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Toronto’s Top 11 Food Festivals You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

Toronto’s Top 11 Food Festivals You Wouldn’t Want to Miss! 

Are you ready to embark on a mouth-watering journey through Toronto’s vibrant food festival scene? In this article, we’re diving into the top 11 food festivals that are an absolute must-visit for anyone who loves a good culinary adventure. 

From the sizzling aromas of street food to the exquisite tastes of gourmet dishes, Toronto’s food festivals are a melting pot of flavors waiting to be explored. 

So, grab your forks (and maybe a napkin or two), and let’s discover the culinary treasures that make Toronto a food lover’s paradise. No sales pitches here, just pure, unadulterated foodie fun!

Taste of the Danforth 

Event Venue: 115 Princes’ Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3, Canada


Fee: Free

When: Mid-year, usually July

Now, let’s talk about what makes this festival so special. It’s not just a food fest; it’s a cultural mosaic that brings together the best of Toronto’s diverse communities. You’ll find yourself lost in a world of flavors, from classic Greek dishes to exciting new culinary fusions. 

Imagine a vibrant mix of delicious food, lively music, and an array of cultural activities, all coming together in one of Canada’s largest street festivals. It’s a celebration of diversity and culinary delight that you simply can’t miss!

Pro Tip:
If you’re planning to dive into the Taste of the Danforth, consider setting your alarm a bit earlier. Why, you ask? Well, an early start is your golden ticket to beating the crowds and getting first dibs on some of the most scrumptious treats around. 

Scarborough RibFest

Event Venue: Thomson Memorial Park, 1005 Brimley Rd, Scarborough


Fee: Free (Donations are accepted) 

One of our favorite food festivals in Toronto is the Scarborough RibFest— and you guessed it, that’s because we love ribs! 

This isn’t just any food festival— it’s a carnival of flavors where you can savor the best ribs in town, along with classic favorites like hot dogs, crispy french fries, and sweet corn on the cob. 

Also, the festival is also packed with thrilling midway rides and skill-testing games that promise fun for everyone. As you wander through the bustling stalls, don’t forget to check out the creative designs by local crafters and vendors. 

Pro Tip:
When you’re at Scarborough RibFest, don’t just follow the crowd! We suggest seeking out those lesser-known food stalls tucked away from the main drag. These hidden gems are where the real culinary magic happens.

Taste of India Food Festival

Event Venue: Nathan Phillips Square, 100 Queen St W, Toronto


Fee: Free 

The Taste Of India Food Festival in Toronto is the place to be! Picture yourself wandering among over 50 vendors and restaurants, each offering a unique glimpse into the culinary diversity of different parts of India. 

From musical melodies filling the air, mind-blowing dance performances that capture your attention, and the chance to indulge in hundreds of dishes, this is simply a joyous festival you can’t miss! 

Whether you’re a die-hard foodie or just love to explore new tastes, this festival is a must-visit. 

Pro Tip:
To fully embrace the festival’s spirit, try dishes from each region of India. Each vendor brings their own unique twist to traditional recipes, offering a rare opportunity to savor authentic flavors. 

Eataly Build your own Summer Antipasto Bouquet

Event Venue: Eataly Toronto, 55 Bloor St W, Toronto


Fee: $$

Every season, why not add a twist to your summer gatherings with a stunning edible antipasto bouquet? 

It’s a delightful fusion of a traditional flower bouquet and a feast for your taste buds. Imagine impressing your guests with a colorful array of classic Italian salumi, formaggi, olives, fruits, and crunchy grissini.

Think of it as a creative culinary adventure. Each element of your antipasto bouquet is a brushstroke in this edible masterpiece, from the tangy olives to the succulent slices of salumi and the creamy textures of formaggi.

Pro Tip:
To make your antipasto bouquet truly unforgettable, pair it with a selection of Italian wines. Each wine can complement different elements of the bouquet, enhancing the flavors and making your creation the star of the show. 

Lucky Lion Night Market

Event Venue: Upper Canada Mall, 17600 Yonge St., Newmarket


Fee: Free

This three-day extravaganza is not just any event; it’s a culinary journey that promises to tantalize your taste buds like never before. The Lucky Lion Night Market celebrates Chinese cuisine in Toronto—and who doesn’t love Chinese food? 

Picture this: you’re strolling through the festival, the air filled with the enticing aromas of grilled oysters, lamb and squid skewers, and the unique twist of Korean corn dogs. 

And let’s not forget the sculptural cotton candy and the daringly distinctive stinky tofu! Each bite is a new discovery, a new story of Asian culinary traditions meeting modern innovation.

Pro Tip:
To truly embrace the spirit of the festival, don’t shy away from trying something new. Those bold flavors and unique dishes are what make this event a standout. 

Thornhill Rib & Beer festival

Event Venue: Dufferin Clark Community Centre, 1441 Clark Ave W, Thornhill


Fee: $

Who’s up for a weekend of epic BBQ delights? The unforgettable experience at the Thornhill Rib & Beer Festival where every bite is a celebration of flavor. 

You’ll undoubtedly be surrounded by the sizzle and aroma of mouth-watering BBQ— from pork ribs to beef brisket, and oh-so-tender pulled pork. And that’s just the start! There’s a whole world of BBQ chicken, coleslaw, cornbread, and more waiting for you.

But hey, it’s not all about the food (even though that’s a big part!). We’ve got an upgraded Kids Zone that’s a blast for the little ones, and a Canine Show that’s sure to wag some tails. 

And the entertainment? Get ready to groove with Country Night on Friday, Rock the Park on Saturday, and a Music Mash-Up to wrap it up with Ribs on Sunday. 

Pro Tip:
While you’re diving into the BBQ goodness, don’t forget to try the sides! Those blooming onions, funnel cakes, and deep-fried treats are the unsung heroes of the festival. 

Pair them with a Jolly Rancher slushie or fresh-squeezed lemonade, and you’ve got yourself a feast fit for a BBQ king or queen!

Pickering Food Truck Festival

Event Venue: The Esplanade Park, 1 Esplanade, Pickering


Fee: Free

Esplanade Park is where great food and cool vibes are the order of the day! Here, you’ll be lounging on the grass, cold beer in hand, basking in the lively atmosphere of live music. 

It’s the perfect setting to relax and unwind with friends and family, surrounded by the tantalizing aromas of unbelievable food.

Also, Esplanade Park is transforming into a foodie’s paradise, complete with a delightful children’s village and a buzzing beer garden. Whether you’re in the mood for some live entertainment or just want to chill and soak in the vibes, this place has got you covered. 

Pro Tip:
Make sure to explore every corner of the park. From the hidden food stalls serving up gourmet treats to the live entertainment stage, there’s a surprise waiting around every corner. 

And for those with little ones, the children’s village is a must-visit. It’s all about making memories, so dive in and enjoy every moment at Esplanade Park!

CNE Food Festivals

Event Venue: Exhibition Place, Toronto


Fee: $

For this food festival, we’re talking about not one, but two fantastic festivals that are sure to make your taste buds dance. 

The Food Truck Frenzy & Craft Beer Fest and the Mardi Gras Food Truck Festival are where it’s at! Imagine a smorgasbord of global fare, from savory perogies to exotic Egyptian street food, and Caribbean roti to pho dumplings. It’s a world tour for your palate!

And what’s a food festival without some refreshing drinks? Quench your thirst with a selection of icy cold craft brews, perfect for those warm summer days. It’s the ideal way to wash down all that scrumptious food. 

Pro Tip:
When you’re at the festival, make sure to venture beyond your usual favorites. Try something new, something adventurous. Maybe it’s the day to discover the magic of pho dumplings or the zest of Caribbean roti. 

Waterfront Night Market

Event Venue: Stanley Barracks, 115 Princes’ Blvd, Toronto


Fee: $$

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary culinary journey at the Toronto Annual Waterfront Night Market, a vibrant celebration of North America’s urban Asian culture. This event is more than just a food festival; it’s a comprehensive showcase of diverse Asian influences.

At the heart of the Waterfront Night Market is the ‘Signature Pan-Asian Food Festival.’ This festival within the market is a paradise for food enthusiasts, offering an array of Asian delicacies.

For craft beer aficionados, the ‘BeerCraft Festival’ is a highlight of the Waterfront Night Market. This dedicated section within the market allows you to sip on a variety of craft brews that perfectly complement the spicy, savory, and sweet flavors of the Asian cuisine on offer.

Pro Tip:
Don’t miss the Illuminasia Lantern & Cultural Showcase. This part of the festival offers a mesmerizing experience, blending traditional Asian lantern displays with cultural performances. It’s a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. 

The Mac and Cheese Festival

Event Venue: Toronto, ON M1P 2Z6, Canada


Fee: Free

Cheese lovers out there, The Mac & Cheese Festival is here for you!! This isn’t just any ordinary food fest; it’s a celebration of everyone’s childhood favorite, taking cheesy goodness to a whole new level. 

Imagine a world where mac and cheese isn’t just a side dish, but the star of the show. You’ll find an array of creative mac and cheese dishes, each more mouth-watering than the last. 

For those who love a twist, BBQ Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese combines smoky tenderness with classic mac, while Buffalo Chicken Mac adds a zesty kick with spicy chicken and blue cheese. 

Pro Tip:
This festival is a hit, so expect a crowd! Our advice? Arrive early to grab a prime spot at a picnic bench. It’s the best way to enjoy your mac and cheese feast in comfort. Plus, you’ll beat the lines and get first dibs on all the cheesy creations. 

Field to Table: Georgina’s Farm Tour

Event Venue: Varying places in Georgina, Toronto 


Fee: Free

Another one of our must-visit food festivals in Toronto, and here, we have a truly unique experience waiting for you at the Field to Table event. 

On this self-guided tour, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in the authentic world of farming, tasting foods made with the freshest ingredients right where they’re grown.

As you meander through the various farm stops, you’ll learn about the intricate process of farming, meet the passionate people behind your meals, and indulge in the freshest flavors.

Pro Tip:
Make sure to follow the tour passport—it’s your key to winning a basket brimming with farm-fresh goodies! This tour is more than just a walk through the fields; it’s a treasure hunt that rewards you with nature’s finest treats.
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