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The 10 Reasons You Should Start a Family in Canada

The 10 Reasons You Should Start a Family in Canada

Over the years, Canada has captured the hearts of many because of its openness to immigrants. Sure, it has captured your heart, too, but the big question presents itself: Is Canada a good place to start a family?

Canada can indeed be a great place to start a family. With its stellar ranking (2nd out of 85) for quality of life and inclusive values, according to the US News Best Countries report, it’s a winner.

Higher income, above-average employment rate, ace education—Canada’s got the dream life setup in a nutshell, as per the OECD Better Life Index!

If you’re intrigued (and ultimately, how could you not be?), then allow me to share the reasons why you should start a family in Canada. So, read on, and let me unravel its wonders for you.

Canada has a safe and secure environment

people walking

In Canada, safety isn’t merely a promise but a harmonised way of life. With one of the lower crime rates in the world, this land ensures that your family can cherish the lifelong memories and experiences they sow. 

Canadian cities, such as Quebec City and Ottawa, have received numerous accolades as some of the most secure places to call home. These cities emulate the ethos of Canada as a whole, parading a culture of warmth, camaraderie, and generosity.

Prudent measures have been taken to ensure that Canada’s reign of tranquillity retains its soothing tenor. Social programs, community building, and healthy lifestyle incentives perpetuate the creation of a serene and safe environment, perfect for raising a family.

And what of safety without the melodies of Mother Nature? Canada’s canvas is blessed with every hue of beauty, from lush forests to pristine lakes, serene seascapes to lofty mountains.

Local Tip: Canadians always greet each other with a smile. Try your best to reciprocate it or smile at them first to spread warmth!

The country has a quality education system

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Canada’s academic landscape shines with accomplishments; that’s why, according to the U.S. News 2023 Best Countries for Education rankings, Canada got 4th place. 

Your children will be introduced to an enriched learning environment filled with skilled educators, advanced resources, and countless opportunities for their growth.

The Canadian education system reverberates with inclusivity, ensuring that every student thrives in a tailored learning environment. It is designed to help them uncover their inner maestros.

You can choose from more than 8,000 colleges and 16,000 university programs. In fact, seven of the Canadian universities are among the top 200 globally.

The University of Toronto, McGill University, and the University of British Columbia are but a few examples of renowned Canadian universities serving as grand concert halls for academic symphonies.

Local Tip: Take advantage of the extensive co-op programs available for your college-bound children.

It has a vibrant multicultural society

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Embracing diverse customs from all over the world, Canada offers an array of cultural experiences that enrich the lives of your family like a symphony of captivating sounds.

Explore delicacies from far and wide as the sumptuous feast of international cuisine tantalises the senses of your family. 

Witness performances by theatrical virtuosos of all traditions, bridging the gaps between continents and hearts—oh, the wealth of cultural experiences is endless!

In harmony with cultural understanding, Canada presents a unique opportunity for your family to interact with new friends from every corner of the globe. Your children will learn to appreciate the beauty of diversity, weaving connections that traverse borders.

In particular, you can also engage in the joyous festivities of Diwali, the delectable feasts of Ramadan, and experience the vivacity of Chinese New Year alongside quaint local customs.

Local Tip: Attend as many cultural festivals as possible, enrich yourself, and embrace the world.

Canada boasts excellent healthcare services

Component of Health Care Surveyed in Canada
CategorySatisfaction Rate
Skill and competency of medical staff.71.78 (High)
Equipment for modern diagnosis and treatment.79.03 (High)
Friendliness and courtesy of the staff.72.14 (High)
Satisfaction with responsiveness (waitings) in medical institutions.40.22 (Moderate)
Convenience of location for residence.76.83 (High)
Data sourced from: Numbeo 

When we choose a world for our precious ones, we crave the gentle touch of assurance that guarantees their well-being. Rest assured, Canada’s healthcare system could serenade your worries to sleep!

This country boasts excellent healthcare services, ensuring that every whimsical note of your family’s life is attuned to the melody of robust health. Canada’s universal healthcare model is nothing short of an apotheosis of a compassionate society.

No cost is too great and no effort too strenuous when it comes to the well-being of its inhabitants. The Canadian tax system helps fund healthcare for all citizens and permanent residents.

Its efficient and effective preventive programs nudge your family towards a healthy lifestyle, ensuring a prosperous life. From meticulous paediatric care to comprehensive health checks for adults, Canada spoils you with its unwavering vigilance for your well-being.

Local Tip: Make full use of preventive healthcare services; early detection is key.

The Great White North has stunning natural beauty


The Great White North, as it is fondly called, is a veritable paradise, where nature’s masterpieces are the verse, chorus, and crescendo of life. Canada’s geographical expanse includes mountains, serene lakes, lush forests, and ethereal northern lights.

Imagine your family’s collective joy as they explore the wondrous Rocky Mountains or weave memories with the mystical aura of Niagara Falls. Canada’s national parks, such as Banff, Jasper, and Fundy, embody its commitment to preserving nature’s harmony.

These incredible spaces invite your clan to bask in the tranquillity of untouched wilderness and resonate in harmony with the grand ballad of Mother Earth.

And oh! The tune of Canada’s four distinct seasons! Each season, a beautiful verse in your family’s life adds a new dimension to Canada’s natural beauty.

Local Tip: Don’t miss out on camping in one of Canada’s many spectacular national parks (Parks in Canada).

Canada possesses high living standards

buildings in a city

Canada’s thriving economy, low unemployment rate, and fair wage policies work in unison to form an economic symphony that uplifts every worker. 

In this enchanting orchestration, the chance to lead a fulfilled life isn’t a far-off theatrical moment but a daily act in the great performance of life. The country’s progressive societal norms and policies ensure a balanced life beyond work. 

A chorus of family-friendly policies, including parental leave benefits and child welfare programs, combine to perform a harmonious refrain in the melody of your family’s prosperous life.

Quality housing, clean surroundings, and plentiful leisure activities set the rhythm for a vivacious Canadian lifestyle. And let’s not forget the magnum opus of Canadian character—politeness.

Quality of Life Index in Canada
Purchasing Power Index102.73 (High)
Safety Index55.7 (Moderate)
Health Care Index70.26 (High)
Climate Index53.19 (Moderate)
Cost of Living Index66.04 (Moderate)
Property Price to Income Ratio9.35 (Moderate)
Traffic Commute Time Index33.83 (Low)
Pollution Index29.35 (Low)
Data sourced from: Numbeo 
Local Tip: Embrace Canadian courtesy; remember, a kind smile or a polite “eh” can go a long way!

There are a wide range of recreational opportunities

In Canada, the landscape overflows with unspoiled, raw wilderness, punctuated by metropolitan gems that offer contrasting recreational adventures. Canada’s natural beauty, which makes up about 9% of the world’s forests, invites exploration and immersion.

Beyond nature’s playground that’s alive with activities like hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, and snowboarding, Canada offers urban recreational pursuits that are just as enticing.

For the family-oriented, Canada is a fertile ground for sowing seeds of shared family fun. Theme parks like Toronto’s Centre Island or Canada’s Wonderland are guaranteed to induce laughter and solidify familial bonds.

But let’s not forget about Canada’s many provincial parks that cater to camping and picnic activities for wonderful family excursions.

Local Tip: Pack your favourite book and snacks for a sun-soaked picnic at Stanley Park—a Vancouver gem. Unsurprisingly, life here is never about merely existing; it is about truly living!

It has promising economic stability

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As of 2022, Canada had the world’s eighth-largest economy with a nominal GDP of approximately US$2.221 trillion. It is also one of the world’s largest trading nations, with a highly globalised economy.

This robust economy offers a dependable platform for flourishing careers and entrepreneurial ventures alike. With extensive public funding in healthcare and high average salaries, Canada is primed for economic mobility and stability.

With compelling employment opportunities across diverse sectors accompanied by a compelling minimum wage, Canada is the land of viable dreams. That’s why in this country, your ambition aligns with opportunity and connects with achievement.

Benefits of Canada’s Prosperous Economy
Low unemployment rate. In fact, Canada has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world.
Well-developed infrastructure.With excellent transportation networks and reliable internet access, businesses and employees have the tools they need to stay competitive.
Abundant natural resources.From timber to minerals to oil, there’s plenty of potential for economic growth in Canada.
Supportive government policies.The government is always willing to help businesses grow and create new jobs—they’re even more eager to do so now due to recent changes in immigration laws.
Local Tip: Remember to utilise the various financial support schemes provided by the Canadian government. It might make the walk less strenuous.

Canada encourages work-life balance


At their heart, Canada’s labour laws protect the right to work reasonable hours, ensuring ample time for relaxation and rejuvenation, a crucial part of well-being. The work culture here appreciates the individual, and diligently upholds respect for personal time.

With programs that endorse flexible work arrangements and laws ensuring maternity and parental leave. Canada also encourages a work culture that prioritises workers’ personal lives paralleling their professional lives. 

To support this, companies are progressively offering important benefits like telecommuting and flextime that dovetail career ambitions with family commitments.

In Canada, we hold close the adage, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” fostering spaces where relaxation meets adventure and tranquillity meets exploration.

Local Tip: Unplug from work by indulging in weekend picnics at Beaver Lake in Montreal—a picture-perfect sanctuary for families to unwind.

It embraces diversity and inclusion

palm with different colors of paint

Canada is a place where cultural pluralism is the norm and every individual’s unique identity is celebrated. This country, in every sense, is a testament to the beauty of diversity, welcoming migrants with open arms.

Home to more than 200 ethnic groups, Canada’s census data reinforces its reputation as a diverse society—a melting pot of cultures, traditions, languages, and customs.

From the Indigenous people to immigrants from far-flung corners, the Canadian spirit enriches the country’s cultural tapestry. This also reflects the country’s motto “A Mari Usque Ad Mare”, from sea to sea.

Local Tip: Celebrate Canada’s multiculturalism by participating in local cultural festivals in your city—it serves as a fabulous education for children about diversity.
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