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The 10 Best Cities to Visit in Canada during Spring

The 10 Best Cities to Visit in Canada during Spring

Spring cleaning? Nah, we say spring travel! Shake off the winter chill and let’s toss blossoms in the ever-charming and welcoming Canada.

From coast to coast, the vast land of maple offers some really cool getaways when spring hits. Intrigued?

Well, we’ve hand-picked the best cities to visit in Canada during spring just for you to make sure your next vacation is full of colour, charm, and loads of unforgettable experiences. So read on!

Vancouver, British Columbia


Hold on to your hats, because come spring, Vancouver turns into a cherry blossom heaven. The festival, with its blossom tunnels and “petal picnics”, is a sheer spectacle.

The VanDusen Botanical Garden too becomes a thriving canvas of flora—a therapeutic escape in the bustle of the city. As the days get longer, Vancouverites head outside to soak in every bit of the season.

Perfect for a leisurely bike ride or a stroll by the water, just in time for the golden hour! Don’t worry about breaking a sweat, because Vancouver’s culinary scene has got refreshments covered!

Spring is when the city’s food festivals, like EAT Vancouver, take off. And the local produce at farmer’s markets is just what you need to set the spring mood right!

Local Tip: In the spring, make sure to head over to Granville Island. The bustling public market has some awesome local treats and unique crafts.

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario


Right off the bat, Niagara-on-the-Lake claims fame for its wineries. Spring is the time when the vineyards awaken, making wine-tasting experiences all the more refreshing.

Take a stroll around town, and you’ll be smitten by its heritage charm. Lined with 19th-century buildings, blooming gardens, and vintage boutiques, it’s a perfect spring afternoon outing.

Oh, and don’t forget to pick up their famous ice wine! And just when you’re getting used to the calm, the Shaw Festival lurks around the corner.

If theatre and drama get your spring spirits high, consider your wish granted! With several shows and performances, it’s where the drama of spring comes alive, too!

Local Tip: Visit in mid-to-late May. The spring bloom is full-on, the weather is just right, and the summer crowd hasn’t kicked in yet.

Ottawa, Ontario


Spring in Ottawa means one thing: tulips! Over 1 million tulips in bloom turn the city into a breathtaking canvas of colour!

The Tulip Festival in May is a must-see, with art installations, cultural performances, and, of course, fields of prismatic tulips. And hey, it’s perfect for another photo session!

Now, the Rideau Canal isn’t just for skating. As winter retreats, the canal sheds its icy cover.

How about splurging at ByWard Market? The market buzzes with fresh hauls from farmers, local crafts, and gourmet treats, and the ‘Maple Sugar Festival’ is a sweet addition to your spring rollercoaster.

Local Tip: Try to plan your visit for May. The cherry on top? Try catching the Canadian Tulip Festival.

Banff National Park, Alberta


When the spring sun starts to shine, the mountains of Banff get their annual wakeup call. Gushing rivers return, trails reveal themselves, and the wild inhabitants begin to roam.

Has spring foliage piqued your interest? Grab your hiking boots and take to Banff’s trails.

The Johnston Canyon catwalks are especially beautiful during this time, and the surreal Icefields Parkway drive offers panoramic vistas that will leave you in awe!

When not chasing trails, how about some spring skiing? Or better still, a dip in the Banff Upper Hot Springs, because nothing beats a relaxing soak with springtime views of the Rockies.

Local Tip: Head over to Lake Louise in the late spring. It’s when the lake begins to thaw, creating a mesmerising blue-ice effect.

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island


Charlottetown’s charm peaks in the spring. As the city blossoms, so does the island’s culture and spirit.

Step back in time with a horse-drawn carriage or take a quiet stroll through historic Great George Street. It’s quaint and oh-so-PEI!

Spring also brings the famous island fling, the PEI Shellfish Festival. Tempt your taste buds with some locally sourced seafood, or simply join in the fun with shucking competitions and ceilidhs!

For some outdoorsy spring fun, you can hit the Confederation Trail for a leisurely bike ride or a rejuvenating walk. It’s as spring-inspiring as it can get!

Local Tip: Check out the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market during your visit. PEI’s love for agriculture shines through, and it’s an experience in itself!

Niagara Falls


Believe it or not, spring in Niagara Falls is like no other. Watching the powerful falls in all their spring glory is truly spectacular!

The greenery around is fresh, and the mist from the falls is absolutely refreshing. You can pack a picnic, and you’ve got yourself an idyllic spring day!

Next, take your spring adventure up a notch with a scenic helicopter ride over the falls, or get up close and personal with a Hornblower cruise. Either way, the falls offer quite a spectacle!

Spring has other perks too! Fewer crowds mean more fun at attractions like Clifton Hills.

The indoor water parks are always a hit, and the Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory? Spring couldn’t get more colourful!

Local Tip: Don’t miss a trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake, especially during the annual Wine and Herb Festival in May. It’s a delightful combination of spring, wine, and local gastronomy.

Tofino, British Columbia


Spring is when the surfing capital of Canada, Tofino, truly shines. Calm winds make for great surfing, even if you’re stepping on the board for the first time.

You can also take a stroll around the Rainforest Trails and bask in the lush greenery, or head over to the Pacific Rim National Reserve for a dose of stunning beach views and wildlife sightings. And when it’s spring, Tofino does food festivals like no other.

The migration of the grey whales in the region marks the beginning of the Pacific Rim Whale Festival. How about some feasting, music, and whale-watching all rolled into one?

Local Tip: Try the fish and chips from local food trucks. Absolutely delish and a real taste of the Tofino vibe!

Yoho National Park, British Columbia


As the snow recedes, Yoho’s trails become accessible, unveiling captivating scenery. The Iceline Trail and Lake O’Hara offer awe-inspiring panoramas of towering peaks, emerald lakes, and vast wilderness.

The burgeoning spring also calls Yoho’s feathery residents back home. It’s a birdwatcher’s paradise, with species like Harlequin Ducks and American Dippers filling the skies with their spring songs.

Oh, and did we mention the waterfalls? Spring’s meltwater feeds into Yoho’s legendary falls, notably the mighty Takakkaw Falls, turning them into gushing spectacles.

Local Tip: Visit Emerald Lake in full spring bloom. The lake is at its enchanting best, offering stunning reflections of the surrounding mountains!

Quebec City


Swapping mountains for charming old cityscapes, we’re headed to Quebec City. This city has a festive aura come springtime, and trust us, it’s infectious!

Explore historic charm at Quartier Petit Champlain or dig into some lip-smacking delicacies in one of the city’s delightful open-air cafes. Love arts?

The medley of arts festivals throughout spring adds several hues to your visit! And the historic Citadel, with its sweeping city views, is also a must-see!

For the outdoorsy souls, there’s Montmorency Falls, just a short drive away. The roaring falls and spectacular vistas create a perfect backdrop for an intriguing spring adventure!

Local Tip: Try the mouthwatering local treat, maple taffy on snow, during the sugaring-off season. It’s spring in a bite!

Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia


Annapolis is famed for its farms and vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see. Spring breathes life into the valley, with apple orchards in full bloom and vineyards turning green again.

Without a doubt, the Annapolis Valley Wine Tour is a spring-timer’s delight! Now, nothing screams spring like local produce markets, and Annapolis does it best.

Sample some local delicacies, fruits, and wines while enjoying the spring sun at their renowned farmers’ markets. The valley isn’t only about farms and food, though.

The landscape is adorned with charming lighthouses, and the Bay of Fundy is nearby, which means tides and whale watching! And if you happen to be around in late May, don’t miss the Apple Blossom Festival.

Local Tip: Visit the charming Hall’s Harbour for a taste of the world’s freshest lobster straight off the boat, right in the heart of the spring season!

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