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Top 10 Places to Watch the Sunrise in Canada

Top 10 Places to Watch the Sunrise in Canada

Canada is a treasure chest of landscapes waiting to get bathed in golden-hour goodness. From coast to coast, our beloved country offers up a smorgasbord of picturesque spots.

Here’s the kicker: choosing the best sunrise spots in Canada ain’t no small feat. The good news? We’ve done our homework on the best places to watch the sunrise in Canada, so you can mark ’em down on your “must-watch” list. Read on!

Moraine Lake, Banff


Nestled amongst the Ten Peaks, Moraine Lake is a glacially-fed marvel that serves up a sunrise that can make poets out of anyone. Don’t say I didn’t caution you!

As the sun peeks over the jagged peaks, it creeps down their snow-covered faces, warming up the emerald waters of the lake. This mesmerizing spectacle unfolds as the alpenglow changes from soft pastels to vibrant hues.

Weather permitting, the calm lake mirrors the whole enchanting scene, doubling your sunrise joy. If that doesn’t stir something in your soul, I’m not sure what will.

Local tip: Pack a cozy blanket and some hot cocoa. Sunrise by the lake can be a tad chilly!

Cape Spear Lighthouse, Newfoundland 


Address: Blackhead Road, Cape Spear, St. John’s, NL

Contact details: +1 709-772-2191

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Sunday – 10 AM to 6 PM 

Cape Spear, Newfoundland, holds the cool title of being the most eastern point of North America, meaning it’s pretty much the first place to catch the sun each day. Now that’s something to brag about!

Standing tall upon rugged cliffs overlooking the fierce Atlantic, the historic Cape Spear Lighthouse is the star of the show. This dramatic setting paints a pretty surreal picture as the sun breaks the dawn, flooding the landscape with a warm, golden glow.

Local tip: Dress warmly, even in the summer, as the Atlantic breeze can be brisk.

Niagara Falls, Ontario



At dawn, the first rays of the sun hit Niagara Falls, casting a mesmerizing glow that paints the sky in shades of gold. The falls set the stage with a performance guaranteed to earn a standing ovation from nature lovers, even from the half-asleep ones.

You can take a leisurely stroll along the Niagara Parkway by the bank of the falls, as it’s the best vantage point for a sunrise spectacle. 

Not only are the falls a natural phenomenon, but the city of Niagara Falls itself wakes up with a unique, vibrant energy that adds color to the already picturesque scenes.

Local tip: Pack a light breakfast and enjoy a picnic by the falls right after sunrise. You’ll have the place almost to yourself at this early hour!

Vermillion Lakes, Alberta


Vermillion Lakes offer ephemeral vistas that evolve with the changing light. It’s an ideal location for nature photographers and hopeless romantics who yearn for those serene moments that life gives us.

The setting is only enhanced as the local wildlife comes to life. In short, waking up is a whole lot more fantastic when it’s at Vermillion Lakes!

Local tip: The third lake offers the best spots for sunrise photography. Also, carry a thermos with some hot cocoa for extra coziness!

Lake Louise, Alberta


The sight of the golden light spreading over Lake Louise will be ingrained in your heart for years to come, and I speak from personal experience!

If you arrive when the lake is still cloaked in fog, you’ll witness the theater of nature—how the fog gracefully parted, like curtains unveiling a new act in a play, to greet the morning sun.

Whether it’s your first time or a return visit, Lake Louise at sunrise is synonymous with an out-of-this-world retreat.

Local tip: For a unique vantage point, head to the end of the lake and watch the light change across the surface.

Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia



Peggy’s Cove is home to one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world! The sunrise here can be a photographer’s delight and a traveler’s muse as the magical hues of orange, pink, and gold meet the ocean waves.

Nestled between rugged granite cliffs and the Atlantic, Peggy’s Cove is a charming spectacle for both sunrise and sunset. 

Your day will kick off with vivid shades across the sky, which the camera may fail to capture in all their glory—but hey, we can always try, eh?

Local tip: Don’t forget to pack your windbreaker and wear comfy shoes. Those rocks can be slippery!

Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario


Address: Ontario 60, Ontario

Contact details: +1 705-633-5572

Operating hours:

  • Open year-round

The first light of daybreak here in Algonquin Provincial Park dances across the lakes, setting the water ablaze with fiery hues. During the fall season, the foliage creates a colorful tapestry, adding to the ethereal experience.

A sunrise canoe ride takes you through glassy lake surfaces in a scene straight out of postcards—the kind you send but secretly wish to keep. 

Sunrise in Algonquin is the perfect crisp and quiet escape from the city, where you’re the audience in nature’s theater.

Local tip: Try to book a guided sunrise canoe trip if you can—they’re an unforgettable and relaxing way to start your day!

Parliament Hill, Ottawa


Address: Wellington St, Ottawa, ON

Contact details: +1 613-992-4793

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Thursday – 8:30 AM to 6 PM
  • Friday – 8:30 AM to 5 PM 

A list of the top sunrises in Canada would be incomplete without a mention of Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Of course, I’m a sucker for a great natural landscape, but there’s something uniquely beautiful about catching the sunrise in an urban setting.

As the day breaks over Parliament Hill, the Gothic architecture of the Parliament buildings comes alive with a warm golden glow. The early rays cast dramatic shadows, making for a perfect skyline photo-op—and a great caption on your socials!

Local tip: For the best sunrise view, stroll alongside the Ottawa River and take the path near the Canadian Museum of History.

Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick


Address: 131 Discovery Rd, Hopewell Cape, NB

Contact details: +1 877-734-3429

Operating hours:

  • Open year-round 

All right, trivia buffs, did you know that at Hopewell Rocks, you can walk on the ocean floor during low tide? Its towering rock formations created by erosion, known as the “flower pot” rocks, are the perfect setting for a unique sunrise experience.

As the tide rolls in, the ocean floor will slowly disappear. You’ll witness a spectacular change in landscape, perfect for those who love dynamic scenery.

Local tip: Check the tide schedules before you go, and arrive an hour before sunrise to get the perfect spot! The surf’s up—or is it down?

Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland


Address: 31 Main St N, Rocky Harbour, NL
Contact details: +1 709-458-2417
Operating hours:

  • Open year-round

It’s no secret that Newfoundland is loaded with natural beauty in spades, but your jaw will drop when you see a Gros Morne sunrise. Rising from the sea like ancient silent giants, the mountains provide the perfect canvas for the break of dawn.

The shimmering, sun-licked surface of the aptly named Western Brook Pond, surrounded by towering cliffs, is a must-visit. To really soak in the experience, opt for a sunrise hike.

Local tip: Venture around until you find your ideal sunrise vantage point. Many opt for the Tablelands or Trout River Pond as a starting point.

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