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The 8 Best Ways to Travel to Canada

The 8 Best Ways to Travel to Canada

When you think of Canada, images of gorgeous mountain lakes, vast forests, impressive city skylines, and maybe a bear or two might come to mind (Don’t worry, they’re mostly shy!). 

But what’s more great is that Canada can also be an adventurer’s playground with its assortment of travel options!

Whether you’re a fan of hopping on a plane, setting off on a road trip, or even cruising through on a bicycle, there is a perfect method of travel for you in The Great White North.

So, we’ve put together a snazzy list of the best ways to travel to Canada, because there really is a smorgasbord of options to help you soak up all of its beauty. Read on!

Air Travel

Travelling to Canada by air is, without a doubt, one of the fastest and most convenient options. 

With airports like Toronto Pearson, Montreal Trudeau, or Vancouver International providing a direct gateway to Canadian cities, you’ll be landing amidst Canadian charm in no time.

Canada’s airports serve flights from around the world, connecting you to its stunning urban landscapes and rugged wilderness within a matter of hours. Plus, with inflight services adding a dash of comfort and entertainment to your journey, time literally flies.

Local tip: Explore beyond the biggest cities. Check out flights to smaller airports like those in Victoria, Halifax, or Kelowna for a unique Canadian experience.


There’s just something oh-so nostalgic about a train journey, isn’t there? If you’re intrigued by a cross-country expedition filled with epic panoramas and a touch of vintage charm, train travel might just be your cup of tea.

Services like VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineer offer transformative journeys across Canada. It’s essentially a rolling luxury hotel with stunning views.

Train travel really allows you to experience the diverse landscapes that Canada has to offer, from dense, poetic forests to majestic mountain ranges. And hey, who knows? 

You might even make friends with some fellow travellers!

Local tip: Splurge a little for a cabin if you’re going on a long trip—it includes meals and more privacy, making your travel super comfy.


If you’re after affordability and flexibility, then hopping on a bus to Canada is a terrific option. Operators like Greyhound and Megabus run extensive routes across the country, connecting you with both popular and offbeat destinations.

Now, I know what you might be thinking: “Bus travel? Really?” But hey, with modern buses equipped with comfy seats, Wi-Fi, and even power outlets, they are far from the rickety old rides you might be picturing.

And the best part? You can catch some Z’s, read, or binge-watch your favourite show while the driver takes care of navigating the road.

Local tip: Avoid the rush and grab a seat at the back—more leg space and fewer people to bump into! Plus, it gives you the best view out of the windows.


Ready to set sail on an exciting journey? Then travelling to Canada by ferry might just float your boat (pun absolutely intended!).

With a coastline that’s longer than any other country in the world, Canada offers numerous marine routes that make your journey much more exciting. Ferry services in Canada are more than just a means of transportation; they’re an experience in and of themselves.

Suggestions? The British Columbia ferry service from Vancouver to Victoria is a real crown jewel, and there’s the Newfoundland ferry too, which takes you on a spectacular ride across the Atlantic Ocean.

Local tip: Get yourself a good spot on the deck where you can gaze upon the vast waters and breathe in that fresh, salty air. Just remember to hold onto your hat!

Guided Tours

If you’re the kind who says, “Well, I’d really rather follow along than lead,” then guided tours are your rescue boat in the vast sea of travel planning. 

These tours are among the most convenient ways to explore Canada, offering a structured but engaging trip without the hassle of doing all the trip planning on your own.

Guided tours take care of the storyboard for your Canadian journey—arranging transportation, activities, accommodation, and, most importantly, filling you in on interesting local stories and facts that breathe life into the places you’ll explore.

You might even be surprised at the niche tours available! Fancy a wine tour in the Okanagan Valley, a historical walk through Old Quebec, or a snowshoeing adventure in the Rockies? 

Some of the best tour companies in Canada are such follows:

Intrepid Travels


Contact details: 

G Adventures


Contact details: 

Moose Travel Network


Contact details: 



Contact details: 

Exodus Travels


Contact details: 

Local tip: Interact with your tour guide—they’re usually locals filled with offbeat information, stories, and tips about the places you’re visiting. Plus, they’re usually pretty cool people to hang out with!

Road Trip

Driving in Canada is one of the most flexible and free-spirited travel options; your itinerary can change as often as the songs on your playlist! The Trans-Canada Highway, one of the world’s longest national highways, offers fantastic cross-country routes.

Or consider exploring the phenomenal Sea-to-Sky Highway in British Columbia or the breathtaking Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia. The beauty of a road trip lies in the journey, not just the destination.

It’s about freedom and discovery, with each mile bringing its own unique tale. All it takes is a reliable car, good company (or peace and quiet if you’re solo), and a spirit for adventure.

Local tip: Keep a stash of snacks and drinks in the car for those long stretches without any services. And don’t forget a good playlist of jam tunes!


Canada’s diverse landscapes are incredibly rewarding when explored on a motorcycle. It makes you part of the scene, rather than watching it from a window.

So whether it’s a leisurely ride across the prairies of Manitoba or a journey through the twists and turns of BC’s mountain passes, a motorcycle voyage adds an edge to your travel experience.

Apart from the absolute joy of the ride, the motorcycle community also provides a unique travel experience. You’ll find solace in sharing stories with fellow riders at rest stops, diners, and campgrounds throughout your travels.

Local tip: Invest in a waterproof luggage bag; Canadian weather can be unpredictable, especially if you’re cruising cross-country! Wear layers, and don’t forget your rain gear.

RV or Motorhome

An RV gives you a home-on-wheels travel experience. It’s like having a mobile cabin that can park almost anywhere.

Not only does it offer a comfortable space to sleep, cook, and rest, but it also gives you the freedom to enjoy Canada’s beautiful natural settings up close.

Whether it’s camping in one of Canada’s parks, pulling up at a full-service RV park, or even boondocking off-the-beaten-track, travelling by RV or motorhome lets you truly live in the moment.

Local tip: Always have a backup plan for where you will sleep for the night, and check out campground reservations in advance during peak season. Canadian nights can get chilly, so pack lots of blankets!

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