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51 Most Child-friendly Cities in Canada

51 Most Family-Friendly Cities in Canada

Immigrating to another country can be pretty intimidating, especially if you’re raising a family. It’s a big decision because it will directly impact the quality of life of your children

If you’re thinking of moving to Canada in particular, you’ve come to the right place. 

We listed the most child-friendly cities in the country below and ranked them based on the following indicators: 

  • Population
  • Number of families with kids
  • Unemployment rate
  • Safety index
  • Average household income
  • Average household monthly costs 
  • Median house price
  • Median monthly daycare cost
  • Number of daycares
  • Number of parks

After ranking each indicator, we set a value of 1 for the highest-ranking one, and 51 for the lowest. We then got the value for all indicators per city and added them up. 

The cities with the lowest summation top our list, while the highest is the least. This is how we achieved the final ranking you see on this list. 

This article will be helpful for concerned parents, travelers, NGOs, or just about anybody who’s curious about raising a family in Canada. 

1. Quebec City

Quebec City 2
No./Percentage of Families with Kids72,560
Unemployment Rate4.30%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 84.88
Average Household Income$66,755
Average Household Monthly Costs: $3,120
Median House Price: $340,000
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$181
No. of Daycares107
No. of Parks29
Quebec City Rankings Per Indicator

Quebec’s exceptional healthcare, affordable housing, and medical system, combined with its low crime rate make this city the most family-friendly city in Canada.

One more thing to note is its subsidized daycare centers. This means that you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on child care. 

2. Ottawa

No./Percentage of Families with Kids146,540
Unemployment Rate3.5%
Safety Index 72.73
Average Household Income$73,836
Average Household Monthly Costs: $3,483
Median House Price: $600,000
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$1083
No. of Daycares76
No. of Parks1,300+
Ottawa Rankings Per Indicator

The capital of Canada is a great place to raise children. It has so many kid-friendly neighborhoods with amazing elementary and secondary schools. 

Getting around the city is easy because public transport is safe and convenient. Most people don’t find it necessary to have a car since public transport is reliable. 

3. Calgary 

No./Percentage of Families with Kids222,770
Unemployment Rate5.5%
Safety Index 63.18
Average Household Income$111,867
Average Household Monthly Costs: $3640
Median House Price: $596,000
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$1,300
No. of Daycares300+
No. of Parks5200
Calgary Rankings Per Indicator

This cosmopolitan Alberta city is added to the list because it is safe, affordable, and has a lot of parks and daycares to choose from. 

Plus it has a lot of amusement parks, attractions, and activities for kids of all ages. They also have good schools in the city. 

4. Vancouver

No./Percentage of Families with Kids89,560
Unemployment Rate4.60%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 61.75
Average Household Income$72,585
Average Household Monthly Costs: $3,733
Median House Price: $1,235,900
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$900
No. of Daycares159
No. of Parks250
Vancouver Rankings Per Indicator

Vancouver is an amazing place for kids of all ages. There are so many outdoor and indoor activities that they can enjoy with their parents all year round. 

There are interactive museums here, cool attractions, parks, and festivals to enjoy. At the same time, Vancouver is very safe and is a great place to raise children in. 

5. Edmonton

No./Percentage of Families with Kids168,815
Unemployment Rate6.2%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 55.58
Average Household Income$84,000
Average Household Monthly Costs: $4,480
Median House Price: $409,300
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$925
No. of Daycares372
No. of Parks875
Edmonton Rankings Per Indicator

The city is rich in history. It has lots of museums, beautiful parks, and exciting attractions that you and your family can enjoy. 

6. Richmond

No./Percentage of Families with Kids38,215
Unemployment Rate3.3%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 77,71
Average Household Income$84,096
Average Household Monthly Costs: $3,967.56
Median House Price: $479,444
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$1,200
No. of Daycares2
No. of Parks140
Richmond Rankings Per Indicator

Richmond is a beautiful city that draws families because of its welcoming community and kid-friendly attractions. They have bowling alleys, waterparks, and IMAX theaters to keep the young ones entertained. 

7. Toronto

No./Percentage of Families with Kids465,815
Unemployment Rate6.1%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 58.39
Average Household Income$85,000
Average Household Monthly Costs: $3,732
Median House Price: $1,357,500
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$1,866
No. of Daycares1000+
No. of Parks1,500+
Toronto Rankings Per Indicator

Representation and diversity are very important when raising a child. With this in mind, Toronto would be the best place to go. It is crowned as the most diverse city in the world by BBC Radio.

As the largest city in Canada, there are a lot of places you can travel to. Traveling around Toronto is great because it boasts of the most convenient and affordable public transportation. 

8. Montreal

No./Percentage of Families with Kids264,710
Unemployment Rate4.9%
Safety Index 69.02
Average Household Income$66,755
Average Household Monthly Costs: $5,799
Median House Price: $570,000
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$175
No. of Daycares100+
No. of Parks21
Montreal Rankings Per Indicator

Montreal tops our list because of its affordable housing, daycare costs, and pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods. The whole city is teeming with lush green spaces perfect for young kids to run around in. 

To add to that, Montreal has been ranked as one of the best cities in the world for public transportation by USA Today. The color-coded subway lines of the city and the wide-ranging bus network can help you get to where you need to go, so transportation with kids is not an issue. 

9. Saskatoon

No./Percentage of Families with Kids42,335
Unemployment Rate4.0%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 51.19
Average Household Income$79,001
Average Household Monthly Costs: $4,199.20
Median House Price: $380,200
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$995
No. of Daycare38
No. of Parks200
Saskatoon Rankings Per Indicator

This diverse city is very affordable and has a great food scene. It’s ideal to raise a family in. 

10. Sherbrooke

No./Percentage of Families with Kids23,200
Unemployment Rate3.2%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 77.17%
Average Household Income$84,130
Average Household Monthly Costs: $3,678
Median House Price: $249,900
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$118
No. of Daycare3
No. of Parks5
Sherbrooke Rankings Per Indicator

Sherbrooke is known to be a good balance between urban life and nature. It is the cultural, administrative, and institutional hub of the Estrie region, according to our research. 

This must be why Sherbrooke is an active and vibrant city all year-round. It’s also a great city to live in because you’ll have access to high-quality services.

11. Longueuil

No./Percentage of Families with Kids40,820
Unemployment Rate6 %
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 62.76
Average Household Income$58,626
Average Household Monthly Costs: $4,047.52
Median House Price: $199,900
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$179
No. of Daycare30
No. of Parks60
Longueuil Rankings Per Indicator

It’s known for its friendly community and historic landmarks. It’s an ideal place if you enjoy the countryside. 

It’s quiet, safe, and has lots of attractions for kids to enjoy. 

12. Regina

No./Percentage of Families with Kids37,230
Unemployment Rate6.1%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 47.18
Average Household Income$81,832
Average Household Monthly Costs: $3,964
Median House Price: $402,716
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$850
No. of Daycare52
No. of Parks446
Regina Rankings Per Indicator

It’s a  mid-sized city, making it a fantastic place to raise a family. There are lots of great parks, recreation facilities, natural museums, arts, cultural centers and, fun events that happen all year round. 

13. Halifax

No./Percentage of Families with Kids66,460
Unemployment Rate4.6%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 58.84
Average Household Income$69,522
Average Household Monthly Costs: $4,408.30
Median House Price: $542,869
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$939
No. of Daycare330
No. of Parks100
Halifax Rankings Per Indicator

Halifax has a really great school system. It also has plenty of parks and daycares. 

It’s safe and the community is amazing! 

14. Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

No./Percentage of Families with Kids15,165
Unemployment Rate2.8%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 33.1
Average Household Income$61,940
Average Household Monthly Costs: $2,182
Median House Price: $200,000
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$774
No. of Daycare12
No. of Parks69
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Rankings Per Indicator

This is an ideal city for immigrants. Aside from its low cost of living, it has a great thriving community where you will fit right in. 

15. Winnipeg

No./Percentage of Families with Kids123,230
Unemployment Rate5.2%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 40.80
Average Household Income$63,023
Average Household Monthly Costs: $4,159
Median House Price: $360,900
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$651
No. of Daycare208
No. of Parks60
Winnipeg Rankings Per Indicator

Winnipeg’s character neighborhoods, green spaces, and access to outdoor activities make it a great place to raise a family. It has low daycare costs and affordable housing options as well. 

16. St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
No./Percentage of Families with Kids16,630
Unemployment Rate6.3%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 53.01
Average Household Income$82,396
Average Household Monthly Costs: $3,700
Median House Price: $334,900
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$955
No. of Daycare187
No. of Parks43
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador Rankings Per Indicator

St. John is one of the most affordable cities to live in. This city has one of the most affordable housing markets in Canada. 

With a median house price of $334,900, a lot of people are drawn to this city. This city’s high average household income, and low household monthly costs make it more attractive to families settling in this city.

17. Windsor 

No./Percentage of Families with Kids38,445
Unemployment Rate5.8%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 56.77
Average Household Income$55,450
Average Household Monthly Costs: $3,198
Median House Price: $607,700
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$870
No. of Daycares10
No. of Parks205
Windsor Rankings Per Indicator

Windsor is another child-friendly city with affordable costs for food, the lowest infant mortality rates in the country, and a good support system for parents. 

Plus, it has a lot of great attractions such as Windsor Riverfront, Dieppe Gardens, Jackson Park, and Ojibway Nature Centre. 

18. Sydney

No./Percentage of Families with Kids11,610
Unemployment Rate5.9%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 69.94
Average Household Income$67,910
Average Household Monthly Costs: $2,996.04
Median House Price: $149,900
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$939
No. of Daycare1
No. of Parks20
Sydney Rankings Per Indicator

Sydney is a beautiful city that’s among the most livable cities in Canada. It’s a fast growing region with a booming real estate market. 

19. Port Coquitlam

Port Coquitlam
No./Percentage of Families with Kids11,330
Unemployment Rate3.2%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 67.98
Average Household Income$84,096
Average Household Monthly Costs: $2,902.38
Median House Price: $871,894
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$1,480
No. of Daycares9
No. of Parks80
Port Coquitlam Rankings Per Indicator

Port Coquitlam is a quirky and family-friendly city blessed with wide green spaces and courtyards. Not to mention, the community is amazing so you’ll feel right at home. 

20. Trois-Rivieres

No./Percentage of Families with Kids18,080
Unemployment Rate7.5%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 85.40
Average Household Income$50,700
Average Household Monthly Costs: $3,931.42
Median House Price: $169,500
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$600
No. of Daycare13
No. of Parks14
Trois-Rivieres Rankings Per Indicator

Trois-Rivieres is known for its low cost and high standard of living and beautiful outdoors. It’s incredibly safe and has lots of families with kids so it’s ideal for families. 

21. Brandon

No./Percentage of Families with Kids7,990
Unemployment Rate5.2%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 56.52
Average Household Income$84,130
Average Household Monthly Costs: $3,559
Median House Price: $298,950
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$300
No. of Daycares4
No. of Parks5
Brandon Rankings Per Indicator

This city has a really low crime rate, diversified economy, and a very stable housing market. We also like that they have a student oriented education system, so it’s perfect to raise kids in. 

We also love their many recreational and cultural opportunities that you can enjoy on weekends. 

22. Sudbury

No./Percentage of Families with Kids26,280
Unemployment Rate4.4%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 39.88
Average Household Income$71,805
Average Household Monthly Costs: $4,135
Median House Price: $272,400
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$1110
No. of Daycares75
No. of Parks10

It is a wonderful place to live if you adore the outdoors. It’s rich in nature and green spaces. 

It also houses a diverse community with a very strong economy and a great education and healthcare system.

23. Kelowna

No./Percentage of Families with Kids19,815
Unemployment Rate4.0%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 38.44
Average Household Income$68,627
Average Household Monthly Costs: $4,205.68
Median House Price: $670,000
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$800
No. of Daycares2
No. of Parks200
Kelowna Rankings Per Indicator

There are plenty of family-friendly outdoor and indoor activities for your family to enjoy. It’s rich in world-class vineyards, great weather, fantastic food scenes, and beaches. 

24. Abbotsford

No./Percentage of Families with Kids25,385
Unemployment Rate5.4%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 44.96
Average Household Income$72,511
Average Household Monthly Costs: $4,200
Median House Price: $750,000
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$350
No. of Daycare20
No. of Parks72
Abbotsford Rankings Per Indicator

This city is teeming with hatcheries, family farms, delightful hikes, and natural spaces you can enjoy with your family. It has a welcoming community that will make you feel right at home. 

25. Kitchener

No./Percentage of Families with Kids43,620
Unemployment Rate5.1%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 59.03%
Average Household Income$70,774
Average Household Monthly Costs: $4,036
Median House Price: $791,674
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$1,320
No. of Daycare65
No. of Parks371
Kitchener Rankings Per Indicator

Kitchener is a wonderful place to live and work. It has a good balance of downtown activities and lush, green spaces. 

It has great amenities and really modern architecture as well. 

26. Whitehorse

No./Percentage of Families with Kids4,510
Unemployment Rate5.0% 
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 52.19
Average Household Income$93,652
Average Household Monthly Costs: $2,366.87
Median House Price: $529,500
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$994
No. of Daycare1
No. of Parks350
Whitehorse Rankings Per Indicator

Most of its residents agree that this city is an ideal place to live in and raise a family. It’s safe and has a low cost of living, it also has so many parks that kids can run around in. 

27. Fredericton

No./Percentage of Families with Kids8,870
Unemployment Rate4.3%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 68.19
Average Household Income$60,592
Average Household Monthly Costs: $5,004.99
Median House Price: $310,331
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$819
No. of Daycares30
No. of Parks138
Fredericton Rankings Per Indicator

Fredericton is an extremely family-friendly city with a high safety index and low unemployment rates. There are also a lot of great activities, museums, and parks for kids to enjoy. 

28. Moncton

No./Percentage of Families with Kids11,460
Unemployment Rate7.1%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 55.30
Average Household Income$74,240
Average Household Monthly Costs: $3,278
Median House Price: $382,900
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$850
No. of Daycare60
No. of Parks7
Moncton Rankings Per Indicator

This city has been named the “most Canadian city” and one of the best cities to raise a family. It is said that it’s also the friendliest to strangers. 

Most people love living here because of the caring and friendly community, safe neighborhoods, affordable cost of living, great transportation system, and lack of pollution.

29. Charlottetown

No./Percentage of Families with Kids5,380
Unemployment Rate4.8%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 67.10
Average Household Income$58,000
Average Household Monthly Costs: $4,573
Median House Price: $228,000
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$738
No. of Daycare19
No. of Parks158
No. of Hospitals47
Charlottetown Rankings Per Indicator

As they say, Charlottetown is a “small town with a big-city feel”. The pace of life here is relaxed and it’s a good place to raise a family in. 

30. Guelph

No./Percentage of Families with Kids23,955
Unemployment Rate8.3%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 66.46
Average Household Income$77,948
Average Household Monthly Costs: $3,472
Median House Price: $1,099,000
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$1,238
No. of Daycare64
No. of Parks7
Guelph Rankings Per Indicator

Guelph has been a popular city to raise families in. It’s just 100 kilometers away from Toronto and is full of lush green spaces for your little ones to enjoy. 

It’s also known to be a safe and low-crime community. It has lots of great secondary and primary schools, a very low unemployment rate, and affordable daycare costs. 

31. Brantford

No./Percentage of Families with Kids18,285
Unemployment Rate3.4%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 39.58
Average Household Income$62,640
Average Household Monthly Costs: $3,945
Median House Price: $249,000
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$1350
No. of Daycare12
No. of Parks69
Brantford Rankings Per Indicator

With a reasonable cost of living and affordable housing, Brantford is ideal for starting families. There are plenty of parks for kids to play in and there are a lot of daycares to choose from. 

32. Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville

No./Percentage of Families with Kids4,465
Unemployment Rate5.0%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 47
Average Household Income$99,155
Average Household Monthly Costs: 2210
Median House Price: $739,000
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$168
No. of Daycare5
No. of Parks1
Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville Rankings Per Indicator

Low daycare costs and living expenses make this city ideal for families. It also has a low unemployment rate, showing us that there are plenty of professional opportunities available. 

33. St. Catharines

St. Catharines
No./Percentage of Families with Kids21,585
Unemployment Rate4.5%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 52.58
Average Household Income$59,256
Average Household Monthly Costs: $3,910
Median House Price: $319,950
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$1,320
No. of Daycares13
No. of Parks15
St. Catharines Rankings Per Indicator

It’s a multicultural city that has good services, job opportunities, amazing public transit, and a friendly community. It’s an ideal place for families. 

34. Barrie

No./Percentage of Families with Kids26,170
Unemployment Rate7.7%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 61.44
Average Household Income$77,904
Average Household Monthly Costs: $4,228.39
Median House Price: $944,000
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$1,320
No. of Daycare96
No. of Parks122
Barrie Rankings Per Indicator

If your family loves the outdoors, Barrie is a city to consider. It’s also one of the safest cities on this list. 

35. Peterborough

No./Percentage of Families with Kids12.445
Unemployment Rate3.9%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 53.70%
Average Household Income$58.127
Average Household Monthly Costs: $4,093
Median House Price: $299,900
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$600
No. of Daycare5
No. of Parks100
Peterborough Rankings Per Indicator

This city has a pretty amazing culinary scene, a fantastic artistic and musical culture that your family can enjoy, and some of Ontario’s most beautiful parks. It’s also a very safe and secure city so you don’t have to worry about your children. 

36. Red Deer

Red Deer
No./Percentage of Families with Kids16,190
Unemployment Rate5.4%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 37.76
Average Household Income$85,794
Average Household Monthly Costs: $3,916
Median House Price: $349,900
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$1,300
No. of Daycare4
No. of Parks12
Red Deer Rankings Per Indicator

Not only does Red Deer have countless attractions for families, they also have a nice and friendly community. The cost of living is also pretty reasonable as well as daycare prices. 

37. Yellowknife

No./Percentage of Families with Kids3,550
Unemployment Rate4.0%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 48.25
Average Household Income$148,000
Average Household Monthly Costs: $5,947
Median House Price: $486,000
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$940
No. of Daycares70
No. of Parks29
Yellowknife Rankings Per Indicator

Yellowknife is a city that’s filled to the brim with opportunities. Whether you’re looking for personal or professional development, it’s a city to consider.  

It’s a great place to raise a family. It’s safe and there are lots of daycares and parks.

38. Victoria

No./Percentage of Families with Kids8,875
Unemployment Rate4.4%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 61.88
Average Household Income$53,126
Average Household Monthly Costs: $4,656.93
Median House Price: $1,204,900
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$860
No. of Daycare128
No. of Parks100+
Victoria Rankings Per Indicator

Victoria is a city that has it all. It has high rankings in terms of its economic, real estate, climate, attraction, and amenity ratings.  

We think it’s a great place to settle down for sure. 

39. Bathurst

No./Percentage of Families with Kids1,560
Unemployment Rate6.7%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 49.75
Average Household Income$64,597
Average Household Monthly Costs: $3,520.38
Median House Price: $99,900
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$480
No. of Daycares15
No. of Parks4
Bathurst Rankings Per Indicator

Bathurst is an energetic urban landscape perfect for families. It has everything you need right within reach. 

40. Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay
No./Percentage of Families with Kids16,540
Unemployment Rate4.3%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 33.39
Average Household Income$66,163
Average Household Monthly Costs: $4,000
Median House Price: $350,000
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$1,600
No. of Daycares5
No. of Parks129
Thunder Bay Rankings Per Indicator

Surrounded by pretty forests and plenty of natural wonders, it’s great for families who love nature. It also has a low unemployment rate and reasonable costs. 

41. Lethbridge

No./Percentage of Families with Kids14,605
Unemployment Rate3.8%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 36.36 
Average Household Income$74,084
Average Household Monthly Costs: $4,654.55
Median House Price: $381,043
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$1,500
No. of Daycare6
No. of Parks130
Lethbridge Rankings Per Indicator

This, up-and-coming city has 12 established neighborhoods and others that are still under development. This city is ideal for families because of its affordable housing and low cost of living. 

42. Prince Albert

Prince Albert
No./Percentage of Families with Kids6,360
Unemployment Rate7.3%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 28.31
Average Household Income$67,248
Average Household Monthly Costs: $3,309.12
Median House Price: $269,900
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$920
No. of Daycare18
No. of Parks35
Prince Albert Rankings Per Indicator

Prince Albert is a delightful city to live in. The people are amazing and the cost of living is reasonable. 

43. Moose Jaw

Moose Jaw
No./Percentage of Families with Kids5,080
Unemployment Rate7.7%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 42.54
Average Household Income$68,083
Average Household Monthly Costs: $3,615.93
Median House Price: $239,900
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$750
No. of Daycare1
No. of Parks9
Moose Jaw Rankings Per Indicator

Moose Jaw is a great city that has lots of activities for families. It has a beautiful landscape with playgrounds, theaters, libraries, and parks. 

44. Langley

No./Percentage of Families with Kids4,435
Unemployment Rate3.6%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 48.43
Average Household Income$77,507
Average Household Monthly Costs: $4,369.23
Median House Price: $820,000
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$900
No. of Daycare13
No. of Parks17
Langley Rankings Per Indicator

This charming city is packed with activities children and families can enjoy together. It has parks, a drive-in movie theater, and historic sites. 

45. White Rock

White Rock
No./Percentage of Families with Kids2,555
Unemployment Rate6%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 72.29
Average Household Income$62,344
Average Household Monthly Costs: $4,082.81
Median House Price: $499,000
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$900
No. of Daycare14
No. of Parks19
White Rock Rankings Per Indicator

We love how safe and secure this city is. It has a reasonable cost of living and there are plenty of parks for kids to enjoy. 

46. Gibsons

No./Percentage of Families with Kids575
Unemployment Rate5.9%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 52.21
Average Household Income$57,370
Average Household Monthly Costs: $3,000
Median House Price: $595,000
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$550
No. of Daycare5
No. of Parks20
Gibsons Rankings Per Indicator

Gibsons is known for its good and friendly community, affordable monthly costs, and large support system for parents. Not to mention they have affordable daycare costs. 

47. Owen Sound

Owen Sound
No./Percentage of Families with Kids3,135
Unemployment Rate4.0%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 41.42
Average Household Income$51,042
Average Household Monthly Costs: $4,283.41
Median House Price: $229,900
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$990
No. of Daycare22
No. of Parks20
Owen Sound Rankings Per Indicator

This city is safe and extremely child-friendly with so many activities for them to enjoy. There are lots of parks, playing fields, and playgrounds all around. 

48. Oshawa

No./Percentage of Families with Kids32,170
Unemployment Rate9.6%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 44.44
Average Household Income$70,211
Average Household Monthly Costs: $4,496
Median House Price: $993,400
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$1,500
No. of Daycare8
No. of Parks130
Oshawa Rankings Per Indicator

Oshawa is definitely a really safe city. If you are planning on moving to Oshawa with kids, you will be able to let them play outside even during the night hours because it’s so secure. 

49. Kingston

No./Percentage of Families with Kids19,200
Unemployment Rate6%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 65.58%
Average Household Income$67,485
Average Household Monthly Costs: $4,049
Median House Price: $780,600
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$1,650
No. of Daycares35
No. of Parks200
Kingston Rankings Per Indicator

Kingston is a kid-friendly city, for sure. They have tons of great museums to visit, waterfront trails, great restaurants, and shops. Not to mention it is a very safe city with a great transportation system. 

50. Corner Brook

Corner Brook
No./Percentage of Families with Kids2,875
Unemployment Rate8.3%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 65.69
Average Household Income$58,002
Average Household Monthly Costs: $4,076.85
Median House Price: $195,000
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$955
No. of Daycare9
No. of Parks4
Corner Brook Rankings Per Indicator

This city has one of the friendliest climates in Canada. On top of that, it’s also extremely child friendly with a lot of families with kids and a safe environment. 

51. Nanaimo

No./Percentage of Families with Kids14,070
Unemployment Rate9.1%
Safety Index/Crime Rate Index 50.77
Average Household Income$61,094
Average Household Monthly Costs: $4,562.78
Median House Price: $902,000
Median Monthly Daycare Cost$900
No. of Daycare9
No. of Parks151
Nanaimo Rankings Per Indicator

Located on Vancouver Island, this city boasts beautiful parks and green spaces and a reasonable cost of living. It’s also relatively safe. 

Overview of the Data

Overview of the Data

That concludes our list of the most child-friendly Canadian cities. We hope we were able to help parents, NGOs, and other people curious about raising a family in Canada. 

This list has all the data you need in one place. You’ll see important information such as the population, unemployment rate, average household income, monthly costs, and house prices. 

For most of them, the data speaks for itself. You’ll see why they’re the best cities to raise children in because of how safe and affordable it is to live there. 

Did we miss out on any other cities? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you! 

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