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A Guide to Canada and New England Cruises

A Guide to Canada and New England Cruises

Ready to wander off the beaten path and plunge into something extraordinary, with destinations that have sprawling urban charm and wild country beauty? Well, then, you’re in for a treat.

There’s no better way to explore the cool, crisp air of Canada and the vivid, vibrant vibe of New England than by taking to the seas!

Read on to see our scoop on the best cruises with the most stunning views, gourmet dining offerings, lively onboard entertainment, and when you should get the best deals!

When can you get the best deal on a Canada-New England cruise?

The best time to get a good deal on a Canada-New England cruise is usually in September through early October and April through May. 

These months are considered the “shoulder season” when it’s not super busy and the prices will be lower with less crowd.

You’ll also get nice weather; it might be a little cooler but not too cold. Just watch out for dates around major holidays since those tend to sell out fast and cost more.

Here’s a sneak peek at what some splendid cruises have in store for you:

Cruise LineStarting RateAvailable Itineraries
Holland America Line$1,2197-Day Canada & New England Discovery
Royal Caribbean International$6659-Nights Canada & New England
Princess Cruises$4197-Day Canada & New England cruises
Celebrity Cruises$1,15011-Nights Boston, Maine & Canada

How to Get the Best Deals on a Canada and New England Cruise

Know When to Set Sail

rescue boats tied in a boat

You’ve probably heard it said over and over again: ‘Timing is everything.’ Well, when it comes to cruising Canada and New England, that wisdom holds true.

Just like stargazing, your experience (and the cost of it) largely depends on when you choose to set sail. A Chuck Norris roundhouse kick of a deal might be right under your nose, but without the right timing? Poof!

Now, think about the kind of cruise experience you envision. Imagine yourself on the deck:

  • What’s the weather like?
  • Is there a colourful explosion of fall leaves?
  • Maybe a fun day at a sunny port?

Your dream cruise experience will tell you a lot about the right season to book your trip. Remember, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this.

It’s like ice cream flavours; cherry might be my absolute favourite, but you could be a chocolate-hazelnut person!

Identify the Peak vs. Off-Peak seasons

cruise ship and people in the beach

This reminds me of that old story, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You remember, right? Goldilocks tries out different things—chairs, bowls of porridge, and beds—until she finds the one that’s “just right.” Same principle, dear friend.

  • Peak Season

On one hand, we got the peak season, usually summer and early fall, when the weather is downright brag-worthy and the ports teeming with activities. But, just like when everyone discovers your favourite hole-in-the-wall cafe, it’s packed.

And the prices? They go through the ship’s roof, but, on the flip side, everything on board is buzzing. Entertainment, activities, fellow cruisers—it’s quite the merry carnival at sea!

  • Off-Peak Season

Off-peak season, on the contrary, is like when all your relatives finally leave after the holidays: quieter and much easier on the wallet. But there’s a catch: the weather can be unpredictable.

You might end up donning a poncho instead of slathering on sunscreen. Yet, it comes with its charms (like having the ship’s pool pretty much to yourself).

So, the choice here? As intensely personal as how you like your coffee—some like it piping hot with lots of hustle and bustle, others prefer it a little cooler with room to breathe.

Unearth the “sweet spots”

little girl looking at the sea

Now let’s talk about those magical times—the “sweet spots.” These are like the secret menu of cruising—not always advertised, but oh-so-worth it. 

Generally, just before or right after peak season (the shoulder season), the sky still smiles with good weather, and prices take a deep dive. So, you could be kicking back on your balcony, and cash left over for an extra mojito in hand. 

The best approach to finding these sweet spots is a sturdy lot of research (which feels a lot like treasure hunting, if you ask me!). Stalk those cruise lines, sign up for their newsletters and deal alerts, and follow them on social media. 

Also, don’t shy away from calling those cruise lines directly and ask them about expected quiet periods, especially when the kids are still in school. It’s like having a friend on the inside—good for your mind, experience, and your budget!

So, you’ve put on your detective hat and figured out the best times to book a cruise to Canada and New England—good on you, mate! But finding that perfect time slot is just one piece of the treasure map.

Implement smart booking strategies

two cruise ships and tourists walking

There’s still the whole business of actually booking the cruise. It’s like finding the perfect pair of shoes—now you’ve got to get the size, colour, and price just right.

Ever heard of the phrase “the early bird gets the worm”? When it comes to booking cruises, we might as well change it to “the early booker gets the deal!”

Book early

cruise ship

You see, buddy, cruise lines are a bit like us—they like certainty. The earlier you book, the more time they have to plan, organise, and make your voyage a raving success.

Plus, early booking isn’t just great for your wallet—it’s a treat for your peace of mind! When you book early, you have more options available, from cabins to dining times to shore excursions.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “What if prices drop after I’ve booked?” Fair worry, my friend, but let me let you in on a neat little secret: price protection.

Ask your cruise line about it. Some will refund the difference if the cruise fare drops after you’ve booked.

Try grabbing last-minute deals

Grabbing last-minute deals is a bit like ordering the Chef’s Surprise—at the last moment, you don’t know what you’re going to get! When cruises don’t fill up, some lines offer last-minute deals that could make the bargain hunter in you do a little victory dance.

If you can be flexible with your travel dates—and don’t mind the suspense—then last-minute deals can be a thrilling game. You might score a cabin on a luxury liner for half the cost, sailing through charming New England towns. Talk about bragging rights!

But remember, like any good game, this one requires skill—and the nerve of a cat burglar. These last-minute cabins tend to vanish like hotcakes!

Also, you might have to compromise on a few things: the location of your cabin, perhaps, or the choice of dining times. But hey, a little adventure never hurts anyone.

Gather your tribe and get some group discounts

people having fun at the beach

I know, nothing amps up the fun quite like travelling with friends or family—the more, the merrier, eh? But did you know that the bigger your group, the better the deal you might score?

Many cruise lines offer group discounts, so you could save a bundle while having a blast with your favourite people on board.

Plus, many cruise lines count a group as just 8 cabins or more—that’s like, what, Uncle Joe and Aunt Nancy and their kids, your best buddy from college, maybe an extra neighbour or two, easy peasy!

You see, bringing in a flock of passengers at once is good business for cruise lines. And they’re ready to make that a sweet deal for you.

Saving Tips That’ll Make Your Wallet Sing 

woman reading a book at the beach

You’ve already made some splendid strides in your quest to snag the best deal on your cruise to Canada and New England. It’s like you just climbed Everbach Mountain and are eyeing Kanuck Peak. 

But saving on your cruise holiday doesn’t stop at booking strategies—there’s more!

Search for loyalty programs


Tell me, who doesn’t like feeling special? Getting that front-of-the-line access, some extra perks, or grand treatment without buttering anyone up! Well, with loyalty programs, that’s exactly what you get. 

See, most cruise lines often have loyalty programs. It’s their way of saying, ‘Thanks for sticking with us.’ Just like your food delivery app keeps giving you discounts because it knows about your secret enchilada cravings,

For every cruise you take or dollar you spend, you accumulate points. Rack up enough, and you could land hefty discounts on future cruises, cabin upgrades, or onboard credits. It’s like building a skyscraper of savings, one point at a time.

Take advantage of the package deals

beach chairs on a cruise ship

Now, I’m not saying you should take a magnifying glass to that cruise brochure, but, well, maybe you should! Often hidden in plain sight, package deals are like those surprise goodies in your favourite box of chocolates—you just need to look further into the mix.

Let’s say you’re planning to have a few bottles of bubbly onboard, or you’ve set your heart on a massage to the sound of the ocean. And perhaps you’re hoping to try every excursion at the ports—then, my dear friend, the package deals are your golden ticket.

Cruise lines often bundle up these extras (like drinks, Wi-Fi, gratuities, spa services, and more) into packages that, when priced individually, would send your eyebrows skyward, but when bundled? It’s like a joyous choir singing your favourite tune.

So, do a little maths. Compare the packaged versus separate pricing, and you might find the bargain of a lifetime that’ll make your wallet do a happy dance.

Sometimes, doing add-ons makes you save more

family looking the sea

Ever experienced the joy of finding a dollar bill in your laundry pile? That’s what add-ons can feel like—unexpected, but oh-so-pleasing!

If you’re thinking of extending your vacation, whether that’s arriving at the port city a few days early or staying on a bit longer post-cruise, cruise line add-ons could be your saving grace.

Often, these add-ons can include deals on hotels, flights, and transfers at rates that could put your regular travel agent out of business (but let’s not tell them that, huh?). Plus, having one entity handle all your travel arrangements

That’s a level of convenience that even Aunt Patty, with her never-ending to-do lists, would be amazed by. Now, remember to fit the maths hat on again and compare prices.

If the cruise line’s got the better deal, take it faster than you can down your favourite dessert. That way, your holiday gets a boost, and your budget as well.

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