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10 Things You Can Enjoy with Your Family in Waterton

10 Things You Can Enjoy with Your Family in Waterton

With the entire weekend at your disposal, it’s high time you cross out Waterton on your family trip destinations, eh?

You probably need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, and what better way to do so than reconnecting with family! While you’re at it, enjoy nature’s undisturbed beauty and create precious memories doing fun activities together.

To kick off your adventure, we listed family-friendly activities for you to do at this UNESCO World Heritage site!

Bike around Waterton’s scenic paths


Address: 224 Mt View Rd, Waterton Park, AB T0K 2M0

Contact details: +1 403-859-2266

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Thursday – 9 AM to 7 PM
  • Friday – 9 AM to 8 PM
  • Saturday – 8 AM to 8 PM
  • Sunday – 8 AM to 7 PM

Feel the crisp air as you ride along the scenic paths of Waterton on bikes! And don’t fret about leaving your toddlers behind because Pat’s Waterton offers four and six-seater Surrey bikes, too. 

For teens or adults who want to ride solo, they also have mountain bikes and E-bikes, so let loose and snap a few clicks as you explore Waterton.

But before you ride off, feel free to visit their shop and grab some snacks like flavoured pickles, slushies, pop, candy, and popcorn. They’re basically a one-stop shop with gifts, apparel, gas, and even bear spray!

And guess what? Most items are affordable, and there’s no such thing as “inflated prices” at their store. Plus, no need to worry about wringing out every buck out of your wallets.

Pro tip:

  • It’s best to visit during summer and avoid days around winter since they might limit their services or completely close their rentals.
  • For those with a diesel vehicle, you can’t get diesel gas at Pat’s Waterton, so make sure to fill up the tank at Mountain View before you go there.

Ride horses through the park at Alpine Stables


Address: 1 marquis road, Waterton Park, AB T0K 2M0

Contact details: +1 403-859-2462

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday– 10 AM to 5 PM

Enjoy wildflowers, wildlife habitat and stunning views while you’re on a horseback riding course around Waterton Park. 

Alpine Stables has 50 experienced mountain horses ready to take you on an adventure, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider. 

Immerse yourself in the 200-km trails in Waterton Lakes National Park, ranging in difficulty from a gentle lakeside ride and climbing to the breathtaking tops of mountains!

And for those with kiddos, they have pony rides for those below six years old and those under ten years old have their horses led by a guide during the trail ride. The bottom line, everyone can have fun in this horseback experience.

You can also ask for your photos to be taken by the guides to immortalize the breathtaking moments as you soak in the views while you’re on a horse.

As for their rates, pony rides cost $20, one-hour trail rides are $55 and can go up to $260 for a full-day trail course.

Pro tip:

  • Wear comfortable and appropriate clothes, like a jacket and jeans.
  • Make sure you make a reservation ahead of time so that they can get the horses ready on time and avoid conflicting schedules with other groups or trail rides.

Kayak and paddleboard on Waterton Lake


Address: 102 Mt View Rd, Waterton Park, AB T0K 2M0

Contact details: +1 800-456-0772

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Sunday – 9 AM to 7 PM 

Get up close and personal with Waterton Lake by renting kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes for your family to enjoy. There’s just something special about floating and skimming over calm waters — it almost feels surreal.

Conveniently, you can book your ride of choice through Blakiston & Company’s website to ensure you won’t miss out on the fun.

That said, one-hour rates cost $65 for canoes, $35 for paddleboards, $35 and $60 for single and tandem kayaks, and $95 for a 10-person party board. Succeeding hours to a half-day rental have their respective rates.

And if you’re a family who’s really into water activities and is considering doing a full-day rental or overnight, just email them for special requests since they usually offer this depending on the time of year.

If you also happen to bring your fur babies, they are allowed to join you as long as you provide them with their life jackets and be accountable for their safety.

Don’t miss out on a 360-degree view of Waterton Lake and be in awe of its serenity.

Pro tip:

  • Book your rentals at least 24 hours before the day you plan to go; to avoid having to wait for your turn in case walk-ins are crowded.
  • Call Blakiston & Company at least an hour before you arrive to have your canoe, kayak or paddleboard clean and ready to use — you wouldn’t want lode dirt or debris floating around before you even had the chance to use it.

Picnic at scenic spots in Waterton Park 

Picnic at scenic spots in Waterton Park's Homepage
Image from Parks Canada.


Address: Waterton Park, AB T0K 2M0

Contact details: +1 403-859-5133

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Sunday – 7 AM to 11 PM 

Waterton Lakes National Park is a nature lover’s ultimate getaway. So treat yourself and your family to a jaw-dropping picnic spot.

You can choose several day-use picnic areas, such as in the Townsite, along Entrance Road, Akamina Parkway, Red Rock Parkway, and Highway 6. 

There are over 126 picnic tables across all areas; it’s up to you to choose which one you want to go. Some spots have fire pits, fireboxes, and stoves.

And yes, they do have toilets in each area when nature calls, figuratively and literally.

Feast your eyes on clear lakes, thundering waterfalls, rainbow-coloured streams, colourful rocks and mountain vistas as you feast on your picnic!

It’s the perfect casual bonding time for your family; you can fire up a grill, cook BBQ with your kids, take silly photos, and appreciate nature.

Don’t take our word for it, though — check it out and experience it yourselves!

Pro tip:

  • Store all food, garbage and scented items in a vehicle or a bear-proof storage container when not in use to prevent wildlife incidents.
  • If you plan to use picnic shelters or kitchens in Townsite Campground, be sure you and your family are registered campers.
  • Double-check their picnic guidelines, especially if you need fire since they’re only allowed in designated areas.

Hit a hole-in-one at the Waterton Lakes Golf Course

Hit a hole-in-one at the Waterton Lakes Golf Course's Homepage
Image from Waterton Lakes National Park.


Address: Box 146, Waterton Park, AB T0K 2M0

Contact details: (403) 859-2114; [email protected] 

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Wednesday – 1 PM to 4 PM 

Fire up your competitive spirits and challenge your family with a game of golf surrounded by mountain peaks and streams. The Waterton Lakes Golf Course is tucked away in the park, offering an unbeatable day on the green with gorgeous views to match.

You and your family will definitely have fun whether you’re experienced or haven’t swung a club in your life — there’s a first time for everything!

This 18-hole course is as beautiful as it is difficult; perfect for competitive family members who want to battle it out and take their game to the next level while easing the tension through nature’s serenity.  

And those with children who are 16 years old or below can play for free. Just make sure each kid on the golf course is accompanied by a paying adult.

Go on a quest for the first to the 18th hole, and play at Waterton Lakes Golf Course!

Pro tip:

  • Don’t forget to check the weather before you plan to go out to the course to avoid having the strong winds ruin your shot.
  • Put on the appropriate attire because flip-flops and a loose tank top may be uncomfortable once you start playing.

Hike at the trail of your choice

Hike at the trail of your choice's Homepage
Image from Waterton Lakes National Park.


Address: Waterton Park, AB T0K 2M0

Contact details: +1 403-859-5133

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Sunday – Open 24 hours 

Let’s not forget that Waterton Lakes National Park is an ideal place for hiking enthusiasts of all skill levels, offering several trails with varying degrees of difficulty. 

You won’t have to be intimidated by the trails because you can always choose one that best suits your family.

If you want something easy and fun for the kids, a hike to Bertha Falls is your best bet. It would only take about four and a half hours to hike the 5.2 km stretch to the lower Bertha Falls — the destination is just as good as the journey!

But if you want a quick hike through the wilderness, you could try and check out the Akamina Pass. It’s an hour-long trail about 3 km long with steep sections which lead to the boundary of British Columbia and Akamina-Kishinena Provincial Park.

There are also difficult-level terrains for hiking junkies, such as the Crypt Trail, Alderson-Carthew Trail and Vimy Trail, to quench the thirst for the thrill.

But make sure everyone in your family is relatively experienced and prepared for this type of hiking; accidents are the last things you’d want on a hike.

Pro tip:

  • Start your hiking in the morning to avoid going back down or returning before sundown. Early morning hikes are also less crowded.
  • Just in case, always bring a first aid kit because trips and falls are common on a hike, whether it’s easy terrain or not.
  • You won’t have any problem hiking with a pair of sneakers and jeans, but comfortable layered clothes with good padding and a good pair of trainers will come a long way.

Grab a bite at the Waterton Park Cafe


Address: 110 Waterton Ave, Waterton Park, AB T0K 2M0

Contact details: +1 403-394-6966

Operating hours:

  • Monday – 12 PM to 5 PM
  • Tuesday to Wednesday – Closed
  • Thursday to Friday – 12 PM to 3 PM, 5 PM to 8 PM
  • Saturday to Sunday – 12 PM to 7 PM

Waterton Park Cafe sits at the heart of Waterton Village, offering a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options — they even have a kid’s menu.

They got pancakes, waffles, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, and vegan and gluten-free options. Plus, there’s a large selection of coffee drinks and pastries.

On that note, their burgers, fries and stew should be on top of your order list.

The taste? Just as good as it looks, and it looks mouthwatering. It’s also the perfect spot for a family since they have plenty of space inside and outside the cafe.

Pro tip:

  • Don’t miss out on their Swiss mushroom burger and beef stew when you dine. And always leave room for dessert because their homemade ice cream sandwich and carrot cake are heavenly.

Cruise through the Waterton Lake on a boat tour

Cruise through the Waterton Lake on a boat tour's Homepage
Image from Waterton Lakes National Park.


Address: Box 126, Waterton Park, AB, CANADA, T0K 2M0

Contact details: +1 403-859-2362

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Sunday – 8 AM to 6 PM 


  • Adult (13+), $61.00
  • Child (3 – 12, $30.00
  • Infant (0-2), FREE

Take your trip up a notch by going on a 2-hour scenic cruise with your family on the historic M.V. International ship.

Keep your eyes open and your cameras up as you cruise the lake with priceless views of towering cliffs and beautiful waterfalls while learning more about the Park. 

This is a great family activity to appreciate Waterton without breaking a sweat. Families with toddlers or infants can be more laid back since you won’t need to do much while on board.

Also, expect to be thoroughly entertained by the guides from park trivia to borderline dad jokes — you won’t get tired of it. 

What’s nice about this boat tour is that they have multiple departure times from as early as 10 AM to 6 PM. So don’t forget to have a family meeting about what time of the day you’d like to see the lake the most.

Pro tip:

  • Save yourself from shivering by bringing a jacket because the winds can get chilly sometimes. And do pack some sunscreen while you’re at it — you can still get sunburned even if it’s overcast.

Enjoy Waterton’s Dark Skies

Enjoy Waterton's Dark Skies' Homepage
Image from Waterton Lakes National Park.


Address: Box 56, Waterton Park, AB T0K 2M0

Contact details: [email protected] 

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Sunday – 9 PM to 12 AM 

Enjoy a real-life Starry Night painting by going on a Starry Skies Townsite Stroll Tour with your family. It’s a short, chill stroll around the Waterton townsite after dark.

Stargaze under the night skies and relish the out-of-this-world view of the stars with minimized light pollution. It’s a unique experience you won’t be able to get in the city.

And to be honest, no trip to Waterton Lakes is complete without it; you might even catch a shooting star or two.

Dark Skies Guide charges $39 per participant for their stroll tour, which lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes. This is the perfect tour for your family since it’s suited to participants of all ages, fitness levels and experience levels.

Visit them and have fun spotting and naming different constellations and night sky objects with the help of your guide. Kids will love this experience; not only do they get to see stars like no other, but they also get to stay up late past their bedtime!

Pro tip:

  • Keep your ears sharp and make use of the binoculars because you might catch sight of the different nocturnal animals — a nice bonus to your stargazing tour.

Stay at the Prince of Wales Hotel Waterton

Stay at the Prince of Wales Hotel Waterton's Homepage
Image from Waterton Lakes National Park.


Address: AB-5, Waterton Park, AB T0K 2M0

Contact details: +1 403-859-2231

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Sunday – Open 24 hours

There’s a saying that goes, “A hotel is a second home,” but that’s not the case with the Prince of Wales Hotel — it’s way better than home.

The hotel sits on top of a hill above the waters of Upper Waterton Lakes. It overlooks Waterton Village and is considered an iconic marker for Waterton Lakes National Park; it was even designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1992.

If your family is not big on camping but doesn’t want to miss out on this nature trip, staying at this piece of history is highly recommended.

Your family can enjoy scenic views, tea times, pleasant harp music, and access to the beach during your stay!

Pro tip:

  • Plan and book as early as possible because the chances of getting a room without prior reservations are slim. Although, if you do miss out on getting a room, you can still explore the hotel and take some photos.
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