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Why Canada Is Best for International Students [9 Best Reasons]

Why Canada Is Best for International Students [9 Best Reasons]

Alright, folks, let’s dive into the buzzing, maple-flavoured land of opportunity that is Canada! Despite the cold climate, Canada is serving up piping-hot prospects for international students! But why Canada?

Canada is best for international students because it is widely recognized for its safe and stable environment, topped with an excellent educational infrastructure. 

That dynamite reputation isn’t just for show; over 93% of international students expressed their satisfaction while studying up north according to a 2018 survey by ICEF Monitor.

Moreover, Canada’s got the allure of beaver tails and a roster of first-rate schools that puzzle together a vibrant international community. Intrigued? You should be.

We’re about to take you on a thrilling adventure to uncover the top reasons why Canada is best for international students. So, grab your toque and double-double, and read on!

Canada’s stability is a reassuring constant

Canada’s stability is a reassuring constant

Canada, this northern star, rightfully prides itself on political, economic, and societal stability. In fact, Canada has been ranked as the No. 1 overall country in the world according to the 2021 Best Countries Report of US News

In 2022, it became the 3rd-best country, coming after Switzerland and Germany. It is a real bill to consider when pondering your career trajectory post-study. 

It’s a political steadiness that trickles down to the lived experiences of even international students. It means consistent policies that support students’ welfare, equitable treatment, and opportunities to remain in Canada post-graduation. 

But what does this look like in action, you ask? Take their multicultural policies. It’s not just lip service. 

They welcome diversity, recognize the rights of Aboriginal people, and implement bilingualism, as confirmed by Canadian law.

93% of students are satisfied studying in Canada

93% of students are satisfied studying in Canada

A staggering 93% of international students are satisfied with their Canadian experience, based on the 2018 survey for international students by ICEF Monitor. Not impressed yet?

Remember, we’re talking about students. Pleasing this bright, critical, and demanding demographic is no walk in the park!

Canada’s student-friendly policies, world-class infrastructure, and welcoming multicultural environment make it a hit among outbound students. It’s like picking an all-you-can-eat buffet with all your favourite cuisines (and the ones you’re dying to try!).

Moreover, the Canadian government has implemented helpful financial aid policies for international students. Some are easing off the work rules to help students earn while they learn. 

Australia might have kangaroos, but Canada offers a roomful of opportunities that can jumpstart your career!

Financial Aid for Students in Canada
A scholarship is a form of financial aid awarded for academic or extracurricular accomplishments. Scholarship recipients, though, are not required to repay their awards.

Students can also search for universities that offer scholarships using the College Scholarship Search Tool.

Bursaries are financial aid awards made on the basis of financial necessity. It is similar to scholarships in that recipients are not required to pay them back. 

Moreover, when a student applies for a bursary, they are typically expected to complete an assessment and may also be asked for information regarding their own or their parents’ incomes.

Depending on whether they qualify for scholarships or bursaries, international students may decide to apply for a private student loan from a Canadian bank instead. 

As the name implies, these loan agreements have particular interest rates and repayment plans that students must carefully abide by in order to prevent piling up unneeded debt. 

Canada’s education is top-tier, no doubt

Quality, innovation, and inclusivity—the holy trinity of Canada’s education system that makes it top-tier, without a doubt. This canuck powerhouse plays host to some of the world’s leading educational institutions.

But what makes their education system top-tier isn’t just the prestige; it’s their student-first, holistic approach to learning. The curriculum here is innovative and dynamic, designed precisely to meet the grand demands of the marketplace.

In fact, according to the OECD, Canada is one of the most educated countries in the world, with more than 56% of adults holding a degree.

Furthermore, according to the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), the nation also has one of the best educational systems in the world.

The majority of the students recommend education in Canada

The majority of the students recommend education in Canada

When it comes down to selecting an academic utopia, there’s no better measure of success than the recommendations that pour in from previous international students. 

After all, they’re the trailblazers who’ve walked the talk, danced the jig, and tasted the Canadian experience. According to an ICEF Monitor survey, a whopping 96% of respondents would recommend Canada as a study destination. 

That’s right, folks—almost every single student who’s been through the Canadian wringer wants their fellow ambitious cadets to experience the same thrill ride.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re not just talking about students discreetly sending a cheeky tweet or an exuberant email. It’s a full-on hailstorm of praise from a demographic that is notoriously hard to please.

These soul-searching globetrotters have welcomed the finest academic traditions that Canada has to offer. And they’re out there, pressing the ‘Like’ buttons on the Great White North with gusto.

The country offers the full student life package

The country offers the full student life package

Canada promises not just theoretical goodies but also ensures practical applications, immersive internships, and a vibrant campus life. But that’s not where the good stuff ends. 

Imagine being able to smoothly transition between different kinds and levels of education. No hiccups, no hurdles—just pure learning freedom. 

This is a luxury that might be hard to find elsewhere, but in Canada, educational fluidity is simply a part of the journey. Extracurricular activities also hold immense academic value, resulting in wholesome cognitive nourishment. 

You can also choose from more than 8,000 colleges and 16,000 university programs. In fact, seven of the Canadian universities are among the top 200 globally.

Canada’s theatrical chef d’oeuvre doesn’t end within campus confines. The nation’s rich cultural fabric and all-embracing social scene allow students to paint the town red in their leisure hours.

Canada has an inclusive society

Canada has an inclusive society

Isn’t it just wonderful that Canada is like this grand tapestry woven from over 200 distinct ethnic threads? Now, imagine the kind of cultural dynamism this brings along. 

For students leaving the nest to brave this new world, inclusivity has a magical effect. It serves as a warm, outstretched hand, inviting newcomers from all corners of the globe to participate in a larger-than-life symphony of human experience.

This generous spirit shines through policy, acceptance, and celebration in education and daily life in Canada.

Studying in a place like Canada is like discovering a treasure chest of human experiences—the kind that opens your heart and mind. It’s a chance to become a global citizen who cherishes and respects the beautiful harmony of this place.

The country has a promising job market

The country has a promising job market

This Canadian juggernaut boasts a strong, robust economy that smoothly navigates the choppy waters of global economic turmoil. It is why this country remains resilient through algorithmic tides.

The unemployment rates typically hang out in the positively recommendable single-digit zone. This means that graduates are not just walking into a job market; they’re walking into a job fair.

Below is a snapshot of the Canadian job market figures for February 2022 from Statistics Canada:

IndicatorFebruary 2022Change from the previous month
Number of jobs19,121,600+337,000
Unemployment rate5.5%-1.0%
Participation rate65.4%+0.4%

Canada’s job scenario is dynamically electrifying. It has a demand for skilled graduates in industries ranging from tech land to healthcare hurdles, from education examples to business behemoths.

Meanwhile, sectors such as AI, biotech, and gaming are proving to be Canada’s potent powerhouses. This attracts a swarm of opportunistic graduates like bees to nectar.

In-Demand Jobs in Canada
Web Developers
Average Salary: $96,305

Human Resources (HR) Managers
Average Salary: $89,003

Electrical Engineer
Average Salary: $97,832

Financial Advisor
Average Salary: $62,971

Average Salary: $83,504

They can apply for permanent residency

They can apply for permanent residency

Fact: Immigration procedures can sometimes feel like you’re stuck in an Escher painting. But, remember, we’re talking about Canada here.

For international students, transitioning from a Canadian degree to permanent residency is kinda smooth as gliding down an Alberta ski slope. 

Canada offers multiple pathways for students to shift gears from temporary resident status to permanent residency.

Consider Canada’s immigration express lanes, with programs such as the Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, and the Provincial Nominee Program. And they don’t stop there. 

The recently introduced ‘Graduate Entrepreneur Stream’ caters specifically to the international student community. It’s not a visa; it’s an invitation, a welcome sign in neon lights.

Yearly, it becomes a melting pot of thriving global scholars

Yearly, it becomes a melting pot of thriving global scholars

Each year, a fresh wave of international students adds layers of cultural richness to Canada’s already vibrant academic tapestry. This helps transform this North Star into a cosmic horizon of scholarly invention and innovation.

In the year 2020, Canada rose to become the third most popular for international students worldwide! Just picture this—a whopping 642,000 bright minds from all around the globe flocked to Canada to chase their dreams.

What’s the outcome of this mixing pot? A dynamic, diverse, and harmonious environment that turbo-charges experiential learning and fuels cross-cultural understanding

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