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Top 8 Campgrounds in Edmonton

Top 8 Campgrounds in Edmonton 

Camping is always a good idea, especially when you’re in a naturally diverse area like Edmonton! Luckily, the city has its share of fantastic campgrounds, inviting you to immerse in nature while providing the usual creature comforts.

Care to know what they are? Well, we have a list of the best campgrounds in Edmonton to get you started on your trip for a great time here in the city! 

Devon Lions Campground

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Address: 1140 Saskatchewan Ave E, Devon, AB T9G 1N5, Canada


Contact Details: +17809874777

Opening Hours: 24/7 (reservation basis)

Just along the North Saskatchewan River, Devon Lions Campground is just a 15-minute drive from Edmonton, so it’s perfect for that quick escape. 

There’s a variety of activities available in the area, so it’s not just for camping enthusiasts. For instance, Devon Golf & Conference Centre is just around the corner – it’s convenient if you want to practice your swing.

As for the camping amenities here, there are over 100 spots available, ranging from basic tent sites to fully equipped R.V. hookups. The campground is also beside North Saskatchewan River, an ideal spot for kayaking over the weekend.

Pro Tip: 

Bring along or rent a kayak/canoe to explore the river at your own pace. Early mornings or late afternoons are usually the best times for paddling, as the water tends to be calmer and wildlife more active. 

Elk Island Retreat

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Address: 54371 Range Rd 205, Fort Saskatchewan, AB T8L 3Z3, Canada


Contact Details: +17809980708

Opening Hours: 24/7 (reservation basis)

Ever dreamt of sleeping under the stars in perfect comfort? At Elk Island Retreat, that dream can be a reality with their glamping geodomes. 

But if you’re up for a more typical camping experience, you can also opt to stay in a cabin, yurt, or RV. There’s also a laundry facility and coin-operated showers on site, plus the option for add-ons like a luxury picnic set and charcuterie boards.

As for the activities, the campground features horseshoe pits, a volleyball net, and a clearing that’s perfect for a game of frisbee. 

Beyond that, there are nature trails where you can meander and spot wildlife—Elk Island National Park is also just a 3-km jaunt from the site!

Pro Tip: 

Time your visit to coincide with a new moon or during the peak months for the Northern Lights. With the retreat located in a Dark Sky Preserve, these periods have the most spectacular celestial displays, free from the washout effects of urban light pollution. 

Wabamun Lake Provincial Park

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Address: Township Rd 531A, Parkland County, AB T0E 0N0, Canada


Contact Details: +17808922702

Opening Hours: Daily 9 AM–9 PM

Wabamun Lake, just west of Edmonton, is the go-to place for water sports lovers. Whether you’re into water skiing, tubing, kayaking, or canoeing, this lake has everything. For those who want a bit more speed, Sea-Dooing is a popular choice here.

As evening approaches, the lake’s quiet waters are ideal for sailing or taking photos, especially with the sunset.

Beyond its waters, the park offers plenty of activities. There are trails for hiking, bird watching, and mountain biking. It’s a great spot for families exploring nature and enjoying the outdoors.

Pro Tip: 

Aim for a weekday adventure if you can. The lake and park tend to be less crowded, giving you more space and freedom to enjoy water sports and the natural surroundings. 

Miquelon Lake Provincial Park

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Address: 20514 SEC HWY 623, Camrose County, AB T4V 2N1, Canada


Contact Details: +17806727274

Opening Hours: 24/7

Miquelon Lake Provincial Park, an hour’s drive from Edmonton, is an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts offering diverse camping options. 

It offers year-round recreational activities such as hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, bird watching, and summer interpretive programs. The park itself is set in a mixed forest and provides unserviced, powered, and pull-through sites. 

There are also traditional tents, RV sites, and yurts available. We think their yurts are the stars, though, as they blend the rustic charm of camping with the convenience of a cabin. 

The park’s amenities are standard yet offer a complete camping experience—fire pits, sewage disposal, showers, and a visitor—the whole enchilada. Also, the large sandy beach area, playgrounds, and diverse trails ensure something for everyone, from relaxation to adventure.

Pro Tip: 

Consider exploring the Grouse Loop trail. This 7.5 km route is an editor’s choice for its easy to moderate difficulty and beautiful natural scenery, including aspen forests and kettle ponds. It’s perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in the tranquility of the park while getting a good walk in. 

Hanmore Lake Campground

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Address: Smoky Lake, AB T0A 3C0, Canada


Contact Details: +17806566580

Opening Hours: 24/7 

Just a hop away from Smoky Lake, Hanmore Lake is an idyllic retreat for those seeking a slice of summer bliss without wandering too far from Edmonton. It’s our secret escape from the city’s hustle.

Here, a weekend feels like a miniature vacation. It’s perfect for anyone who cherishes the simple joys of beach lounging, the enchanting glow of campfires, meandering trails, and the thrill of a catch on the fishing line.

Each campsite, embraced by towering trees, offers ample space to park a trailer and settle in. It doesn’t matter, though, if you’re pitching a tent or pulling in with your home on wheels – Hanmore Lake provides that perfect backdrop for making memories under the open sky.

Pro Tip: 

Make sure your binoculars and a guidebook to the local wildlife are among the first items packed. Hanmore Lake is more than a tranquil escape for relaxation; it’s a lively sanctuary teeming with birds and wildlife.

Whitney Lakes Provincial Park

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Address: Lindbergh, AB T0A 2J0, Canada


Contact Details: +17805947856

Opening Hours: Daily 8:15 AM–4:30 PM

Venture east from Edmonton, and you’ll discover the serene Lakeland County, a haven of hidden lakes and dense forests perfect for anyone craving a retreat from urban life. 

The area’s provincial park is a treasure trove of camping adventures, offering both easily accessible front-country sites and secluded back-country spots.

If a long hike doesn’t fit into your plans, you’re still in luck. The park boasts over 30 km of trails that meander around its four beautiful lakes: Whitney, Laurier, Ross, and Borden. 

For a peaceful paddle, head to Borden Lake—it’s the smallest and maintains a tranquil atmosphere by welcoming only canoes, in contrast to its larger counterparts where power boats buzz across the waters. 

And should your explorations leave you with some extra time, the historic towns of Elk Point and Heinsburg await nearby, offering a quaint peek into the past that perfectly rounds out your natural escape.

Pro Tip: 

Make sure your binoculars and a guidebook to the local wildlife are among the first items packed. Hanmore Lake is more than a tranquil escape for relaxation; it’s a lively sanctuary teeming with birds and wildlife.

Smoky Lake Golf Course and RV Park

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Address: 17340 Township Rd 594, Smoky Lake, AB T0A 3C0, Canada


Contact Details: +17806562121

Opening Hours: 24/7

Just beyond the quaint Smoky Lake townsite lies an RV haven that’s a dream come true for both family adventurers and golf aficionados. 

Nestled within this tranquil setting is a 9-hole golf course that serves as the perfect playground for teaching newbies or indulging in a casual game. 

If you’re looking to make the most of your visit, the park offers enticing ‘stay and play’ deals, blending the joy of golf with the comfort of RV living.

The heart of the experience is elevated by a clubhouse restaurant, where culinary delights await gourmets. If you want more options, local markets like Linda’s Market Garden or Serben Farms just a short drive away.

Pro Tip: 

The golf course offers 14 full-service sites for RV enthusiasts. By inquiring about their “Stay & Play” packages, you can enjoy both golfing and comfortable accommodation in your RV, making it a comprehensive experience​​.

Pigeon Lake Provincial Park

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Address: 15072 Township Rd 470, County Of Wetaskiwin No. 10, AB T0C 2V0, Canada


Contact Details: +17805862644

Opening Hours: 24/7

Pigeon Lake is a sprawling haven for water enthusiasts, offering ample space for everything from high-speed power boating to serene sailing sessions. 

Just around the corner, the quaint village of Pigeon Lake is your go-to for essential errands—be it refilling your pantry, snagging a quick coffee, or topping off the gas tank, making sure your lakeside getaway is as smooth as it is enjoyable.

As for where you’ll lay your head, the campground doesn’t skimp on options. You can stick to the classic camping experience with your tent or trailer. 

Or if you’re like us and occasionally crave a touch of comfort without sacrificing the outdoor vibe, opting for a weekend in a furnished yurt might just be your cup of tea. 

And for those moments when you want to take a break from the water, the area is crisscrossed with front-country hiking trails. 

Pro Tip: 

Wake up early at least one morning during your stay. The lake is at its most magical at sunrise, with the water calm and the world quiet, offering a surreal experience whether you’re on a boat or sitting by the shore with your coffee. 

Jubilee Park Campground on Wizard Lake

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Address: Highway 795, AB T0B 3M1, Canada


Contact Details: +17809852499

Opening Hours: 24/7

Jubilee Park Campground on Wizard Lake is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a retreat that’s great for the family! 

This campground is situated just a short drive south of Calmar on Wizard Lake, and it offers a diverse range of activities and facilities that cater to all preferences. 

The campground provides both powered and non-powered sites along with comfort cabins, ensuring that regardless of your camping style, you’ll find suitable accommodations. 

It’s equipped with essential amenities such as playgrounds for children, hiking trails for adventurers, and a swimming area if you’re looking to cool off during the summer months. 

Additionally, the boat launch facility allows for a variety of water sports, including fishing, water skiing, and recreational boating, making it a perfect spot for water enthusiasts.

Pro Tip:

Jubilee Park Campground is praised for its cleanliness and the availability of amenities such as boat launches, day-use area parking, concession stands, picnic shelters, and coin-operated showers. 

To ensure a pleasant stay for everyone, it’s essential to follow campground rules, such as keeping pets on a leash and respecting quiet hours.

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