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Top 10 Hotels in Waterton Alberta

Top 10 Hotels in Waterton Alberta

Are you thinking of getting outside and spending time in a nice hotel near or in Alberta? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

Alberta has some of the most amazing hotels with great amenities and incredible rooms—perfect for you and your friends and family to spend time in! Without further ado, here are our top hotel picks that you should consider! 

Waterton Glacier Suites

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Address: 107 Wind Flower Ave, Waterton Park, AB T0K 2M0, Canada


Contact Details: +14038592004

Cost: $$

Waterton Glacier Suites combines a relaxing vibe with a touch of luxury through its packages of either their Romantic, Loft, and Deluxe Suites. All these options offer the lavish style of a luxury hotel while differentiating in its amenities and size for different gatherings to take place. 

Though it’s named the “Romantic Suite,” this option is not just for couples. With its artificial fireplace setting a cozy and inviting atmosphere, it’s a fantastic choice for any holiday stay—be it with friends, family, or your significant other. 

Another exciting aspect is their collection of amazing drinks, which includes the Red Rock Trattoria and their signature Waterton Glacier Wines, among others.

Pro Tip: 

Don’t forget to open the large windows to see the amazing views of the mountain landscape. Just nearby the hotel is the famous Alberta gem, Waterton Lakes, which has a fantastic view of the nature reserve that’s perfect for the ‘Gram pics! 

Aspen Village

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Address: 111 Wind Flower Ave, Waterton Park, AB T0K 2M0, Canada


Contact Details: +14038592255

Cost: $$$

Aspen Village is not only a comfortable and cozy hotel to visit, but it’s also made convenient for you being located at the center of Alberta. This means that by car or commute, it’s not going to be hard getting into this place. 

What’s particularly interesting when booking a room here is you have three exceptional options: The Windflower, The Aspen, and The Cottages. 

Of all three, The Windflower stands out because of its luxurious amenities that’s surely worth the buck. Here, you’ll be spoiled with indoor jacuzzis and exquisite wall decor that’ll make you feel like kings and queens. 

But if you’ve got some more dough to spare, then The Aspen’s deluxe package is not bad either. The pride of Aspen Village is in their amazing cottages which are a group of 16 beautiful “woodland-like” rooms that offer such an exquisite experience. 

It’s best to bring your kiddos with you if you opt for the cottages because there are outdoor amenities like playgrounds and the forest park is just nearby for your family to check out as well! 

Pro Tip: 

If you’re a college student who’s only interested for a few days in Aspen Village, we highly recommend visiting the East Campus Village if you love to study or unwind. There’s also a library there should you want to check out some academic resources while you’re there.

Ramada Pincher Creek

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Address: 1132 Table Mountain St, Pincher Creek, AB T0K 1W0, Canada


Contact Details: +14036273777

Cost: $

If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to the more expensive hotels without compromising the quality experience, then Ramada in Pincher Creek is the go-to place. 

Despite the more affordable costs, you can still expect amenities like flat screen televisions, fast internet WiFi, and kitchenettes that’ll make the steakouts and family dinners more enjoyable! 

One thing to take note of, however, is the long drive to Waterton Park. Be sure to prepare yourself for a long drive if you choose to visit and book a stay here!  

Pro Tip: 

If you’re looking for a more luxurious stay, consider booking a suite with a jetted tub for relaxation after a day of activities​​. 

Rocky Ridge Country Lodge

Address: 523 2 St N, Mountain View, AB T0K 1N0, Canada


Contact Details: +14036532350

Cost: $$

What’s great about the Rocky Ridge Country Lodge is that it’s literally a short walk from Waterton Park. So, you don’t have to bring and prepare for long trips to book a stay if you’re already planning to visit the park as well. 

Another impressive feat that this hotel offers is you have the option to book a room and also a separate cabin. Meaning, if you’re into the outdoor adventure while still wanting to stay inside and enjoy the amenities of a grand hotel, this place gives you that choice. 

And let me tell you, the outdoor cabins are definitely worth considering for the wonderful views of the mountain scapes—especially at night. You can even soak yourself in a hot tub outdoors to elevate the experience even further! 

Pro Tip: 

The lodge offers a range of breakfast options, with generous portions and high-quality food like muttons, egg benedicts, to high-quality cereals. Don’t miss the amazing breakfast! 

Bear’s Den Lodge

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Address: 18 Webb Ave, Mountain View, AB T0K 1N0, Canada


Contact Details: +14033310905

Cost: $$

Just an hour’s drive from the stunning landscapes of Waterton, Bear’s Den Lodge offers a unique blend of comfort, luxury, and breathtaking natural beauty. 

This place is ideal if you’re seeking an escape into nature without sacrificing modern comforts. Each room in the lodge is designed with rustic elegance, featuring private balconies, cozy fireplaces, and expansive windows to immerse you in the surrounding mountain vistas. 

The accommodation range includes intimate rooms tailored for couples and spacious suites designed to accommodate families or groups—from their deluxe packages to their more intimately smaller rooms that still packs a punch when staying inside this hotel! 

Pro Tip: 

Keep an eye out for Roxy, the friendly fox who likes to hang around the cabins at dinner time. This unique interaction adds a special touch to the wilderness experience​​.

Crandell Mountain Lodge

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Address: 102 Mt View Rd, Waterton Park, AB T0K 2M0, Canada


Contact Details: +14038592288

Cost: $$

Crandell Mountain Lodge is another of the myriad of amazing hotels that you should visit in Waterton! It’s also pretty cozy, with beautiful nature outside matching the inside decor.

Just like any cozy cabin in Waterton, there’s a firewood place that’s ideal for winter visits. Here, the rooms are especially perfect if you crave a quiet time on the holidays or weekends just reading a book or drinking hot cocoa. 

What we can say about Crandell is its aesthetic is all about being rustic and natural. If you’re looking forward to staying away from the busy city for a short while, there’s no better hotel to recommend than this one! 

Pro Tip: 

You have access to complimentary coffee and passes to the Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort Recreation Center, enhancing your stay with more amenities. The lodge also features a hot tub, adding a touch of relaxation to your visit​​—so definitely try these out!

Prince of Wales Hotel 

Media from princeofwaleshotelca

Address: AB-5, Waterton Park, AB T0K 2M0, Canada


Contact Details: +14038592231

Cost: $$$

The Prince of Wales Hotel is a pride in Waterton, Alberta. It’s arguably the most iconic hotel in the place simply by the looks of it. 

Seeing it for the first time, you’ll definitely see why it’s so special. It’s built and designed like it’s made for royalty, and it’s the perfect place for an opulent stay.

One thing to look forward to  is the view from the room window. You’ll see the marvelous views of Alberta’s county, and that alone is worth every penny spent in this luxurious hotel! 

Pro Tip: 

Don’t miss the Afternoon Tea at the Prince of Wales Hotel. It’s a tradition rooted in British culture, offering a selection of exquisite Tea Forté varieties along with beautifully crafted sandwiches and squares. 

The experience is enhanced by the breathtaking views from the hotel’s lobby, making it an unforgettable moment of relaxation and indulgence​​.

Bayshore Inn & Spa

Media from bayshoreinnwaterton

Address: 111 Waterton Ave Suite 101, Waterton Park, AB T0K 2M0, Canada


Contact Details: +14038592211

Cost: $$

Bayshore Inn Resort & Spa stands out because it’s right on the beach, giving you easy access to Upper Waterton Lake’s beautiful clear waters. It’s a special place in Waterton because you get to enjoy luxury and nature all at once.

Staying here is made even more comfortable, thanks to the inn’s great amenities! You can start your day with Starbucks coffee, relax at the Serenity Spa, and dine at the Lakeside Chophouse, one of the best restaurants in Waterton.

Plus, the Bayshore Inn is pet-friendly, so you can bring your pets along for the adventure. This is perfect for pet owners who want to explore Waterton’s trails, like Bear’s Hump, with their furry friends.

Pro Tip: 

Choosing a room with a lake view will make your stay even more memorable. And since the hotel is pet-friendly, it’s a great base for exploring the outdoors with your pet.

Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort

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Address: 101 Clematis Ave, Waterton Park, AB T0K 2M0, Canada


Contact Details: +14038592150

Cost: $$$

Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort in Waterton Park is perfect if you love feeling at home while on vacation. The resort has rooms with kitchens, so you can cook anytime. 

It’s close to great places to eat too, like Weiners of Waterton which prides itself with the most amazing cold meats in the small county. If you like sports, you’ll enjoy Thirsty Bear Kitchen + Bar, where you can watch games on big TVs while drinking and dining with your buddies.

Overall, this lodge is inclusive—it welcomes pets and is easy to get around in a wheelchair. If you visit in winter, you can rent snowshoes and skis right from the resort to enjoy the snowy outdoors. 

The best part? There’s a warm indoor pool and a hot tub you can relax in after all those activities.

Pro Tip: 

Use the kitchen to make your breakfast before you head out, and after a day of exploring or skiing, the hot tub is perfect for a relaxing evening.

Northland Lodge

Media from northland_lodge

Address: 408 Evergreen Ave, Waterton Park, AB T0K 2M0, Canada


Contact Details: +14038592353

Cost: $$

The Northland Lodge is a cozy bed and breakfast just outside downtown Waterton. It’s run by local innkeepers who’ve had a deep history with the place! 

This place also offers a unique experience with its option for a full lodge rental, making it ideal for intimate gatherings such as destination weddings, family reunions, and corporate retreats. 

It also includes access to a fully stocked kitchen with BBQ facilities for private dining experiences, alongside catering services. Another great thing about it is that Northland Lodge is located near the forest, which is a chance for you to check out stunning natural views.

Pro Tip: 

Mix your day with hikes and town visits. Start with a trail in the morning and end with a relaxing evening in Waterton.

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