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The 10 Best Places to Retire in Canada

The 10 Best Places to Retire in Canada

Hey there! So now, you’re ready to kick back, relax, and contemplate the golden years of retirement. 

Lucky for you, as the Great White North isn’t just about friendly folks and awe-inspiring landscapes (which it has in spades), but it’s also a top-tier destination for all of you looking to retire in style.

The country offers tons of perfect places sprinkled across this maple-leaf land where you can relish your well-deserved retirement. And in this guide, we’ve got just the right list to help ease your readiness for those leisurely days.

So, read on as we introduce you to the best places to retire in Canada.

Victoria, BC


Victoria is a lovely coastal city that boasts some of the most pleasant weather in all of Canada. The mild climate makes it an ideal spot for retirees who’d prefer to skip the shovelling of snow and focus on more enjoyable activities.

You’ll love the fact that Victoria also ranks as one of Canada’s most walkable cities. This means you can absolutely take leisurely strolls to local shops, cafes, and parks that’ll keep you entertained for years to come.

It’s also home to some top-notch health care facilities, which is high on the list for any retiree. Not to mention the accessibility of the city; there are several airlines, ferries, and buses, making Victoria easily reachable for the kids and grandkids visiting.

Local tip: Take a picnic to Beacon Hill Park and enjoy the lush surroundings while catching the occasional live music performance during the summer months.

North Vancouver, BC


North Vancouver in BC might be a small city, but when it comes to amenities, it hits the ball out of the park. It has all the facilities needed: hospitals, shopping centres, galleries, and even a very walkable downtown core.

It’s also close to Vancouver City, making it convenient for a quick jaunt into the big city now and then.

Public transit is top-notch in North Vancouver as well, so it’s easy to travel around without the hassle of maintaining a car.

Local tip: Don’t miss the Summer Music in the Park series at Cleveland Dam. It’s a hoot!

Collingwood, Ontario


Collingwood’s community is intimate, welcoming, and tight-knit. It’s the perfect place to cultivate friendships and social connections. The city hosts festivals and community events; there are even farmer’s markets for everything local and fresh.

Another point in favour of Collingwood is its high-quality healthcare facilities, with the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital providing top-tier services. 

Local tip: Always carry an extra layer when heading out to Blue Mountain. The weather can change in a snap!

Belleville, Ontario


Belleville is affordable, which is a major consideration for retirees. Whether you’re looking into buying a home or renting, you’ll find prices here more amenable compared to the national average.

This city is also considered the city of festivals, making for a lively atmosphere year-round. A strong healthcare system is in place as well, with excellent facilities.

Local tip: Quinte Health Care Belleville General, for instance, offers comprehensive care and various specialised health programs.

St. John, Newfoundland


St. John’s is nestled in with a rich history and a warm, welcoming community, making it a fantastic spot for those easing into their golden years. Plus, the city is always rocking with lively festivals like the Royal St. John’s Regatta and St. John’s Days.

Worried about healthcare? Fret not. The Health Sciences Centre and St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital have you more than covered. 

And let’s not forget about those retail therapy days! The Avalon Mall and a menagerie of cute boutiques will have you browsing in style.

Local tip: On a sunny day, make a beeline to Cape Spear Lighthouse for the most breathtaking sunrise you’ll ever witness. 

Halifax, Nova Scotia


Halifax boasts a bustling waterfront, perfect for taking leisurely strolls while you breathe in that fresh seawater scent and watch the boats bobble by. Plus, you’ll find plenty of spots for a tasty bite or a sweet treat right along the boardwalk.

A quick jaunt on the Halifax Transit takes you anywhere you need to be, including the largest shopping mall in Atlantic Canada, Halifax Shopping Centre. The housing market in Halifax is more affordable than in larger cities, which is a huge perk for retirees.

And did I mention that the healthcare options are great, too? You’ll find top-quality care in facilities like the QEII Health Sciences Center.

Local tip: Hop aboard the Harbour Hopper for a fun land and sea tour of the city. Oh, and did I spill the beans on the Donair? 
It’s a must-try Halifax snack!

Fredericton, New Brunswick


For starters, Fredericton is an ideal city for those who like to stay active. With 120 km of trails along the St. John and Nashwaak Rivers, Fredericton is perfect for cycling, walking, and running errands on foot.

It’s also an incredibly budget-friendly city. Thanks to its low cost of living, you’ll have more cash left over to explore or indulge in hobbies.

Plus, excellent healthcare services are readily available at facilities like the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital. 

The city even offers plenty of senior-friendly activities, including the Fredericton 50+ Club, which organises diverse programs for seniors to mingle and have fun.

Local tip: Join the free annual Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival for a weekend of toe-tapping and hip-shaking! You won’t regret it.

Canmore, Alberta


Canmore is home to several golf courses and recreational facilities. The Canmore Seniors Association offers various programs and events to keep you socially engaged and active in the community.

Don’t worry about healthcare; Canmore features a state-of-the-art Canmore General Hospital providing top-notch care. And when it comes to shopping and dining options, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to discover new spots and savour delicious flavours.

Local tip: Take a scenic drive to the Smith-Dorrien Spray Trail. You might just spot some wildlife, like bighorn sheep or elk!

Stratford, Prince Edward Island


Stratford is ripe with beautiful green spaces, parks, and walking trails. From the Fullerton’s Creek Conservation Park Trail System to the Stratford Community Gardens, staying active and connected to nature is easy-peasy.

This city also offers top-notch recreation facilities like the Stratford Town Centre, and for healthcare, you’re only a short drive away from Charlottetown’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital. 

Plus, the city boasts a low cost of living, meaning you can kick back and relax without stressing over your budget.

Local tip: Treat yourself to the outstanding mussel poutine at the Water Prince Corner Shop. It’s lip-smacking good!

Oakville, Ontario


Oakville is strategically located, offering easy access to major hubs like Toronto, Mississauga, and Hamilton with a quick ride on the GO train. It also flaunts international cuisine, shopping spots, and recreation facilities that’ll keep you entertained all year.

Plus, the low crime rate in the city ensures you can enjoy a peaceful retirement. There’s also a strong community spirit in Oakville.

The Older Adults Center offers numerous clubs, classes, events, and programs for seniors to make friends, learn new skills, and have a great time with their peers.

Local tip: Don’t miss Bronte Creek Provincial Park during the maple syrup festival. A taste of Canadian sweetness awaits!
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