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Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in Canada

Canada’s food app scene truly is a smorgasbord of choice. We’re talking power players from the States, homegrown Canucks stepping up, and some international cuisine diplomats bringing global flavours to your doorstep. 

With such a buffet, how do you even begin to choose? Worry not! 

We’ve taken the liberty to raise the fork—I mean, the torch—to shine a light on Canada’s crème de la crème of food delivery heroes. Our list of top food delivery apps is cookin’ and ready to serve, so read on!



Contact Details: +1 613 519 1365

Launched in the heartland of the prairies, SkipTheDishes quickly became the go-to app for a lot of hungry Canadians. Skip offers a vast array of restaurants, serving everything from sushi to souvlaki and curry to chimichangas.

The app itself? User-friendly to the max! Even if you’re not exactly tech-savvy, relax, because the interface is very easy to use.

You can filter restaurants by rating, distance, cuisine, and more. Plus, real-time tracking is a solid win; watching your delivery progress feels like following Santa’s delivery route on Christmas Eve.

Local tip: Keep an eye on SkipTheDishes’ social media pages. They frequently slide in discount codes, especially around special events and Canadian holidays.



Contact Details: +1 647-957-7219

DoorDash is a San Francisco import that has been dashin’ around the Canadian scene for a while, and it ain’t hard to see why it’s a hit. DoorDash, you see, offers more than just deliveries from your favourite restaurants.

It lets you order from convenience stores and even some local supermarkets. One of DoorDash’s proudest achievements is DashPass, an annual or monthly subscription that entitles members to reduced delivery fees on orders over $15.

Sounds pretty neat if you’re a food delivery fanatic, eh? Plus, the app has a super UI—easy to navigate, fast loading, and mega responsive.

Local tip: Look out for DoorDash’s ‘Dollar Deals’. Believe me, are you scoring something at the price of your spare change? Darn exciting, alright!

Uber Eats


Contact Details: +1 800-253-6882

Born from the Uber family, Uber Eats is an app that knows its way around town. It combines the app-savvy interface of its parent with a vast network of delivery options, from fast food joints to gourmet dinners.

Here’s a cool thing about Uber Eats: the app allows you to order food from your favourite restaurant while you’re on an Uber ride! Yup, order your favourite curry while you’re heading home and time it perfectly for your arrival.

And if you’re an Uber Pass subscriber, you get a ton of perks, including reduced or waived delivery fees. How convenient is that?

Local tip: If you’re all about value, take a peek at the ‘Buy 1 get 1 free’ section on UberEats. Buy one for lunch and stash the other for dinner, maybe?



Contact Details: [email protected] 

Foodora, a Berlin-born app with distinctly pink branding, ventured into Canada and has been a top pick for many urban dwellers. Foodora’s made a name for itself as the app that brings ‘good food to good people. Foodora’s not kidding around.

The app boasts a clean design, an intuitive UI, and efficient service. It’s like the Holy Trinity of food delivery, right at your fingertips.

Whether you’re craving late-night dim sum or a vegan spread, Foodora’s truly got your back—and your belly!

Local tip: Keep an eye out for Foodora’s collaborations with local restaurants. They often run exclusive dishes or deals you wouldn’t want to miss out on!



Contact Details: 

Instacart isn’t your usual restaurant run; it’s more of a grocery guru. Picture this: you’re midway through a killer Netflix marathon and just realised you’re out of popcorn!

Instacart to the rescue! This app delivers groceries to your doorstep faster than you can guess who the killer in your thriller is.

This delivery app has partnered with a slew of large grocery chains in Canada, making it easier than ever for you to get fresh groceries delivered from your favourite store.

And for repeat customers, there’s Instacart Express, a membership service that offers free delivery on orders over $35.

Local tip: Keep an eye out for the ‘Coupons’ section in the app. It gets updated with new supermarket deals regularly, because who doesn’t love saving money on groceries?



Contact Details: 

Born in Berlin, HelloFresh stormed into the Great White North to offer a fresh take on home cooking, and trust me, Canadians are loving it!

Now, let’s get this straight: HelloFresh isn’t delivering restaurant dishes; oh no, they’re delivering pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes so you can don your chef hat and cook up a storm.

With a diverse meal plan spread, they cater to different diets like family-friendly, calorie-smart, and vegetarian. And, for all you rustled jimmies out there, customization and flexibility are totally a thing.

Local tip: Can’t wait to try out HelloFresh? Keep your eyes peeled for promo codes on their website and save some bucks on your first week of meals!

Chef’s Plate


Address: 110 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON

Contact Details:  +1 833-608-0883

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Friday – 8 AM to 10 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday – 10 AM to 6 PM

Chef’s Plate, the Canadian cousin of HelloFresh, has a sweet spot on this list too. As a homegrown meal kit delivery service, they’re definitely scoring brownie points by answering Canadians’ cries for a tasty, locally sourced, home-cooked meal.

This app is all about keeping it affordable while serving up a serious feast. Crafted by culinary pros, their recipes deeply consider the Canadian palate, or, as we all know, our love for poutine, maple syrup, and more.

Local tip: First time trying out Chef’s Plate? Be sure to snag a sweet referral discount code from a friend who’s already on board!



Contact Details: 

Grubhub is an OG in the American food delivery world that branched out to Canada and has been booming ever since. It’s all about diverse dining options, offering a huge list of local favourites and famed franchises.

The app itself is slicker than greased lightning! With an intuitive UI, even the most technophobic foodies can get the hang of it in no time.

Perks-wise, Grubhub delivers too (pun fully intended). They’ve got their Grubhub membership, where, for a flat monthly fee, you’ll score free delivery and exclusive deals.

Local tip: Keep ’em peeled for Grubhub’s “Perks” section. They roll out special deals like free delivery or special discounts.



Contact Details: +1 800-882-6106

Postmates isn’t just a food delivery service; it’s a full-service courier, of all things! Born in the USA and now serving Canucks too, Postmates has earned a reputation for getting you all sorts of goods.

Their food delivery shines with a wide range of eateries on offer, and their website and app are super user-friendly and easy on the eyes. Plus, for serial orderers, the Postmates Unlimited subscription grants you free delivery on orders over $12.

Local tip: New Postmates customer? Pounce on their first-timer promos, which can often get your delivery fee waived!



Contact Details: +1 855-489-8772

With Ritual, you can order your food online and collect it piping hot at the store, skipping those pesky lines. At its core, Ritual is a Canadian success story.

An on-the-go order and pickup app born in Toronto, they’re now making waves globally. By partnering with many restaurants and cafes, they’re making takeout a breeze—it’s as concise as a sweet Tim Hortons Double Double!

Their app is super intuitive and user-friendly. Browse, pick your eatery, place your order, and boom, you’re sorted.

Local tip: Use Ritual’s “Piggyback” feature to perk up your colleagues! Volunteer to pick up orders for your crew, and you’ll even nab some bonus points for your good deed.

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