and families seeking a secure future.

Local Tip: If you consider moving to Canada, start researching job opportunities and market trends in your field of expertise before you arrive. It will give you great insight and help you maximize economic stability!

Canada ranks higher than the UK in life satisfaction

box with a smile drawing

Next on our list is life satisfaction. Yes, it’s not all business here in Canada—we know how to enjoy life too!

In fact, Canada ranks 14th out of 149 countries when it comes to life satisfaction, with a score of 7.103, according to the World Happiness Report 2021. Meanwhile, the UK is close behind at the 17th spot with a score of 7.064.

Not bad, UK! But when it’s a race, even a small lead can make all the difference.

But what exactly does “life satisfaction” mean, eh? The report considers factors like social support, freedom, corruption, and health.

Now, Canadians are known for their friendliness and sense of community. Also, let’s not forget our fantastic access to nature, since science tells us that being close to nature improves mental wellbeing.

Local Tip: Make good use of your local parks and green spaces. It’s a fantastic way to meet the locals, get some fresh air, and give your happiness score a little boost!

Canadian students score higher and outperform the UK’s

students answering an exam

If you’ve got kids, Canada is a fantastic place for their scholastic journeys. According to the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2018 results, Canadian students outperformed UK students in all three categories: reading, math, and science.

Here’s the performance comparison for a glimpse:

TestCanada’s ScoreUK’s Score

Apart from academics, Canadian schools also emphasize character development and inclusivity. That’s right, we want our kids to not only be bright but also kind and welcoming—just like Canada itself!

Local Tip: Public schools in Canada offer high-quality education, but do your research to find a school district that aligns with your family’s educational values and aspirations.

Canada offers better permanent residency opportunities

approved document

Canada has this neat ‘Express Entry’ system for folks hankering for a PR card. Through a point-based system, they dish out invites faster than a cheetah!

The UK, on the other hand, has no such express system. They go by the good ‘ol ‘first come, first served’ basis, which can take a while.

For instance, for UK spouse and partner visas, the financial requirements involve a minimum combined income of £18,600 per year for you and your partner. 

This amount increases if you have children: £3,800 for the first dependent child and £2,400 for each additional child. Meeting these financial requirements is crucial to qualifying for the visa. 

Our maple-leaf-clad buddy? You don’t necessarily need a specific income threshold in most cases. 

You do, however, need to prove that you’re financially capable of supporting your spouse or partner without the need for social assistance. So, if you love keeping your purse strings tight, Canada gets the thumbs-up!

Local Tip: Join online expat forums or local Facebook groups to gain insights on the PR process. Folks who’ve walked the path can be super helpful!

Canada boasts stunning natural scenery

pine trees in a mountain

The stunning natural beauty of Canada is one of those things that leaves people speechless and then turns them into storytellers. We’re talking about majestic peaks, endless forests, tranquil lakes, and coastlines that stretch beyond the horizon.

Comparing that to the UK (with love and respect, of course), you’ll surely find beautiful spots there too, don’t get me wrong. But Canada’s jaw-dropping landscapes and the vastness of it all—talk about nature’s playground!

Not to forget the wildlife you encounter here—from bears (oh, don’t worry, they’d be busy munching on berries), moose, beavers, to whales—name it, and you might just come across it.

Local Tip: Have your camera always ready—you don’t want to miss out on capturing a swooping bald eagle or the aurora borealis in all its glory!

Canada is much safer compared to the UK

person writing

Third on our list is something we all deeply care about—safety. Canada pretty much commands the respect of the world, with some of the lowest crime rates.

A comparison with our UK counterparts shows that Canada generally records lower crime rates. As per the recent data of the Global Peace Index, Canada takes the 11th spot with a score of 1.35, while the United Kingdom is 37th with a score of 1.69.

Safety isn’t something we take for granted, and crime prevention is something we take seriously. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (that’s our national police force, BTW) does a pretty good job maintaining peace and order. 

Whether it’s strolling back home late at night or admiring nature in a serene park, it’s comforting to know that overall safety isn’t something you’d worry about frequently here in Canada.

Local Tip: Always stay informed about your neighborhood through local community groups and news channels. It helps to know your community!

Canada has greater employment opportunities

man in a busy street

Canada ain’t just about poutine, maple syrup, or those awesomely polite Mounties—it’s also turning out to be a place where dreams come true, career-wise! 

Now, comparing our big, maple-leafed friend to the UK, jobs seem to rain down in Canada like confetti at a parade! There are more than just lumberjacks and hockey players here, mates! 

Canada is a mosaic of thriving industries, from tech to healthcare, engineering to renewable energy, and finance to AI. There’s no facet of the job market untouched by opportunity.

Alright, pull in closer for this one—Canada’s got it nailed on job growth. Over the years, the job growth rate in Canada has trumped the UK’s, making it a hub for long-term career plans.

Local Tip: In Canada, networking is big. Yup, knowing someone who knows someone could ease your job hunt. So, don’t hesitate to attend those ‘boring’ industry meetups or events. 

Who knows, your future boss might just be chilling there with a plate of nachos!

The public healthcare system in Canada is more comprehensive

apple and a stethoscope

In Canada, our public healthcare system is no joke. We take pride in having a more comprehensive support system than our tea-loving buddies in the UK.

Most necessary medical services are covered under the Canada Health Act, which means you can walk into a clinic, get treated, and walk out with your wallet laughing its little heart out.

Oh, and did we mention the quality of care? Yup, our doctors are among the best in the world.

Comparing it to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), it’s true that the NHS is a national treasure, and we wouldn’t dare downplay its importance. However, budget cuts, waiting times, and staff shortages are issues that the UK has struggled with in recent years.

While we sympathize with our UK friends, if you’re looking for a more secure healthcare system, the Canadian option is just too good to pass up.

Local Tip: Get yourself a family doctor or join a medical clinic soon after you arrive in Canada. That way, you’ll be assured of prompt medical attention when needed.
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