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The 10 Best Places to Live in Canada

The 10 Best Places to Live in Canada

Alright, get this: Canada is one crazy, wonderful ride! Seriously, it’s like a jigsaw puzzle filled with killer city vibes, stunning beauty, chill towns, and diverse cultures.

Talking about the hustle and bustle, Toronto totally tops the charts. But then, there’s the soothing serenity of Prince Edward Island that gives you all the chill vibes.

But, I know, I know, this journey to find your Canadian haven must’ve sprung up a thousand questions in your mind: “Where should I start? Which is the perfect place for me?” Well, that’s where we step in!

We’ve meticulously curated this list of the best places to live in Canada. These are places that blend harmoniously with different lifestyles, offer ample opportunities, and always have an open arm for newcomers.Read on!

CityBest for:
Quebec City, QuebecCulture
Vancouver, British ColumbiaNature
Montreal, QuebecFestivals
Canmore, AlbertaMountains
St.John’s, NewfoundlandNautical life
Toronto, OntarioDiversity
Halifax, Nova ScotiaEast Coast living
Burlington, OntarioQuality of life
Oakville, OntarioSuburban life
Lévis, QuebecRiver life

Quebec City, Quebec

Average monthly cost of living (One person)$1404
Average food cost (One person)$501
Average cost of monthly rent & utilities (One person)$642
Average transportation cost (One person)$125
Data sourced from: LivingCost

Across Canada, Quebec City stands out for its economical cost of living. Yes, it’s true! Affordable housing and reasonable prices for food, utilities, and other necessities craft a cost-effective symphony for residents.

Quebec City celebrates life with a fearless bravura mirrored in its endless array of world-class amenities. And with an average salary of around $64,495 per year, you’ll find a cozy balance between French elegance and that sweet wallet harmony.

Art galleries like the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, Quartier Petit Champlain shopping district, and plenty of green spaces, like Battlefields Park, make Quebec City a mosaic of vibrant life slices.

Converging ingeniously with this lively urban puzzle is Quebec City’s advanced transportation system. Buses by Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC) flawlessly entwine with the city’s attractions.

Efficient, affordable, and wide-reaching, the RTC makes breezing through the city a sinuous dance of delight.


  • Rich history and culture
  • Affordable cost of living


  • Language barrier with French as the majority language
Local Tip: Drop by Chez Boulay for an impeccable taste of local cuisine. Remember, an adventure to Quebec City is incomplete without savoring its culinary heritage!

Vancouver, British Columbia

Average monthly cost of living (One person)$2477
Average food cost (One person)$578
Average cost of monthly rent & utilities (One person)$1583
Average transportation cost (One person)$159
Data sourced from: LivingCost

Let’s now journey westward and stop at Vancouver, a masterpiece of urban perfection nestled within the arms of Mother Nature. Vancouver’s cost of living tends to be higher, yet it is perfectly counterbalanced by higher salaries and the undeniable quality of life.

You can expect an average salary of about $73,705 per year to keep you in good spirits as you stroll along Granville Island. While amenities in Vancouver are as diverse and vibrant as a palette of paint, ready to color your life.

Think of the eclectic food scene, the lush Stanley Park, an impressive skyline with buildings like Vancouver Lookout, and the culturally rich neighborhoods like Gastown—these are not mere amenities; they’re life experiences.

Vancouver’s transportation system, led by TransLink, includes buses, SkyTrain, SeaBus, and West Coast Express train services. It’s a complex yet efficiently structured circuit that connects Vancouver’s sectors, making the city an interconnected triumph of urban planning.


  • Stunning scenery
  • Mild climate


  • High cost of living
  • Notorious for rainy weather
Local Tip: The Richmond Night Market is where you can treat your senses to a festival of global flavors—don’t miss it!

Montreal, Quebec

Average monthly cost of living (One person)$1760
Average food cost (One person)$551
Average cost of monthly rent & utilities (One person)$875
Average transportation cost (One person)$172
Data sourced from: LivingCost

Montreal is a city that has etched its own unique narrative, standing tall at the confluence of tradition and innovation. The cost of living in Montreal is not just affordable; it’s enticing!

Housing prices are worth a mention; they are predominantly lower compared to other major Canadian cities. Coupled with the high quality of life, and an average salary of $67,539 per year, Montreal is more than just affordable; it’s an irresistible prospect.

The amenities in Montreal are one condensed, cosmopolitan festival—from the stunning Notre-Dame Basilica and Botanical Garden to the lively music at the International Jazz Festival, life in Montreal is never monochrome; it’s a vivid masterpiece.

Serving this pulsating city is its excellent public transportation system. Operated by STM, Montreal’s buses and metro cover a generous sweep of the city and its suburbs, offering a punctual and reliable service that complements the rhythmic pace of life here.


  • Vibrant arts & cultural scene
  • Great food


  • Harsh winters
  • Bilingual requirements for some jobs
Local Tip: Pop by Schwartz’s Deli for a smoked meat sandwich. It’s tradition, it’s an initiation, and it’s Montreal in every delectable bite!

Canmore, Alberta

Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre (One person)$1,229.87
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant (One person)$22.33
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) (One person)$92.62
Average transportation cost (monthly pass) (One person)$44.57
Data sourced from: Costoflive

In the lap of Alberta, swaddled by the majestic Rocky Mountains, lies the hidden jewel called Canmore. This place is more than just a city; it’s a living, breathing poem dedicated to the undaunted spirit of the Canadian wilderness.

Canmore may not hold the trophy for the cheapest city in Canada, but the moderate cost of living is a palatable trade-off for basking in the breathtaking landscape that embraces Canmore. The city also offers a steady average salary of $70,609 per year.

The amenities in Canmore are, quite fittingly, largely centered around the spectacular natural surroundings. Imagine waking up to unspoiled hiking trails in the summer, well-groomed ski slopes in the winter, and world-class golf courses during the gentle warm months. 

Complementing this life is Canmore’s easily navigable transit system. Roam Transit buses run across the city, while several taxi services, cycling corridors, and pedestrian paths make transportation in Canmore a seamless experience.


  • Outdoor paradise
  • Small-town charm


  • Limited job opportunities
  • High housing prices
Local Tip: Make sure to visit the Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park, a hub for outdoor adventure and awe-inspiring vistas.

St. John’s, Newfoundland

Average monthly cost of living (One person)$1600
Average food cost (One person)$604
Average cost of monthly rent & utilities (One person)$816
Average transportation cost (One person)$58.7
Data sourced from: LivingCost

Let’s now ride the wind across to the easternmost edge of North America, to the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, straight to its capital, St. John’s—a city that hums an enchanting melody of old-world charm and modern vitality.

St. John’s offers a reasonable cost of living combined with a high standard of living and an average salary of $64,838 per year. The cost of housing, amenities, and utilities is noticeably lower compared to several other Canadian cities.

Amenities in St. John’s is interwoven in the cultural fabric of the city.There’s Signal Hill National Historic Site with its gripping history, The Rooms, where you can dive into Newfoundland’s art, history, and culture, and George Street, famous for its vibrant nightlife.

Maneuvering around this city is efficiently taken care of by Metrobus Transit, which provides reliable service across the city. St. John’s also boasts a network of taxi services, offering an accessible mode of local transit.


  • Colorful architecture
  • Friendly people


  • Remote location
  • Challenging job market
Local Tip: Make a point to visit Quidi Vidi Village. Discover its craft brewery and soak in the mesmerizing charm of this historic fishing village nestled within the city.

Toronto, Ontario

Average monthly cost of living (One person)$2460
Average food cost (One person)$581
Average cost of monthly rent & utilities (One person)$1500
Average transportation cost (One person)$250
Data sourced from: LivingCost

Energetic, multicultural, and relentlessly progressive, Toronto is the city that mirrors the heart of Canada. Yes, Toronto ranks higher on the scale of cost of living, but this cost mirrors the city’s status as one of the top global cities.

An average salary here is $72,749 per year, and it also gives you a lifestyle that’s flavorful with diversity, vibrancy, and ceaseless opportunities. If variety spices life, Toronto is indeed a fiery city.

The city serves a feast of multicultural neighborhoods, food that celebrates global cultures, museums such as the Royal Ontario Museum, sports hubs like the Rogers Centre, and the pulsating nightlife around King West.

Moving to Toronto holds an element of seamless magic, thanks to its comprehensive and extensive transit system. With Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) buses, subway services, streetcars, and GO Transit, Toronto’s interconnectedness is smooth and efficient.


  • Booming job market
  • Urban lifestyle


  • High cost of living
  • Notorious traffic
Local Tip: Kensington Market is your ticket to a global potpourri of food offerings—it’s a must-visit, must-taste!

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Average monthly cost of living (One person)$2041
Average food cost (One person)$594
Average cost of monthly rent & utilities (One person)$1223
Average transportation cost (One person)$97.2
Data sourced from: LivingCost

Halifax, the pearl of the Atlantic, is not merely a city; it’s a seafaring tale spun by the plaintive cry of gulls and the spirited chant of sailors. In terms of the cost of living, Halifax does not impose a substantial burden on its residents.

Property prices, commodity costs, and utilities are all reasonably priced, allowing residents to soak in the maritime spirit without worrying about extravagant expenditures.   a comfortable average salary of $61,630 per year makes it that much better.

You can delve into the rich tapestry of amenities in Halifax—a tantalizing salad that blends history, culture, nature, and cuisine.

It allows you to savor the haunting lore of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, picnic in the verdant expanse of Point Pleasant Park, and relish the fresh ocean bounty at the Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk.

The transportation layout of Halifax is every bit as efficient as it is practical. The Halifax Transit System, with its network of buses and ferries, offers ease of commute across the city and the surrounding regions.



Local Tip: Don’t miss out on the Dalhousie University Art Gallery. It’s a vibrant canvas of contemporary art that screams Halifax!

Burlington, Ontario

Average monthly cost of living (One person)$2165
Average food cost (One person)$547
Average cost of monthly rent & utilities (One person)$1427
Average transportation cost (One person)$75.4
Data sourced from: LivingCost

Let’s venture into the heart of Ontario, where the sprightly city of Burlington echoes an ode to blissful living. When it comes to the cost of living, Burlington maintains a balanced standpoint, and offers an average salary of $69,375 per year.

The housing market is competitive, but finances are amply rewarded by the city’s safe neighborhoods, exceptional lifestyle, and quality amenities. Speaking of amenities, Burlington is a playground of recreational facilities and natural escapes.

The enthusiasm of the city springs to life with the Royal Botanical Gardens, resonates within the Art Gallery of Burlington, and relaxes at the beautiful beachfront of Spencer Smith Park.

To traverse this charming city, Burlington Transit offers a comprehensive service of bus routes linking the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas. Getting around is as smooth and rhythmic as the city’s pulse.


  • Great quality of life
  • Close to Toronto


  • Limited direct access to public transportation
Local Tip: The Burlington Performing Arts Center is a beacon of cultural production. Live performances here are a must-watch.

Oakville, Ontario

Average monthly cost of living (One person)$2293
Average food cost (One person)$528
Average cost of monthly rent & utilities (One person)$1543
Average transportation cost (One person)$101
Data sourced from: LivingCost

Oakville, admittedly, is a city that commands higher living costs. But what it asks for, it more than compensates with an exceptional quality of life, highly ranked schools, and safe, upscale neighborhoods.

The tapestry of amenities in Oakville is as eloquent as the city itself. In this city, you can make an average of $69,375 per year.

The pristine waterfront of Lake Ontario, the expanse of Oakville’s many parks, the vibrant local dining scene, and the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts collectively narrate a sustained octave of high-standard living.

Navigate Oakville with its efficient and eco-friendly transportation system. Oakville Transit facilitates extensive bus services, while GO Transit connects Oakville to the Greater Toronto Area.


  • Family-friendly suburb
  • Less hectic life


  • High housing prices
  • Limited nightlife
Local Tip: The Midnight Madness event in downtown Oakville is an annual festival of local flavor, fun, and music. Don’t miss it!

Lévis, Quebec

Average monthly cost of living (One person)$1433
Average food cost (One person)$508
Average cost of monthly rent & utilities (One person)$726
Average transportation cost (One person)$67.2
Data sourced from: LivingCost

Capping off our quintessential Canadian journey, let’s dock our ship at Lévis, Quebec, a city where history resides and is celebrated. Lévis is a masterpiece that offers cost-effective living and an average salary of $64,495 per year.

Stationed opposite Quebec City, across the St. Lawrence River, Lévis offers more affordable housing options, making it an enticing prospect for families. Living in Lévis is like flipping through the pages of a historical extravaganza.

Timeless beauty resides in heritage sites like the Forts-de-Lévis, natural spots like the Chaudière Falls, and cultural hubs like the Circuit du Patrimoine (Heritage Circuit).

Commuting in Lévis is handled by the Société de Transport de Lévis (STLevis), which does a commendable job connecting the city’s various sectors.


  • Low cost of living
  • Scenic views


  • Limited job opportunities
  • English not widely spoken
Local Tip: Do visit the Lieu historique national des Chantiers-A.C.-Davie. It’s a living testament to Lévis’ rich maritime heritage.
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